Chapter 2

The days that followed were a blur as I tried to navigate a huge unfamiliar campus. Every time I tried to make small talk in the cafeteria I would still feel lost in a sea of thousands of students unable to really connect with anyone.

Today I entered the Varsity premises with new hopes and aspirations. Scraps of foreign speech were traveling from the room at the end of long corridor.

The students in batches were moving up and down the corridors for their classes.

I was a bit late for my class so I jogged to my lecture room and let myself in under the gaze of a hundred judging eyes I quickly decide where to sit.

" So as I was saying Icebreakers are an effective way to help us feel more comfortable in class and to get to know one another better. I promise you they are fun and interactive." My lecture

Mr Wyn concluded.

He then gave us all an ice-breaker to help us get to know someone new. He had printed off photos of different Eagles and cut them in half; we had to pick a "Eagle-half" from a bucket and find our other half. Weirdest ice-breaker game ever. I didn't even know where to start.

People excitedly started searching for their icebreaker partners. Some were lucky enough to pick someone on the first go. After I had scoured the whole room with no luck on finding my other " Eagle- half" I walked back to my sit feeling a little disappointed.

 I turned my head feeling someone’s gaze on me my eyes searched the crowd and came in contact with the most Charismatic eyes that instantly switched to a softer focus. That immediately relaxed my own eyes and face. I walked up to him.

" Do you believe in love at first sight or should You walk by again?" That was the first thing he said.

" What a cheesy pick up line!" I remarked. We both laughed.

"Let me see" he asked for my " Eagle-half" picture to match it with his.

" About time we met." I smiled and told him right after I saw that he was my " Eagle-half" match .

" I'm Onke" he extended his hand for a shake.

" I'm Lisa nice to meet you." I smiled.

I had a great day than I imagined. Onke introduced me to his friends and they were nothing but a cheery friendly funny bunch of people. I found myself so entirely comfortable with him. We had the same sense of humor shared the same morals and world views; we got each other.

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