Chapter 10

For the past two weeks Onke was teaching me how to drive. My first week was very scary about 4 times in a row I bumped the car. Onke was amazingly calm and relaxed and that gave me the courage to try harder.

" signal that turn and slow down before you pull over" I smiled and followed his instructions .

" You are amazing" he complimented. " Thanks to you .

I planted a quick kiss on his soft lips.

" About the Car Scratches I will speak to my-"

" No need to My mother understands. I told her I was going to teach my girlfriend how to drive" he interrupted me before I could finish what I wanted to say.

I looked up and found a calm relaxed teacher and the fact that he was my boyfriend that was a big confidence boost while learning because if I did something wrong he was able to fix it and explain to me what I did wrong and I learnt from my mistake. He made learning so much easier I was doing my head checks I was a able to change lanes safely I was able to be focused on my surroundings. I was happy.


Ever heard people saying; Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone? well It was an ultimate reality in my life. With exams fast approaching Siya and I studied together pulled all-nightersdrank bad coffee to keep us awake and watched the sun rise in the morning.

" Let's take a break" Siya whined for the millionth time.

" You only read for 2 hours the remaining 3 hours you were complaining" I told her.

" Come on I mean who studies for 5 hours without taking a break?I'm losing my train of thought here. I really can't focus anymore." her tone was now a bit harsher.


" I whisper saving my documents and closing my laptop. •••••

I didn't know how long I was asleep for but I knew that I was still tired. I rolled over in bed to the sound of someone giggling. It was Siya.

"What time is it?" Suppressing a yawn.

" 3 am Coffee?" She said as she offered me just what I needed.

" Yes please" I moved towards the table and sat down on the chair.

She placed the coffee mug gently on the table and leaned forward placing her elbows on the wooden surface.

" Onke was here " She informed me her eyes searching my face.

" At what time?" My voice softer than ever.

" Around 10" She played with the string of tea bag in her cup. lifting it up and down. I took a sip from my coffee and

" What did he want?" I watched how she made ripples in the mug from what she was doing.

"He didn't say But he wasn't happy to find me here. " She looked away.

" Why? " I was confused.

" He is your boyfriend he probably thinks I'm not good for you." She said.

" Is it because of that Night?" I asked.

" I don't care. " She told me. Talking about Onke made me feel guilty all over again. I didn't want that. So I took a sip and changed the topic. We sat there for hours and talked about everything. The screen of my phone lit up It was my alarm. Reminding me that I should be studying. We stood up and cleared the table.


After Two weeks of cramming for tests studying late into the late hours of the night and barely sleeping Exams were finally over. Year end parties was the talk of the town. I didn't want to go home early. I wanted to spend more time with Onke and Siya before Christmas.

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