Chapter 9


We spent the rest of yesterday spending quality time and bonding I truly enjoyed it and of cause I enjoyed the dick it was out of this world. I loved it. For the first time he spent the night with me he never does that I guess it has something to do with respecting laws and traditions.

I have decided to go home earlier than planned. Saturday it is my mother’s commemorative gathering if I can put it like that. My mother has been gone for 15 years and we will be remembering her and all the amazing things that she has done to us. I miss her so much and I wish I could be with her and tell her about this amazing man that I have met. This beautiful man that treats me like a queen and I know that one day he will marry me.

"May I please ask you a huge favour?" I ask him and he is already smiling. He likes it when I want him to do things for me.
"What do you need thembalami?" He questions me as he hugs me from the back. "Please go and fetch me some clothes from my apartment if it's possible. I'm scared to go back there especially if I’m going alone." He kisses my cheeks. "Anything for you."
He takes his car keys and puts of some shoes. "Do you need something else?" He shouts on his way out. "Nope just bring back your sexy self."  He chuckles.
"You'll make me want to stay here." I laugh at him; he leaves and I hear that door shut. I go out and I lock the door.

I decide to cook for him I mean I've never cooked for him and I cook for the people that I love.
I prepare beef stew pap and cabbage.
I decide to call my sister and my pots are cooking up.

_Call conversation_
Yiba: Hey gorgeous.
Me: Dude... we boned
She gasps and then she laughs.
Yiba: Well was it worth the wait?
Me: Yibanathi a month is not waiting in fact it was too early.
Yiba: Well in this situation it is you guys are practically in a lesbian relationship.
I burst into laughter.
Me: and what makes you say that?
Yiba: within a day you have shared I loves you everything that you do it's the same as what occurs in most lesbian relationships.
Me: Fine whatever dude this guy bought me a house in a complex/estate telling me how safe it is and he doesn't want me to go back to the flat.
Yiba: if I were straight I'd say we should be in a polygamous relationship.
Me: Ew... I'll never be in a polygamous you know that
Yiba: Whatever dude I just bought my bus ticket and I'm leaving this afternoon.
Me: Safe travels. I love you mntase.
Yiba: I love you to Ms dicked
I giggle and I hang up.
I clean up the house and after two hours I'm done cooking and he still isn't back; I am upset now. I still have to go back home today; I don't want to be on the road late.

After 45 minutes he comes in the house whistling a gospel song.
"It smells delicious in this house." He comes in the living room and he gives me a kiss.
"I'm sorry for going out this long I decided to get you some clothes at the mall. I hope you like them." He places plastic bags and paper bags on the table.
"I said fetch my clothes though Mr Z." He shrugs when I say that.
"I know and I did

I also got these for you." I blush and I give him a kiss. "Thank you sthandwa sam."

I stand up and I dish up for him. "I hope you're hungry because I cooked." His mouth is already watering. We sit at the dinner table and we eat discussing everything and him telling me how much he wants to marry me and he wants me to be his forever.

We finish eating and I wash the dishes he helps me by packing them back.
We go to the bedroom and I pack.
"Ngizofika ngokunyama ekhaya." I'm frustrated by it actually.
"You're not going to drive alone especially at night. I'll book you a flight ticket and you'll leave early in the morning." I smile because I appreciate it deeply.

"Mangethe I know you do all these things because you love me and you want to express this love to me and I appreciate it I appreciate it so much." He looks so pleased with himself. "But you have to remember that I can't allow you to do everything for me I still have to do things myself like book my own flight ticket and pay my own rent." He looks upset and somewhat offended. "Fine I get that but I am your man and I will buy you the house that you want and I will do the big things. As your man I must make sure that your needs are being met and then you can worry about the minor desires." He is lying Mbuso doesn't want me to do anything if I say I'm craving chocolate he wants to buy the whole store hay it is wrong.

"Zikode kaNdabanstele may I at least buy my own ticket?" I try to soften him up and it works. "Well since you asked so nicely I can't say no. You can my love." I smirk and I take my laptop and do it before he changes his mind.
It is so fucken expensive but I want to show that I can be independent that I am independent.

"You know when I was fetching your clothes I found something that...uhmm..." his tone is low and very sexual "something interesting." Out of his back pocket he takes out my vibrator and switches it on. "I was quite intrigued." I giggle and beg that he switches it off.
"I want to see how it works how it is used." Yep now I'm turned on for sure.

"Well if you ask nicely I'll give you a proper show." I whisper with a very dry throat due to the scene in front of me.
"Please give daddy a wet show." He bites his lower lip as he sits on the chair at the corner of the room.
I stand up and I sensually start to undress slowly unbuttoning the shirt that I'm wearing. "I have rules no touching you don't get to touch yourself or me and I want you naked. Now!" I order while I spank my ass. His breathing is so high and I can it from a distance.
I walk over to him and I sit on his lap as he undresses himself "I'll be needing this." I give him a violent kiss and I move away from him.
I move the couch to be right in front of him but with some distance between us to give him the full view or torture.

He sits before me fully naked and completely silent. I place my sexy body on the couch in front of him. I didn't remove the shirt I just fully unbuttoned it.


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