Chapter Nine


It's a beautiful morning the sun is shining bright and the birds are singing. I woke up on the good side of the bed today it must be the news that I'm going to reveal to Master Arlen today. For the past months i have been eyeing Ines and Grandmaster and i think Ines is in love with her Master. I mean why would she use his scent to make her perfume? I also know that no one is more important in her life than Grandmaster interesting right?

It's a great thing that there is no training today because i found Arlen watering his garden. I know how he hates Ines and he'd do anything to make sure she leaves this place.

Me: Master Arlen.

Arlen: Evelyn sit down sit down my child.

Me: You look fresh after partying so much yesterday.

Arlen: I didn't party much because that useless girl Ines spoiled the party. You know I have been telling Finn to kick that girl out of Green hill but he refuses. I don't like her at all.

Me: Master Arlen why did she even use her Master's scent? Is that even allowed? Only a person who is in love with you can do that.

Arlen: Evelyn what are you trying to say?

Me: Ines is in love with Grandmaster.

Arlen: I knew it yesterday i found her in Finn's chambers. She was so close to him I'm sure she wanted to kiss him. This girl has no respect for herself.

Me: I have a plan to all of this.

Arlen: Yes?

Me: We can tell all the desciples to take a test on the emotionless water to see if they're in love well i don't care about the others but we're aiming Ines.

Arlen: Great idea. Let me go tell the Chiefs.

Ines you won't know what hit you.


I am have been in Green hill for more than 10 years and i have never taken interest in anyone but in the past few days someone has taken my heart. I don't know how because not so long ago she was a troublesome ginx worm but now she had turned into this beautiful young lady. I know she probably sees me as a big brother but i love her.I don't know how i'm going to say this to her but I've been hiding my feelings for her for too long.... I packed all her favourite fruits sweets drinks and invited her to a picnic. When i saw her approaching i stood up with a big smile on my face she really looked beautiful.

Lily: Hey Mark

Me: Lily please sit.

Lily: So much food. I'm going to have so much fun today.

Me: I bought all your favourites.

Lily: Thank you. I left Mommy still sleeping she is so hungover. She doesn't remember the events of yesterday.

Mark: Master says she really went hard on the wine. Anyway enough about Ines I want us to talk about us.

Lily: Us?

Mark: Yes us I think i'm in love with you Lily

I take a look at her she seems shocked by what i just said.

Mark: I know this came as a shock to you but I have been meaning to tell you this. Well you don't have to answer me now but please think about it.

Lily: You want me to be your girlfriend?

Mark: Yes. I want you to be my girlfriend..

Lily: I don't know Mark.

Mark: I will never hurt you Lily well not intentionally.

Lily: At least let me think about it.

Mark: Great now let's eat.


I wonder what's this sudden meeting about. I am so down I feel so weak must be the the wine from yesterday. Grandmaster made me something to drink saying I'll feel better.

Everyone was already standing next to the emotionless water dam. I was the only one late and I knew Arlen was going to be on my case.

Arlen: Hurry up.

Me: Sorry I'm late.

Arlen: Whatever.

Arlen: Good everyone is here. The emotionless water is to check if a person is in love. If you are in love you will feel pain and your feet will change colour while you are inside the water. Understood?

Everyone chanted " yes". I don't know why but i was so uncomfortable with this. He started calling out people one by one everyone was fine except for Ferna Dreco and two other desciples. They couldn't even finish walking on the water. They got out of the water limping. He finally called my name I saw a smirk in Eve's face.

The water was warm and cozy at first but as I moved forward i felt like I'm walking on sand or mud I couldn't move my feet but i had. I couldn't give Arlen or Evelyn the satisfaction. I tried to move my feet as quickly as possible to avoid being caught that i'm also in love with someone. I'm sure they'll even ask me who am i in love with. Wait! Who am i in love with? It can't be Dreco i mean he's like a brother to me well yes he does has feelings for me but I don't feel the same. My Master No! No! No! He's my Master I don't see him that way. Why am I even thinking of him? It must be Lucas.

I finally got out of the water with Eve and Arlen giving me an evil eye. I'm sure they planned this to get me in trouble. My feet were so painful and had turned red. I quickly wore my shoes.

I couldn't wait to get in my chambers my feet were killing me. I found Lily in my bed looking lost in her thoughts.

Me: Please move aside

Lily: Mommy what's wrong?

Me: Arlen made us walk on the emotionless water.

Lily: What? So you? * Laughing* Mommy is in love.

Me: This is not funny Lily. I had to pretend like i didn't feel any pain in front of Arlen.

Lily: Is it Dreco? Who is it?

Me: I am not in love with anyone Lily.

" Who is in love?"

I quickly hid my feet with a blanket.

He walked towards us and looked at me fear creeped in. He took the blanket and looked at my feet.

Finn: Who are you in love with?

Me: Grandmaster? I...i.. Dreco Yes i'm in love with Dreco.

He gave me a look that made me feel uneasy.

Finn: You can rest for. We'll continue with the training tomorrow.

Me: Yes Grandmaster.

He walked out.

Lily: Mommy you said that you're not in love with Dreco that's what you said to Ferna.

Me: I am not in love with Dreco.

Lily: Who are you in love with?

Me: I don't know.

I have been thinking hard about this i have long forgotten about Lucas and i...i just can't be in love with My Master that's abomination.

Lily: Is it Grandmaster?

Me: I don't know.

Lily: The two of you are so close and you spend a lot of time together so it was bound to happen.

Me: Lily i can't be in love with My Master.

Lily: Your feet are getting worse

that's abomination.

Lily: Is it Grandmaster?

Me: I don't know.

Lily: The two of you are so close and you spend a lot of time together so it was bound to happen.

Me: Lily i can't be in love with My Master.

Lily: Your feet are getting worse let me rub and massage them.



Grandmaster has decided that we go look for medicine that will make this scent that attracts demons from me go away. I don't even know the name of this village. It's so beautiful there is snow. The village is so quiet there are a few houses two if not three.

Me: Grandmaster are you sure this is the place? .

He gives me a look then continues to walk.

Me: Okay okay anyway i don't know why you have stuck with me for such a long time. When i get close to people bad things happen to them.

Finn: I am not people.

Me: So do you...

He gave me an irritated look. I just chuckled and kept quiet. I thought of a way to cheer him up. I took a snow without him noticing and threw it at him. If almost hit his face i took another one and threw it.

Finn: Ines stop being naughty.

I kept on throwing the snow till he gave in and ended up laughing and ducking. While still playing we heard whst sounded like a an animal. Grandmaster made me stand next to him he looked around with his eyes searching for what ever was coming. Out of nowhere three demons started attacking us. I took out my emotionless sword and fought back one almost stabbed me on the chest but Grandmaster stood in front of me and got stabbed instead. He fell in my arms while groaning. I put him down took my sword and charged at the demon that was left I got him right in his heart. Before he could vanish he strikes Grandmaster with lightning making him suffer in more pain.

Me: Grandmaster please hang in there oh God he is shivering and becoming cold.

Grandmaster: Ca... Call M...

Then he blackouts. I take off my jacket and cover him. I remember the whistle that Sister Sha ( Shannon) gave me the other day he told me to use whenever i'm in trouble he will come and save me. Well i call her sister because he is such a handsome man I've never seen someone that handsome. He really likes being beautiful.

She appeared in just a few minutes.

Shannon: Little Miss what happened to Firnado?

Me: Sister please help us we got attacked by demons.

Shannon: Bloody fools.

I saw her clenching her jaws in anger.

Shannon: Little Miss Firnado and come are from different worlds so i can't help her.

Me: Sister please help me My Master will die.

Shannon: Okay i will take you to the emotionless Temple. You will hop on my back.

He took off his clothes and made a funny noise while he bent down his bones looked like they're cracking. This went on for some time then he turned into a big lion . I tried to pick up Grandmaster and made sure he had balance so that he won't fall.

Luckily there was no one in the emotionless temple so i don't have to answer to people about what happened to Grandmaster. I thanked Sister Sha for helping us out. I made some medicine for Grandmaster and decided to clean his wound. Now I had to take off his shirtthis was going to be a problem. I tried to close my eyes with one hand while the other unbuttoned his shirt. This was not working I opened them and looked at him. I didn't even he had a six pack if not eight. God why am i even admiring my Master's body? After cleaning the wound I forced the medicine on his mouth. I was so tired that I ended up falling asleep next to him.

I was woken up by the sounds of groans and grunting. He was awake but seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Me: Grandmaster? How are you feeling?

Finn: Who undressed me?

Me: I am sorry but i did.

He looked at me without an expression.

Finn: You go get some rest. I am fine.

Me: You are not f...

Finn: I won't repeat myself Ines.

Me: Yes Grandmaster.

Grandmaster has been in his chambers for the past four days he's been refusing to eat and doesn't allow anyone to come inside his chambers. Arlen is insulting left right and center asking me what did i do to Grandmaster. He told me i'm not allowed to go anywhere near his chambers or see him. Today i had to see him with or without their consent. He even had a guard in his chambers. I had to make a plan so that this guard can let me in. I thought of a plan this might backfire but i have to do it. I had to change into Sulien's body so that he can let me in.

Guard: Immortal Sulien.

Sulien: * clears throat* Is Finn inside?

Guard: Yes

He opened the door for me then closed it. When i saw that it's closed i changed back into my normal self. Pecks of being an immortal is that you can pretend to be anyone you want to be but for s limited time.

What i saw broke my heart into pieces you could see that he was in so much pain. I blame myself for this if we didn't go to that place he wouldn't have been stabbed he wouldn't have been striked by lightning. He is sitting on his bed he looks like he can't breathe. He starts groaning in pain. The moment he sees he he starts crawling to my feet.

Me: Grandmaster?

I say with tears in my eyes.

Finn: Get out if here!

Is he angry with me? Does he also blame me for all of this?

Me: I can't leave you like this.

Finn: I said get o...ou...

He looks like he is loosing his mind his hair is a mess. He looks like he is being tormented. He starts screaming I try to touch him but he's like a possessed person he doesn't want to be touched.

Unexpectedly he pins me down and smashes his lips on mine... The door swung open. Arlen Mo-Yu and the Guard stood there in total shock.


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