Chapter 8

I really don't know what made me sit in my couch for hours and monotonously Stared at nothing but I did. Maybe I was pondering about what Siya told me.

Maybe it was more the fact that I was feeling a lit bit jealous. Above all I came up with a conclusion that I needed to know how Onke felt about her.

Just then my door swayed open. Onke walked in eating an apple.he moved over.

" Hey can I have that ?" I asked for the apple.

" I'm sorry you can't ." he smirked I got up and swipe the Apple from his hands and prepared to run proceeding to eat it right away.

He followed me and every time he would try to reach for the apple I would Dodge him and elevate the apple higher than possible for him to reach . he stumbles causing me to stumble too. The apple fell.

We both stood still and stared at the apple .

" I feel sorry for the person who would date you" I broke the silence.

" Meaning you feel sorry for yourself ? " he gave me one of his annoying smirks .

" Gross! " I said and decided to cut to the chase.

" So Siya doesn't remember what happened the night of the party and I understand her. She feels bad and she is ashamed to even look at you ."

" Is that so ? " he moved towards the couches nonchalantly

" Yes And you need to talk to her " I said .

" no thank you " he lifted his hand up to dismiss me still showing no interest .

" Onke the poor Child likes you! " I busted . He stopped on his tracks.

" What!? " I told him... I told him about Siya's confession I literally told him everything. Few seconds later there was an awkward silence for the very first time .

" I'm in love with someone else"

He broke the silence probably with a piece of my heart. He turned to look deep into my eyes. He stared at me

scouring every pore on my face. I felt heat rushing on my skin surface my heart raced.

I kept quite .

" And I'm not sure if she feels the same way about me " he continued still looking at me.

I kept quite still.

"Say something" "Like what Onke ? Why are you only telling me this now? And for the fact that you not crushing not liking nor lusting but 'inlove' that's deep bra"  I replied and turned away from him I was mad.

To him it seemed as though I was mad because he didn't tell me sooner but deep down I was mad because he was in love with someone else. Just as I started to walk away from him he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. He turned me around so that I could face him.

Then he kissed me. It was a peck but it was lovely. I don't know but I stared into his eyes for a bit and got closer. Our lips met once again. We kissed .

Just then Siya appeared swiftly from the direction of the door uttering a quick gasp . That's when I started choking from air. I felt guilty I was ashamed. Before any of us could say anything Siya ran out slammed the door shut.

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