New World

Chapter three


I woke up the next day with a smile on my face. My mind was on Lucas he must be awake because the mat that he sleeps on is neatly rolled and put behind the door. I take a look at my silver bangle bracelet and smile. I quickly wake up and make my bed. I know I'll probably find him outside working so let me wash my face and quickly go to him. After washing my face i step out the door and he is no where to be found. My mind doesn't tell me to check if his bag is still there because he can never leave without telling me. I check the whole yard and he is nowhere to be found. I am starting to get worried. What if the villagers took him away and killed him? I go back inside and and realize that his bag is no longer there. He also left me. What did i expect? Did i really expect him to stay with me forever? My father left me and i cannot expect a stranger to stay with me. Well at least he stayed for my birthday. I decide that maybe it's time i go look for The Headmaster of Green hill maybe i can also look for Lucasyes i will go look for Lucas.

My heart get's so excited just by thinking of him as i pack my bags. After packing i take my bags and lock the door. I look at my father's house once and walk away.


Priest: Repeat after me "I Firnado Ardiente pledge my head to clearer thinking. I vow to be there for people through thick and thin. To out the people of Green hill and their happiness first. To never keep anything that undermines the worth of Green hill. To uphold and protect laws of Green hill. I shall live no stones unturned not sugarcoat anything i believe I'd right or in my mind irrespective about what the third person thinks and lastly TO NEVER FALL IN LOVE."

I said those words after the priest . The rest of the ceremony went well . After all the drinking and greetings i was taken to my new temple which is called the Emotionless Temple. The Emotionless Temple is where the Headmaster stays and no one is allowed except the Headmaster's disciple and the Chief's. I took rest while thinking about Ines wondering if she's safe. Someone knocked at the door. I stood up wore my jacket and attended the door . Headmaster Manana whom we now address as Grandmaster was standing at the door with a big smile on his face.

Grandmaster: Why did you lock yourself in here? People are celebrating and you're here resting. Are you scared of your new position?

Me: Please come in Sir. No i am not scared. I just wanted to sleep so that i can attend the people tomorrow.

Grandmaster: Okay then. Tonight I am going to Skywall. I don't know when i will be back but ... Why am i even worried? *chuckles* You are now the Headmaster. I trust you. I know you will do everything in your power to keep people safe especially from the Demons Sect.

Me: I will do everything in my power to protect them.


Me: When i meet her how will i know that it's her?

Grandmaster: Your testing stones will have the same colour.

Me: * sigh* Okay.

Grandmaster: Let me take my leave.

Me: Have a safe trip.


I arrived in a city called Sky wall. The people were busy going up and down. I didn't even know where to go from here. Just when i had lost hope i saw a lot of people making noise. I quickly went there to look at whatever they were looking at. In front of them stood a beautiful white lady who was wearing black clothes. What was surprising about her were the little horns that were on her forehead. It seems like people were here to see Lord of Strange Decay.He possesses the ability to know everything from the past. For him to help you you would have to sacrifice something. People were busy raising up their hands so that they can picked. The lady pointed me

you would have to sacrifice something. People were busy raising up their hands so that they can picked. The lady pointed me i looked around to make sure she was pointing at him and she was.

Lady: You! Follow me.

I looked around feeling scared. People were busy whispering" who is she? She is so lucky" . I decided to follow her. When we were inside the yard she stopped and looked at me.

Lady: Go to the first room on your right side. Lord Pihu is waiting for you.

I nodded and ran to the room. The room was so scary there were skulls and glasses with eyes all around the room.

" I have been waiting for you Miss Ines" a deep voice said. I turned to look at this person. A man wearing all black stood Infront of me his face covered with a mask.

Me: Are you the Lord Pihu?

Lord Pihu: Yes. What can i help you with?

Me: I am looking for a man. Hi... his name is Lucas. I don't know his last name but..

Lord Pihu: How does he look like? Can you describe him?

Me: He.. h...

My memory just went blank. I can't seem to remember his face. How can i forget a person who was so kind and helpful to me?

Me: I am sorry but i don't know what happened. I can't remember him.

Lord Pihu: You do know that you have to sacrifice something s...

Me: Yes i know. I will do anything.

Lord Pihu: I don't want anything for now. The man that you are looking for is in Green hill.

Me: Green hill? Okay thank you. Thank you.

When he said that Lucas is in Green hill I quickly turned to the door but stopped when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Lord Pihu: Take this jade and map. It will lead you to Green hill. It will light green when you've taken wrong path.

Me: Okay. Thank you for your help.

This jade looked like a necklace and it had a red light in it. The road to Green hill was long and tiring. I was now in front of two paths still deciding which one to take. I was about to take the right one when i suddenly heard voices of women screaming. They were coming from the left side. I took the left path and saw a board written Sky wall. It seemed like this place was attacked. There were dead bodies everywhere. There wasn't even a single person alive. I walked to the temple that was open just to check if anyone is there and surprisingly i found an old man who seemed to be in a lot of pain. He was crawling to the door. I tried to help him sit down he was bleeding so heavily.

Me: Sir are you okay?

Man: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Me: I am Ines. I am g...

Man: I.. My Ines?

Me: Are you Headmaster Manana?

Man: Y.yes it's me. Yo...your father...

Me: You are losing a lot of blood. Who...

He didn't say anything but lifted up his hand drew something on the sky and mumbled a few words then suddenly a small jar that contained a red potion appeared.

Headmaster: Ta.... take this to Green hill. You h....

He tried to speak but he closed his eyes and let out his last breath.

Me: It was my dream to become your disciple but i met you on your las...

I didn't even finish what i was sayingsomething hit me on my head and i dosed off.

When i woke up my hands were tied.I looked around and saw a lot of men surrounding me. One of them screamed" She's awake she's awake" . " Headmaster she is the one who killed the Grandmaster"


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