Chapter 7


One month and two weeks later

We are finally done; the book has been edited and everything is complete. Malebo invited me to her book launch party.
"Congratulations my love." I give her a huge hug she is amazing such a talented young lady.
The festivals begin

After leaving the party I drive straight home I am tired all I want to do is rest and get a shower.
I arrive by my flat I exit the car and I walk to my flat apartment. When I get there something seems off did I forget to lock the security gate?
I always lock I mean there's definitely something wrong but maybe I'm just stressing myself. I put the key in the lock and it doesn't fit I kick the door open and my eyes are met with a disaster. I run away from the door.
My shoe gets stuck on the stairs and I fall the heel of my shoe breaks.
I quickly get up and I sprint to my car and I take my phone my hands are quivering.

Mbuso is on my emergency dial pad I call him the phone rings but he doesn't answer I call him several times and he still doesn't pick up. I decide to drive away from this place I drive to the nearest petrol station.
As soon as I get there I call him again but he doesn't answer.
"What the fuck Bhekumbuso?" I yell out loudly feeling defeated.

I send Mmabatho a text telling her what is going on and she tells me to keep still she will be here in no time.

After 10 minutes she was here already with her beautiful baby we went to the police station and opened up a case and we went back to her luxurious mansion
When we got to her house we found her husband cooking it is such a beautiful view since he is doing it with his child I'm just thinking of my dad my sister and myself when we were young we used to do that together till now we cook together or just do everything together. My father tried by all means to be present in our lives he showed us love at all times and most of the time we didn't feel the void of our mother and he never put the responsibility of my mother on me as the eldest daughter and I appreciate him for that. I do sometimes wonder how it would’ve been if she was around how visiting would’ve been getting married. Our mother loved us so much and the fact that God took her away from us at such a young age is painful sometime sit is hard to remember the things she would do and how she was because of how long she has been gone and it is even worse for Yiba her memories of our mother are very shadowy. My father was the person who had to deal with her first period.


sans-serif;color:#222222">"Mmabatho thank you for helping me I really need to get some rest now so I'll just book a hotel just for tonight." I fix the cushions on the couch that I was sitting on. "Nonsense there is enough space here for you my love. Please go and get some rest and you'll eat when you wake up." I smile and thank her she accompanies me to the guest bedroom and I waste no time as soon as she closes the door I hit my head on the pillow and I attempt to get some sleep.

Moments later...
I could barely sleep I'm so scared. I can just see my house wide open like that with things all over the floor and others that aren't there I can just picture scary men what if I was in the house when they walked in? What could have happened to me? I wake up crying and I am immediately comforted
"Mbuso..." I call his name with a snort in between. What is he doing here and how on earth did he find out that I'm here.
"Smomondiya sami you're okay?” He gives me a kiss that I don't return.
"I'm so so sorry that I didn't answer your call." I lift my face up and I look at him with fear and anger all at once. Mbuso has always promised to protect me and when I actually needed him and his protection he wasn't there.

"Did those bastards hit you?" His eyes are fiery and full of rage. "Uhm..." I move away from him; I won't lie at this moment I'm scared of him the anger in his eyes is very dangerous. "No I fell when I ran away from my apartment and I hit my face." His eyes calm down and he brushes his soft hands on my sensitive bruise.
"Did you see them is that why you ran?" I look at him in disbelief. I stand up and I look at him in the eye now I'm upset.

"I was petrified." I introduce my speech; he better be ready for what is yet to come his way because he just stirred up a hectic conversation. "I am a woman Bhekumbuso and being a woman and more especially being a woman in this country you live in constant fear in fear of the predators we call men. I didn't know what to expect when I got there I feared for my purity and my mental stability. I was scared I was going to get attacked. Being a woman you are scared to walk in an area filled with trees because you're scared that that could be the last place you ever walk in when a man can just walk freely and admire nature. That is the type of life that we as women live. That is why we fear having children because they could either be next woman to be attacked and killed or the next man to be the attacker or the killer."  I'm already crying this is how we live we can't even walk alone on the streets because if we do we fear we might be trafficked that is the sad reality of women in this day and age.

He stands up and gives me a tight hug. "I love you and I promise you; I will protect you with all that I am." He kisses my forehead. "Where were you today?" I pull away from the hug. "I called and called and called Mbuso and you didn't pick up; you didn't protect me when I needed it most." I admit my fears to him I want to be brutally honest with him even if it hurts him.

"I'm sorry I didn't make it I just got..." he stops talking for like five seconds. "It will never happen again and I promise you I will find the people who did this and you will have your justice sthandwa sami. Ngiyaxolisa Thembalami." Aww he is so sweet. I jump on him and he chuckles and spins me around. I know he means every word he just said he will protect me.
"Let's go." I take my bag and things.
On our way out I finally decide to ask him. "How did you know I'm here?" I inquisitively question him.
"Your friend Mmakwena told me." I laugh and shake my head. "It is Mmabatho." He simply doesn't care about what I just said he seems very happy to know that I am okay.


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