Chapter 8


Before leaving we are and we thanked them for their great hospitality.
We finally arrive at an estate/family complex.

We park his car he promised to go and get mine afterwards.
We went inside one of the houses and it is stunning but it is definitely not a place where Mbuso would live with the money that he has he would definitely be living in a huge mansion that has an east and west wing.

"Beautiful home." I compliment. "Thank you your flat isn't a safe place for you so I decide to get you a place to live this is seems to be more of your style." He is so right; this is the kind of things that I like elegant yet simple with a touch of sophistication.

"Haiiboo I can't let my boyfriend buy me a house or rent me a house." I exclaim with my hands in the air. "Fine fine. Then marry me be uMa'Zwane so I can buy you any house you want and do whatever I want with you freely." I laugh and walk away from him.
"No I'm not marrying you for such a stupid reason." I giggle and he looks disappointed.

I won't marry him because he wants to buy me a house that is crazy. I leave him there and I take a tour of this house it is a 3 bedroom and the main bedroom has an in-suite bathroom. My apartment is a bachelor if my sister is visiting we sleep together; I don't have the money to be paying for a two-bedroom apartment for show awoa.

I decide to take a bath. I run a bath for myself. I can't even keep my eyes fully closed because I feel like someone is watching me. I get out of the water and I leave the bathroom in my naked body.
He is lying on the bed busy on his phone. "I don't have anything to wear." That accidentally comes out as a moan. He lifts up his head to look at me and his phone hits his face I giggle and cover my mouth a 35-year-old man drooling like a little child.
He stands up and walks over to me I'm wet (from the water) and naked.

He hovers me and wastes no time he picks me up and places me on his waist I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.
"You are so perfect... fuck." He smashes his delicious lips on mine and I instantly respond we kiss for like a minute and he throws me on the bed and I land on my back with my legs wide open.
"Is this what heaven is like?" He growls when he looks at my body. Whenever Mangethe is horny he stops being the soft man that I know him to be he takes all control and he just dominates I love every moment of it.

“I want you. I want you so badly right now.” his voice is raspy with need. My pussy is throbbing with need now all I need is him.

My throbbing pussy and the desire in his eyes exposes our mutual pleasure and need for one another. Our eyes met with a smile and a little giggle in between that. Mbuso spreads his tongue against my swollen beating clitorissans-serif;color:#222222">My throbbing pussy and the desire in his eyes exposes our mutual pleasure and need for one another. Our eyes met with a smile and a little giggle in between that. Mbuso spreads his tongue against my swollen beating clitoris he licks and sucks my taste and juices and softly smacks my lips. With his groans hovering in the air above their heads. He placed my clitoris into his mouth and filled my pussy with desire with his fingers and twisted tongue. Constantly keeping eye contact unless the pleasure got too much for me and I had to keep my eyes closed both my hands hugging on his body and as my body twists there is this expression on his face one that I've never seen on his face before.

I continued to stroke my pussy against his tongue I kept riding his fingers and his mouth sending waves of electricity all over my body with his groans pushing me closer and closer to an orgasm. His face is full of hunger.
He doesn't stop instead he does it with so much hunger it causes me to scream that is how great it is.

He continues and I scream and press his head harder on my clit as a wave after wave of orgasm hits me he doesn't stop he understand the assignment and he sucks all of my juices.
He gets off his knees and he comes up to me to give me a kiss. I taste my own cum and I love it.

As we continue to kiss his sexy body his big muscles and sexy abs. Such a beautiful sight. I move my hands on his nude chest rubbing it and caressing it. I kiss his chest and I unbutton his pants; he helps me to lower them and I brush his manhood it is hard as a rock I stroke it and it is so big it hasn't penetrated me yet so I'm a bit nervous.

He groans in my ear as I stroke it sensually.
Turning my body towards him I spread my legs and I slowly and nervously insert his penis into me. He slowly enters me inserting his shaft deeply between my lips. I scream and arch my back pulling him deeper and deeper into my pussy. When he penetrated me I leaned back making sure that he is getting the perfect view and we are both receiving the ultimate pleasure. My groans echoed in the spacious room. I looked up at the ceiling a lamp still shining on the black wooden table. I am now feeling more in control and more like myself. I stepped forward to kiss my sexy lover savouring his taste as he continued to penetrate me. He pushed back and forth faster and faster; he was making love to my mind my body and my soul.

Both our moans were in synch clearly feeling the pleasure. "Mangethe...mmmm..." I dig my nails on his back and I clamp my legs around him and I hold on tightly to him.
In and out in and out...harder and faster.... fuck! The wet sounds of our sexes combining and being one are music to my ears.
My body fails me and I moan out loudly releasing an orgasm and after calming down he continues to fuck me until he cums. He falls next to me and I kiss him.

I insert his manhood inside me and I place my palms on his chest and I ride him out. He cums once again and so do I. I throw my sweaty body on top of his. He looks me right in the eye. "I love you." I give him a little kiss.
I just told him I love him what?


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