Chapter Eleven


Terris and I were resting in a forest catching our breath. We have been running for the past two days people we had gotten the other four lentils. People were searching for us up and down. I don't think we are going to survive this there's many of them and only two of us.

Me: I am sorry that i got you into this this is all my fault.

Six guards appeared in front of us out of nowhere. I stood in front of Terris and looked at them as they were ready to strike with their swords.

Me: It's me that you want so please leave him alone and deal with me.

Terris: Ines No.

I tried to take out my emotionless sword without them noticing but i was too late because they had seen me and attempted to stab me but Terris pushed me away and the sword squeezed it's way right into his heart. He fell in my arms. He was breathing so slowly blood was coming out of his mouth.

Me: Terris please stat with me. You can't die.

Terris: I.. i have always wanted to tell you this but i didn't know how to.I am a piece of jade that was formed into a human destined to assist you in gathering the five lentils. I am not exactly human so when you asked about my parents i didn't know what to say.

I looked at him in shock this was a lot to take in..

Terris: Don't blame yourself for my death my work here is done. Go save Grandmaster.

Me: Terris you won't die please.

Terris: Tell Eve I l...loo....

He was running out of strength he couldn't say the last words. He rolled his eyes and let out his last breath. The sky changed from blue to black. It started raining I knelt down and started screaming with tears running down my cheeks. These guards were still looking at me with their swords pointing at me. My heart felt heavy with anger and resentment. It started raining heavily there was also lighting. I don't know where i got the power but I got up and pushed two guards with so much force they fell on the mud. I walked towards two of them and strangled them.I strangled them till I saw they were unconscious the other two came charging towards me I stopped them using my hand magic they couldn't move they were stuck on one place.

Me: I am sorry Terris but I need to leave. My Master needs me.



" She should be banished from Green hill" . " She should be killed how dare she kill the Chief who is also the Councillor". Each and everyone here had a suggestion on how to punish Ines. My head was spinning my heart was broken. I do i kill someone I care so much for? She's just an innocent girl.

I saw Mo-Yu approaching me he sat next to me and whispered..

Mo-Yu: She's here i don't think she will survive man. She looks badly hurt.

Me: I don't care she needs to be punished for her deeds.

I couldn't let people know that she's my weakness. Pretending like i don't care about her is better.

Everyone looked at her when she walked in. She knew she was in big trouble she knelt down and looked at me.

Ines: Grandmaster i swear I didn't kill the Chief someone framed me. You know i would never do this.

I stood up and walked towards her.

Me: Stand up.

The minute she stood up i gave her one hell of a hot slap. She held on her cheek for the longest time.

Me: I don't even know you anymore.

She looked at me with so much sadness she cried it broke my heart.

Me: 80 flogs for her Arlen.

I walked away from her I hated seeing her cry. I know this will hurt her badly but it's better than getting her killed.

Arlen made her lie in a bunch stool and started flogging her mercilessly. He enjoyed torturing her it made him happy. When he was on the 30th flog Ines was bleeding heavily she was weak that she fell off the stool. When they tried to wake her up she was unconscious.

Arlen: Bring water she'll wake up.

Me: Get her a room she's banished from the Emotionless Temple.

Arlen: Finn you are too soft on this girl.

Me: Guards I said take her to her room.

Everyone was shocked by my decision. I couldn't let them flog her anymore she was badly hurt already she could have died.

Me: I'll take the fifty flogs.

Everyone chanted " what?" .



I woke up in an unfamiliar room with so much pain I couldn't even move. Lily Dreco

Dreco Ferna and Mark were sitting on a chair chatting they couldn't see i'm awake. I tried to move but It seems hard the pain is unbearable. When Lily saw i was awake she came and sat next to me.

Lily: Mommy i was so worried about you. I thought they were going to kill you. Mommy don't ever leave me again.

Dreco also came and sat next to me.He brushed my cheek he has teary eyes he was trying so much not to cry.

Dreco:I know you didn't do it Ines you are not a murder. I was so worried about you. Why are you so careless? You almost died there.

Me: I am fine Dreco really.

I looked over at Ferna she looked hurt.

Me: I am hungry.

Lily: Dreco made you soup.

Ferna: Look Ines i hope you get better. I'm off to my room.

Dreco helped me eat the soup. When i was full Lily made me lie down on my stomach then cleaned and rubbed the wounds. After all that I fell asleep.

When I woke up the pain was still there but at least i could walk thanks to the ointment that Dreco gave me. Lily was fast asleep without making any noise I took out all the five lentils and mixed them together. Now all I had to do is sneak in the Emotionless Temple.


Luckily the guard at the gate was asleep so it was easy getting in. I had to do something so that he becomes unconscious. I tried to wake him up but he was fast asleep. His lips had turned pink and dry. I put the lentil leaves on his mouth. I touched his hand and brushed it.

Me: I hope you get better in the morning.

I tried to yank my hand off him but he had tightened his grip. He looked like he was dreaming. Oh dear goddess how am i going to get out of this place? After what seemed like forever he let go of my hand.



I don't know who did what or gave me what but i woke up fresh this morning. Funny thing though there were lentil leaves on my mouth when i woke up.

Mo-Yu: You look fresh this morning. After all those flogs you took for Ines.

Me: I am fresh Mo-Yu. I don't know what happened but I don't feel any pain it's like the poison that those demons gave me just vanished.

Mo-Yu: This is weird.

Me: No what's weird is me waking up with lentils on my mouth.

Mo-Yu looked at me while shaking his head.

Mo-Yu: Your desciple really cares deeply for you.

Me: Ines?

Mo-Yu: Yes she went to Chief Marco to collect the lentils so that she can save you. She risked her life for you. She could've been dead.

Me: Last night i felt like someone was watching me while i was asleep.

Mo-Yu: I'm sure it was her. That girl would do anything to make sure you're safe and alive. I have never seen anyone so selfless like that.


I thought i loved Finn and that no woman could ever love him the way i do but i guess i was wrong. Ines loves him more than i do. To go search for the five artifacts just to save Finn she really had deep feelings for him.




The past few weeks have been hard on me I got judged nasty stares and disgusted looks because of Chief Marco's and Terris's death. They blamed me for everything. Eve told me straight up that i always bring bad luck to people that's why he didn't want Terris close to me. She told me she would never forget that i'm her father's murder she will make sure i die a painful death. I wanted to get out of this place to die. Grandmaster wasn't talking to me and I wasn't allowed anywhere near him. The only people who stood by my side through all this were Dreco Mark Elliot and Lily. I don't know what is happening with Ferna but she was just on and off.

Today was the sword fighting contest and i am in no mood for it because I'm fighting Eve. The girl would do anything to make me go down. Ferna was fighting some other girl and she seemed to be winning. Dreco and the others were cheering up for her. I was just in a world of my own I missed my Master. He seemed healthy and back to his old self I was happy.

My name was finally called.

Dreco: Good luck.

Me: Thank you Dreco.

I went to the stage Eve really like attention because her name was called long ago but because she's the late Chief's daughter she wants a grand entrance. I stole a glance at Grandmaster. He looked at me with no emotions whatsoever that broke my heart.

Eve: If i don't kill you today you should thank your ancestors.

Me: Can we fight now?

The bell rang...

Eve was still the best if us all at using the sword when fighting but i had more strength than her that was my advantage. She was fighting with so much anger. When she got tired she stopped to catch some breath without me noticing she came charging towards me with her sword. I lifted up my sword and tried to cover myself with it. We were now looking at each other our swords making noise.

Eve: You are a curse. You bring luck to anyone close to you.. You killed my father and I will never forgive you for that. I'm sure you even killed your own parents.

Me: Don't talk about my parents.

Eve: Feeling guilty?


I pushed her sword with my sword and stabbed her on the left arm.



Me: I gave you the emotionless sword to protect yourself and your loved ones and not to kill. You've really let me down.

As much as it hurts doing this but lately Ines has been nothing but a problem. The Lord of punishment Sky was striking her with lightning. She deserves this punishment for trying to kill her fellow desciple.

Me: You can stop she's out.

The sky started turning black it became windy. The demon God Shannon is here. He's an avian and Avians have wings so he was standing in the sky with his guards.

Me: Shannon

Shannon: What did you do to her you heartless thing?

Me: You shouldn't be here.

Shannon: If you hurt her for the sake of your damn rules and desciples i will slaughter your whole sect. If you dare torture her for the sake of your people i will then slaughter the world.

He broke the chains took Ines and left with her. How is he even related to Ines? This means war.


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