Chapter 5

"It's my turn."

"no it's not."

" It is "

" Just let me change this movie Lisa " Onke begged for the hundredth time.

I laughed and handed him the remote before going to the kitchen to drink water . The popcorns were over. Mostly because we were throwing them at each other rather Than devouring them I walked towards the couch and settled down next to him. He motioned for me to come closer to him and when I did he put his arms around me cuddling me.

" You haven't told me why you missed your lectures today." I brought up the topic once again.

" You missed me didn't you?" Onke asked.

"Actually no Siya was a good company."

" Who is Siya?" He asked with so much concern in his tone.

" I met her at the cafeteria today.She is tall Skinny and Pretty."

Onke nodded his head deep in thoughts.

Right before a scary scene appeared on the tv screen.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Are you scared? We watching 'insidious'." He asked me a little amused.

" that doesn't even sound scary to me .why would I be afraid?"

Onke Smirked . We watched the movie up until the end . Every scary part I would scream and cover my eyes with a pillow. And Onke laughed this whole time. His chest vibrated against my ear as he laughed. I pushed back from his embrace and playfully hit him in the chest

" what's funny?"

" Everything about you is funny" I just stared at him in annoyed amusement knowing I had no comeback.


The next day I woke up earlier than planned so I relaxed and did my morning rituals peacefully. And headed to campus. I made my way to the library since it was still early so I decided to borrow a book. There was literally nothing to do at all. With my textbooks and my newly borrowed book in my hand I lightly walked through the halls which was barely filled with people. I was a few pages into the book when someone suddenly slapped the back of my head. My face almost hit the book but it didn't so I turned around and elbowed the person harshly

" wow you ready to fight back?" The person was no other than Siya who slightly applauded.

" shut up" I said.

She giggled. Siya told me she was going to write a test that morning and I should accompany her to her lecture.

" So did you prepare?"

" Yes I did "

"That's great" I complimented We continued talking all the way to our lectures.

" Bye

I will meet you at the cafeteria during lunch" I nodded and walked into my class.


I walked into the cafeteria and looked around. As walls of the cafeteria echoed with chatter and laughter. I went over to grab something to eat and lightly walked over to a table. I was about to reach the table when someone grabbed my food .

" what-" I said And I came face to face with Onke

"I'm so hungry i'm going to have this." He said.

" You can't i'm also hungry" And I was really hungry and my temper was rising.

" No but i'm going to eat this one" he replied smirked and completely amused.

" Onke No marn !" I said trying to grab my food but he was taller than me He held it up high. I took a deep breathe and forced a smile and pleaded with him.

"Let me think..." he said and looked Up as if he was thinking.

"No " He said at last and prepared to run. We were drawing the attention of several People So I decided not to chase him. I went to sit down and so did Onke . Within few seconds I spotted siya amongst the crowds making her way up to me.

" hey" she greeted Onke

"hello Siya " he replied.

"Okay I guess you two already know each other so i'm going to leave it here. " I said that as I attempted to grab my food from Onke. He lifted his hands up and smirked .

" Haven't you eaten ?" siya asked.

"no He took my food" I pointed at Onke.

" Give her food back!" Siya orded.

" I think I should get going before you guys gangup on me "

We all laughed.

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