Chapter Eight


The lazy blue eyes that intimidating look and the way he handles himself. I'm looking straight into his eyes i don't even blink. He says something but i can't hear him. He flashes his hands on my face.

Me: Sorry i w.. i was thinking.

Finn: You tired? We can stop pl...

Me: * shouting* NO!

We were playing cards. Grandmaster and I were now close. I can now speak to him without getting scared or afraid of what he'll say. He has also gotten used to my bubbly self.

Me: You won again.

I fake a cry and i see him smiling. Nothing makes me happy more than seeing my Master happy. Other than Lucas No one has ever cared for me the way he does.

Me: I am happy to see you smiling.

He gets back to his intimidating self.

Finn: You go get ready. Your class with Sulien is about to start.

I totally forgot about that. I can't wait to meet her. I've heard that she's the only female in the five immortals including my Master. She is also famous for her perfumes.I have also been practising some perfumes. She makes perfumes using magic. Confusing right but things are done different in the Immortal world. I'll tell you about the Immortals and Mortals later.

Me: Well let me go get ready.

I find Lily playing with magic.

Me: That's not safe stop it.

Lily: But mommy i'm bored.

Me: I am off to Green Hill i have a class in ten minutes.

Lily: Can i tag along?

Me: You can come and stay with Mark

Mark is Arlen's senior desciple .


I'm getting bored because we've been waiting for the past two hours and still she's not here. The class is making noise others sleeping.

The door flew open. The first thing i saw were black leather boots and black jeans. I looked at her from bottom to top. This woman is more than beautiful the big beautiful eyes the long black hair and the beautiful heart shaped lips. You could just see from the way she handled herself that she's a well respected woman the ground that she walked on worshipped her.

Sulien: Close your mouth young lady.

I didn't even realize my mouth wasn't closed how could I? The mighty Immortal Sulien is right in front of me. I could see that she isn't a woman of many words because she only introduced herself and started with her lesson teaching us how to do perfumes. At the end of the lesson she asked us our names. Ferna answered first she then said.

Sulien: Who is Ines?

Me: That's me.

She looked at me from head to toe.

Sulien: So you are Finn's personal desciple?

Me: Um...yes

Sulien: You may sit down. Let's meet tomorrow same place same time.

She looked at me one more time and walked out.


I never imagined Finn would have a female desciple. Talking of Finn such a pity that even now that we're old he can't recognize my love for him. Ever since we were little I've always dreamt of marrying Finn and i will make sure that dream comes true.

When i heard that he had a personal disciple i was happy for him and now seeing that she's a woman apart from that she's beautiful and young too. My heart doesn't sit well with this. The class was over and i was standing with Arlen looking at the kids chatting and laughing.

Me: Tell me about Ines.

Arlen: Ines? There's nothing interesting about her at all and I'm afraid she'll bring us nothing but trouble.

From what he said i knew that he didn't like her and maybe i can use that to my advantage.


When she's here she talks too much but when she isn't i miss her a lot. The bubbly personality and the way her lips curve when she's about to smile. I am sure her class with Sulien is over.

" Firnado?" a voice called out. I knew it's Sulien because apart from Ines she's the only woman allowed to enter The Emotionless Temple.

Me: It's been a long time

Sulien: Indeed

Me: What brings you here?

Sulien: This is my home Finn

Me: I know you....

Sulien: I came to visit you.

Me: Oh!

Sulien: The news about your new desciple are all over. She's the new talk of town.

Me: She's a young talented girl.

Sulien: She's also a beauty.

She looked at me with the corner of her eye. I know that look and i know what she is implying.

Sulien: Speak of the devil.

Ines walked in with two glasses of juice.

Ines: I am sorry Grandmaster i didn't know you had s visitor. I will come back later.

Sulien stopped her before she could walk away.

Sulien: Who are those drinks for?

Ines looked at me looking for answers.

Ines: * clears throat* For my Master and I .

Sulien: * laughs* You must be kidding me. A desciple having drinks with her Master? Must be nice being you huh?

Ines: Grandmaster usually ha...

Sulien: Who told you to speak? Who sent you here? Are you here to spy on Finn?

I banged the table in anger. Ines broke the glasses she was carrying in fear. She tried to pick up the pieces but cut herself mistakenly. I quickly stood up and helped her put on a bandage.

Me: Go rest in your room i will take care of the glasses.

She nodded and went out. All along Sulien was watching us.

Sulien: Is she your fatal curse?

Me: What? of course no. If she was i would've known.

Sulien: That's a relief.

She came and helped me pick up the broken glasses. She held my hand i looked into her eyes.

Sulien: Finn?

Me: Sulien please. Not this again.

Sulien: What do i do? It's been 20 years but my heart still beats for you. I love you Finn. You are the only man i have ever wanted.

Me: Sulien i am not your destined lover. You and i are not destined to be together. Even if we were we still couldn't be together because I can't be with any woman because i took an oath.

She stood up with teary eyes.

Sulien: Let me leave you. I have a class.

Sulien is a beautiful woman and intelligent too but me and her can't be together. I absolutely feel nothing for her i have treated her like a sister since we were young but to her it has always been more than that. Joe who was one of the Immortals used to love her so much that he even died saving her but she never appreciated that she was just so obsessed on loving me.


I am so excited about today my Master is finally crowned as the Grandmaster so he is no longer the Headmaster. I look at his suit then look at my dress and chuckle a little. I decided to get s dress similar to his suit in colour. After putting on my dress i wear my heels and fix my face. I must say i look great i'm not a fan of make-up so I'll pass. I look at myself in the mirror one more time before i walk out this dress is hugging me just fine my little ass is showing.

I find Lily busy sulking in the kitchen

Me: How do i look?

Lily: You look beautiful mommy.

Me: Lily why are you sulking? You know you're not allowed in there. Please go chill with Mark.

Lily: Fine.

Me: Okay I love you.

Lily: Love you too.. Bye

She left me standing there. Shit! I forgot Grandmaster's suit. I find him drinking tea in his chambers. I know i shouldn't even be saying this but he is so handsome with his long blonde hair and a little beard. He looks at me then continues sipping on his tea like he didn't just see me jerk.

Me: I am sorry i am late. Your suit is ready.

Without saying a word he takes his suit and disappears to his bathroom. He comes back after a few minutes and finds me cleaning up. He is struggling with his tie.

Me: Master I can help you with that.

He lets go of the tie and i start making the tie.

Me: You know it's so easy making a tie I don't understand why most men don't get it. Oh! No you are not most men I am really sorry Grandmaster. What I mean is... Shit I talk a lot... Sorry for swearing... Wh...

I lift up my eyes and find his eyes locked on mine. We look deep into each other's eyes our hearts beating so fast. I don't know what you people call what i am feeling right now but i'm feeling hot i'm sweating I don't know what's happening. I try to take a step back but trip on something almost falling but he catches me before i meet the floor. There is that look again I don't know why but i can't look into his eyes.

" I hope you are not busy sipping on tea while we're busy waiting for you"-

The moment i see Arlen standing at the door i quickly push Grandmaster and look at Arlen.

Arlen: What are doing here? Shouldn't you be with other desciples? I swear to God if you ever try to seduce Finn i will let all the whole sects know the kind of demon you are.

I steal a glance at Finn he is so chilled busy fixing his suit.

Finn: Can we go now?

The hall is so full

he is so chilled busy fixing his suit.

Finn: Can we go now?

The hall is so full the respect that this man gets is too much when he walks in everyone stands up and greet him. The moment i see my friends i leave Grandmaster and sat next to them. Ferna can't even notice me next to her she's busy looking at Dreco who quickly rushed to me the moment he sees me. He kisses my cheek and gives me a warm smile.

Dreco: Hey Angel.

Me: Dreco Hi.

Dreco: Hoe have you been? I missed you.

Me: Fine Grandmaster is keeping me busy in the Emotionless Temple but maybe I'll spend my holidays with you guys. Let me greet Ferna.

I tap her on the shoulder.

Ferna: Baby..

Me: You didn't even see me because you were busy checking out Mr Charmer.


Everyone goes back to their sits. I sit next to Dreco while Ferna sits next to Eve.

Before Arlen could start with everything we hear noise coming from outside it's not actually noise but heels. White dress black heels black matte lipstick and gold earrings. Great entrance Sulien I must say she look so beautiful well beautiful is an understatement she's hot.

Everyone is happy and having a good time Ferna and i are drinking wine and i'm getting a little drunk.


I am now The Grandmaster Of Green hill this is what i have always dreamt of and my dream has finally come true. Growing up i was never was of those kids who had time to play or have girlfriends Manana made sure i was in the practice room each and everyday. He wanted me to be the most known and powerful Immortal of this generation. Immortals are people who have eternal life or live forever. There are different kinds of Immortals there are nine-tailed foxes there are Avians there are Demons and there are Immortals who are just normal humans but have magic. Green hill has Nine-tailed foxes and humans and I happen to be a human.

I'm disturbed in my thoughts by Sulien.

Sulien: Congratulations you deserve this. All of this.

Me: Thank you Suu.

Sulien: You must be in a good mood you haven't called me by that name for wh...

Me: Come-on.

She keeps quiet and looks around i know who she's looking for. She chuckles bitterly.

Sulien: Your little desciple is drunk.

Me: Let her be. She's having fun.

It's time for Sulien to make her perfumes and let everyone guess which one is it. She makes the first one it smells good you can smell red roses from it. Everyone is quite they don't seem to know the name of the perfume. Ines stands up and calls out " Rose Petals". Sulien looks at her and pretends to smile.

Sulien: Good guess young lady. Do you perhaps know the ingredients?

Ines: Red roses peach three red wine stearic acid and paraffinum.

Without speaking Sulien tries to make another perfume but with more difficult ingredients. She asks around and nobody answers but Ines she's right. I can see Sulien is fuming with anger she asks again Ines gets it right.

Ines: Immortal Sulien? Sulien since i know all your perfumes why don't you let me make a few?

Sulien: Sure...

I'm not sure about this Ines is drunk and could get into trouble if she makes a strong perfume that could make the elders find it difficult to breath. She stands up happily and starts dancing the wine has gotten into her. She starts making the perfume and asks Sulien the name of it Sulien answers correctly. This goes on and on till Ines says " Now this is my last i made this on my own. It's a very special perfume. My own perfume with my own ingredients" .... I see Sulien rolling her eyes.

She starts making the perfume while smiling busy humming an unknown song. When she's finally done Sulien seems to be shocked but doesn't show it.

Sulien: Dark roses with a little bit of wh..

Ines: No! No!

She seems to be enjoying this she's in a good mood.

They go on and on until Sulien gives up and asks Ines what kind of perfume is this. I must admit it smells great and it's a unique smell.

Ines: Well i haven't given this perfume a name maybe i will allow my Master to name it.

Sulien: What ingredients did you use?

Ines: Nothing much some ancient magic different kinds of alcohol and my Master's scent...

Everybody screamed " what?" ....


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