Chapter 4

I walked quietly down the hall to the cafeteria. I located with my eyes a place to sit. I haven't seen Onke and I knew I was about to have the worst lunch time all by myself. After collecting my food I went to sit down.

"Mind if I join you?" I looked up to meet a very Beautiful dark skinned Slender Girl .

I smiled and nodded. She sat down and introduced her self as "Siya" .

She was very talkative and had a very bubbly personality.

" Its your First year here right?" I nodded.

" You don't talk much do you?" She finally asked.

"Actually I do it is just that I don't know what to say to you". I said.

 "oh" she said a little disappointed.

" i'm sorry " I softly apologised.

 " it's fine so Your Boyfriend isn't here Today?" She asked.

" I have a Boyfriend?" She slightly laughed and ask if I wasn't dating Onke . And I told her we just friends.


" Trust me." I smiled

We talked some more about random stuff and I kinda liked her. She was an open minded person. It was time for her to leave so we exchanged contacts .

After all my lectures

I walked to my flat. And took a power nap. I was awaken by a phone call from my mom .

"Hello Ma ."

"Hi baby how are you? I miss you so much ." she was happy.

" I'm okay mom I've been meaning to call you. I miss you too. "

She continued asking questions about my studies friends and if I am eating well .

" Don't you worry Ma I'm eating well and I have a friend that is helping me with my studies."

We talked for an hour . She was telling me about her day at work and how she misses me . She continued and ended up lecturing me on how to FOCUS.

" I love you Lisa mntanam I have to go " She concluded then hangup.

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