Chapter Ten

The moment i set my eyes on Arlen and Mo-Yu i push him off me and stand up. Arlen is so angry he gives me a disgusted look and picks Finn up.

Arlen: Why is she here? I thought i made it clear that i don't want her anywhere near Finn. She's the reason he is like this. Get her out of here.

Me: I swear i didn't kiss Grandmaster. He is the one who..whoo k..

Arlen: Who? Who? What? can't speak English? Finn would never do that. Evelyn was right you are in love with him. Guard take her out of here.

The guard pushes me out while i screamed asking for a chance to explain.

Guard: Don't make things harder as they are. Leave.

I walk slowly to my chambers with tears in my eyes. Luckily Lily is not here I don't need her nagging right now. I need to think of a way to save my Master. I needed to see Lord Pihu he is the only one who can help me in this case...


I was with Arlen and Mo-Yu in Finn's chambers. He looked so peaceful in his sleep i have never seen him like this those demons really did a number on him. Arlen and Mo-Yu excused themselves they had classes so they had to leave. I assured them that I'll look after Finn. The minute they walked out and closed the door i went to sit next to him and held his hand. He moved his hand and mumbled something...

Me: Finn?

Finn: In.. Ines?

Fuck that stupid girl. What does she have that i don't? Even in his sleep he thinks about her.

Me: I love you Finn. Maybe if i give myself to you you'll start noticing me.

I took off my shoes and got on top of him. I tried kissing him but it was s struggle because he was fast asleep. I tried to take off his T-shirt but he woke up and suddenly pushed me off him that my bum hit the floor.

Finn: What the fuck are you doing?

Finn is not the kind of person who uses vulgar language so seeing him use it right now shows me how angry he is.

Me: Finn you...

Finn: Where is Ines? What are you doing here Sulien?

Me: Arlen banished her from coming to your chambers.

I saw him grunting and clenching his jaws he looked angry.

Finn: I want to be alone.

Me: Arlen said.

Finn: I don't care what shit Arlen said I want to be alone.

Me: You're still weak I can't leave you alone...


He used the power of airbender and sent me flying across the wall. I tried to get up but flinched in pain. For a person who got attacked by demons he still had so much power.


On my way to see The Lord of the strange decay i bumped into some guy I once fought with because he saw me bathing but since then we became friends. We don't see much of each other because Grandmaster doesn't like him well he didn't really say that but he's my Master and I know him.

Elliot: I can't go inside Missy. I'll see you some other time.

Me: Why?

Elliot: I need to be somewhere.

Me: Okay then.

He kissed my forehead then disappeared into thin air leaving dust fucken immortal.


" Where the fuck is my mask Miranda?" i asked angrily? .

Miranda: It's coming My Lord.

Me: Hurry up she's here. I hope my scent doesn't sell me out.

Miranda: You changed clothes so..

Me: Great then.

Miranda: My Lord may i have the permission to ask something?

Me: Sure..

Miranda: Befriending that girl was a mission at first but now you seem to be too close to her. Are you sure she doesn't know your identity?.

Me: Mind your own business Miranda. Let me go attend Ines.


I can't get used to this place it's so creepy. Who decorates with jars that have people's eyes? I saw Lord Pihu approaching with her maid. I'd really like to see his face one day he always has a mask on.

Pihu: Ines he always has a mask on.

Pihu: Ines what a pleasant surprise.

Me: You need to help me out.

Pihu: We don't greet anymore?

Me: Sorry. Hello... Can we please talk.

He looked at his maid and signalled for her to give us space. She gave me a nasty look before walking out. I didn't have time for obsessed bitches so I said what i came here to say...

Me: So are you going to help me? I can do anything to pay you back.

Pihu: Cook for me.

Me: Again?

Pihu: I missed your food so yes.

I looked at him in the eyes he shifted his eyes from me. There was something familiar about him that k couldn't put my mind to.

Me: I will cook for you.

After cooking and serving him i stood up pacing up and down. I wanted him to finish sleeps that he can tell me how to help my Master.

Pihu: Won't you eat with me?

Miranda: *sigh* My Lord I don't think that's a good t...

Pihu: Was I talking to you Miranda?

Miranda: No My Lord.

Pihu: Good.

Me: No thank you i'm good. I made all this food for you.

He had his knife and fork on his hands but couldn't eat because had the mask on. I really wanted to see what he was going to do.

Pihu: * clears throat* Turn around i want to eat.

I chuckled while turning around. After eating he told me to come and sit down.

Me: So?

Pihu: You really love your Masterhuh?

Me: He's my Master I care for him.

Pihu: To save him you will need the five lentils. He doesn't have much time he might die anytime.

Me: What? The five lentils? Where am I going to get those? I'm sure I'll die before I even collect all five of them.


I was packing a small bag in my room I packed all that I might need on my journey. Lily was standing by the door crying non stop.

Me: Will you stop? I'm going to come back.

Lily: Mommy this is dangerous.

Me: I know Lily but if Grandmaster dies i will never be able to live with myself knowing he died because of me. Mark will look after you. I love you okay?

Lily: I love you too Mommy.

Me: Stay away from Eve.

Lily: Okay.

It was already dark so I was sneaking out. The gates were all locked so i was going to climb the wall. The wall wasn't that long so I jumped and fell on someone's arms.

Me: * screaming* What Th?...

" Shhh"

Me: Terris? What are you doing here?

Terris: Come on this way.

" Where do you think you're going?"

Oh God so help me now. I'm not in the mood for her.

Me: Evelyn.

Eve: Terris where are you going with this witch?

Me: Don't call me that Eve.

Eve: Or else what?

Terris: Evelyn just leave us alone.

Eve: So you are going with her?

Terris: Yes i'm going with her.

Eve: How could you? Aft...

Terris: No don't even try to blackmail me emotionally.

There seems to be something between these two so i just kept quiet.

The went on and on arguing. Eve got tired and left us.

Me: Do you know where I'm going?

Terris: Why would i be here for if i didn't?

I forgot how arrogant he is.

Terris: Are you sure about this plan of yours? What if we get caught?

Me: How did you know what I'm planning? Who else knows? No one can know about this.

Terris: Relax . Let's go.

This guy is so relaxed it's irritating.

We've been walking for the past eight hours and Terris suggested we go get something to eat. We chose simple meal just chicken curry soup with bread and water. I was telling him about my childhood and how I ended up in Green hill. He was laughing here and there it was good to see him laugh. This guy has never shown his teeth or even smiled. He's known to be the most powerful student of all in green hill and people were scared of him.

Me: I mean I don't understand why she hates me. I never did anything wrong to her.

Terris: She likes to act strong you know but she's the most fragile person you'll ever meet. She's not who she portrays herself to be anger and hatred just overpowered her heart. Please forgive her for my sake.

We were talking about Eve. I realized that he feels something deep for her.

Me: So tell me about yourself. Where do you come from?

Terris: As if you'd believe me if I told you.

Me: Come on.

Terris: I don't have parents.

Me: Everyone has parents Terris.

Terris: I was made of... Let's just leave it. You don't eating let's go.

This guy is really weird.


Me: Yes i am Ines the desciple of Firnado.

Guard:Please get inside. Chief is in his chambers.

I looked at Terris with a smile.

Me: Are you sure you want to go in? This is Eve's Dad.

Terris: Let's just go inside woman.

Arrogant bastard!!!

He was shocked to see us here well shocked to see me. The man hates me he feels like the position of being Grandmaster's desciple should've been his daughter's.

Terris: We came in peace.

Chief: Talk

Terris: Chief I've been told that you love art so I did this painting myself and thought i should gift it to you.

This bastard had hidden this painting with magic. Him being here had helped a lot because I didn't even know how i was going to approach this man alone. Chief got up from his chair and stood next to Terris he was busy admiring the painting when I hit him on the neck he fell on Terri's arms. He slightly put him down.

Me: Where could the lentil be?

Terris: Follow me.

He opened a room that looked like s library because it had many books. It's as if he knew where it is because he went straight to the cupboard and took out a safe.

Me: Pin damn.

Terris: Let me try to memorize it with the ancient mijor.

Me: That's dangerous. You could go blind.

Terris: I don't care.

Do you think he listened to me? No he didn't. He started speaking in a language i don't understand with his eyes closed I could see he was in pain. Then the safe opened. There it was wrapped in a red ribbon. I hugged Terris in excitement.

Terris: Don't get so excited let's get out of here... We still have four more lentils to look for.


Ines was born with a scent that attracts demons so the minute she arrived in Blue rivers the demons smelt her. Zion the right hand man of the demon God Shannon saw Terris and Ines leaving. The Chief was still unconscious. He hated Ines because his Master ( Shannon) was so fond of her. He decided to kill The Chief and write Ines's name on his arm then left.

The Guard that was standing outside came inside to check on the Chief a few minutes after Terris and Ines left. He found the Chief dead with Ines's name on his arm.. He ran out shouting that The Chief is dead and Finn's personal desciple Ines killed him.

When Ines and Terris got to the gate the other guards had already been made aware of their doings so they stood in s circle to prevent them from running away.

Ines: What is happening?

Guards: You killed the Chief. You will pay for this.

Ines: There must be some misunderstanding we just talked we didn't kill him.

The guards attacked them with swords. Ines and Terris knew that they can never defeat them so Ines took out her emotionless sword they both jumped into it and flew away leaving thr guards in anger.


" Ines killed Chief Marco....Marco...Marco..Marco "

I kept hearing Arlen's voice I thought I was going to faint when I heard this. How could Ines do such s thing? I thought her so well. This is unlike her. Everyone was waiting for me outside to take a decision about Ines. Eve was shouting and cursing that she will kill Ines.

It's time i finally talk to them about my decision. I took one step but the dizziness and drowsiness came back. I balanced on the table. I have to pretend to be strong. I can't let people see me like this.


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