Chapter 6

As time flew by my friendship with Onke grew bigger and stronger. It was just beautiful.

" I'll see you later then" said Onke as he planted a quick kiss on my forehead. Then he left.

"You two should just date already." Siya commented as she approached me.

" There is no chance in hell" I said.

" Its a good thing we ain't in hell so tell me .Are you sure you don't have a crush on him?" Siya asked.As we made our way to class.

" Don't be ridiculous He is like a brother to me " I protested Siya smiled and nodded .

" I still can't believe he doesn't have a girlfriend I mean he is a full package " Siya blushed as if she was thinking about him.

" Think about it chommie His lips the way he speaks and- "

"Stop! Don't tell me you crushing on him now" I told her.

" who wouldn't ?"

Siya was just another character that brought happiness to my soul. She was funny Bossy and very talkative. I loved everything about her.

" I Don't " I said that as I entered my lecture room.


There stood Siya in my flat begging me to come along with her to a party which was down Town.

"Come on ! You not getting any younger . I promise you it will be fun ." Siya nagged for the last time .

" I told you I don't want to go " I whine throwing a pillow at the very annoying Siya from my position.

" my plan was to sit here and read a book."

"Come onplease !" she persists dodging the pillow .

"Why must I come ? Just give me one reason and I won't say no" I told her.

" Because I always wanted to go to this party "

" Then go without me" I replied

"I can't I want you there Onke and his hot friends will be there too"

" Oh so this is the party Onke have been talking about ?"

" See this is also important to him . Stand up and get ready . Onke will be here in few minutes" Siya said as she dragged me from my messy bed .

" Fine ! " I sighed .

"I'm coming with you you can now stop dragging me ."

"Finally!" Siya exclaimed excitedly . I changed into jeans and a simple top. Few minutes later Onke budged in looking so ...clean.

" Are you two ready? " Onke asked .

" you won't believe me when I tell you it took me 2 hours and 15 minutes begging her to go with us " Siya told Onke .

"You can be so difficult at times" Onke said that looking at me but before I get any chance to respond there was a sudden vibrating sound from my phone . I walked to the side of the bed where my phone was placed and to my surprise it was a call from my Aunt

" Hey Aunty"

" Hi baby how are you ?" she said in a strained voice

" I'm fine are you fine ? Is everything okay? " I asked .

" ummh look baby mommy is at the hospital but dont worry she is getting discharged tommorow ...I'm sorry I'm only telling you this now but I didn't want you to stress"

"What is wrong with her? Can I talk to her? How is she feeling now? " My palms started sweating

my temper was now seriously rising.

" UMMh hun please come down . She is asleep now ... she will talk to you when she wakes up. I'm sorry I love you ." Without giving me anytime to talk she hanged up.

'Agh' I sighed in frustration.

" Is everything okay ? " Onke asked as he motioned himself towards me .

" No " I honestly replied feeling so weak .

" Chommie talk to us " Siya said .

"My mom Is at the hospital and my Aunt wont even tell me whats wrong with her . I'm sorry guys for spoiling the mood but you two can go without me . " I said Siya looked at Onke who was just staring at me .

" OH chommie I'm so sorry she is gonna be okay I promise you " Siya said trying to comfort me.

" Thank you. You guys don't have to worry about me i'll be okay. Go and enjoy the Party . " I said

" I'm staying you can go ahead . " Onke told Siya .

" You don't have to ...Please go." I protested .

" So you don't want me here ?" Onke asked .

" Don't be ridiculous here Onke and this is not up for discussion."


after it took me 35 minutes to vanquish Onke's arguing . He finally gave in and let me stay . He really didn't want to go anymore but I told him that I don't want him to make my problems his and I wanted to be alone . So they left . I stroll towards my wardrobe and changed into my pyjamas then flopped down on bed. I tried to think of what possibly could be wrong with mom. I ended up totally restless . That night I didn't even get a wink of sleep. I was tossing and turning all night long.

The next morning I tried to call my mom but unfortunately I was sent straight to voicemail. That really Freaked me out. I prepared for class and headed straight to campus .By the time lunch had rolled around . I couldn't see Siya nor Onke . After I have scoured the whole cafeteria . I trudged towards the library to have my lunch alone .


" Onke!"

I exclaimed in disappointment finding Onke sitting on my door step playing Angry birds in his cell phone clearly not bothered that he missed his lecture Today.

" Not now Girly I need something strong. I have a terrible headache." he said that as he walked pass me to make himself coffee . I sighed and followed him.

" I can tell the party was great"

" Yhea supper ! " Onke replied while taking a sip of his coffee.

" To an extent that you and Siya missed your lectures today." I said.

"I don't know what you implying but look here I had the biggest hangover I don't know about her ." he said sounding a little cheesed off.

"Cool it i'm not implying anything ." I threw my self on the Sofa .

" Sorry How is your Mom? " He turned to me looking so concerned .

" I don't know I still can't get hold of her " i quickly buried my face in my hands as I yawned .

" Tired? " I told him how I couldn't get any sleep last night and how my mind whirled with possibilities of my mom's illness. Onke suddenly felt guilty and wished he would have stayed.

" No I needed you to keep an eye on Siya" I said.

" Don't tell me about that ecdysiast!" Onke said .

" Excuse me ? She is our friend ! What would make you say that about her " I roused from the couch.

Onke started telling me how Siya drunk herself out of her senses and how she threw herself at him pushing him over backwards so that they both landed on the floor and stripped her clothes off. I was Dazed .

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