Chapter 6


After Mbuso left I got back to work and I am far with editing and by the end of this week I should be done with the first draft of the edit so that I can begin with the second one next week. That would also mean that the author can check and see if it's up to her standards anyways now it's time for me to go home shower and get ready for a hot date with my man.

Mmabatho is also preparing to leave the office we walk out together.
"So potential somebody or is he already a special somebody?" I knew she was going to ask but I genuinely have no comment I will not give her the answer that she desires. "Can't a man and a woman have an innocent relationship?" I ask in giggles. "You tell me..." she walks away humming love songs.
Mmabatho is a senior at the company so she uses a different parking from the rest of us they have underground parking spots and well us; we just park in the parking lot but luckily for us we do have sunroof protection for our cars that we work so hard for.

I get inside my car and I drive off to my apartment and on my way there I decide to call my father I honestly miss him so much.

_Call conversation_ Baba
Baba: Ulu...
Me: Baba’Ulu how are you today?
Baba: I'm pulling through child. I just miss my children hey.
Me: Aw kodwa baba ngikukhumbulile nami
Translation: Dad though I also dearly miss you
Baba: Yeah uMa'Nyembe is here with me I haven't been feeling well so she came to help out.
Me: Baba why didn't you tell us you were sick?
Baba: Hay man Gatsheni; all is well now. Soon I will be healthy and working in the fields.
Me: No dad you won't be doing any work. Please give me Ma'Nyembe the phone so I can speak to her.
Ma'Nyembe: Na'Ndlovu.
Me: Hello ma. I hope you're well. I don't mean to waste your time but thank you for being with my dad since he has not been feeling okay.
Ma'Nyembe: Kululeka ngane yami ubaba uzophola uyezwa.
I'm so over protective of my dad I don't want anyone touching him or doing anything that can harm him. I wish I could go home right now and be the one who takes care of him.
Me: Ngiyabonga ma.
She gives the phone back to my dad.
Baba: See I'm fine.
Me: Boyabenyathi ngikuthanda ukufa.
Baba: I love you mntwan'ami.
I hang up.

I get home and I shower.
I put on a short lavender dress with black YSL heels. I saved for the longest time to buy these shoes and today I feel like they deserve to be worn.
I curl my short bob wig and I put on some makeup nothing too extreme.

There's a knock on the door and I go over to open I keep my door locked at all times I can't trust the people here in Johannesburg.
I walk over to the door and I ask stunned by what I see this man gets finer by the hour. See I've seen him in different wear but I haven't seen him in formal he looks absolutely heavenly I could eat him up and leave no remains.

"Ntokazi kaZulu siphalaphala senhliziyo yami." He praises me and I blush I mean that just gave me butterflies.
"Ngabe ungenzani Boyabenyathi wamuhle Thembalami." This is what I've been missing this is everything I've ever wanted from a man a man who admires me and thinks of me and does stupid things to show that he cares about me like how he has been doing all along. Mbuso has been working hard for me to see that he truly longs to be with me.

"Thank you Mangethe." I give him a kiss. "You look quite handsome." We walk out and I lock the door and the security gate.

We walk over to his car. He opens the door for me and I get inside.
This is a different one it smells different from the other one. His g-wagon has that manly smell and all that even the interior shows that this man rides solo but this one... it's different it smells like home like love and the interior also has that homely presence; I love it I love this car more. A snow-white 2021 Range Rover Velar this car is above and beyond.

He holds my hand while he drives and I just admire the view. Am I... no Uluthando don't be crazy don't be like Mbuso now I giggle to myself.
"Is everything alright?" He asks with a worried tone. "Of cause I'm just thinking about something stupid." We continue with our cute pep talk until we get to the 5-star restaurant.

We got to the restaurant and we order food conversation is flowing and the laughs are the kinds that are from the heart.

After hours of being here we leave the restaurant hand by hand being with him is always the best even after knowing each other for a few days.

When we reach his car he pins me against the driver door and I pant it was unexpected. He looks at me right the eye and I get nervous and look away his face comes closer to mine. His fingers brush my face and he pushes the hair away from my ear and face.
I feel a wet kiss on my neck then on my ear. "I told you you're playing dangerous games." He reminds me and I respond by saying nothing I allow my body to be my advocate. I'm in shock my body is feeling the electricity.
He lifts my leg and I wrap it around his waist.
He kisses my neck and shortly after that he places his hand around my neck and chokes it a bit unleashing the inner beast in me I growl when he does that...mmm...
With his one hand on my neck his other on my thigh. His fingers tap on my thigh and they move up and up he brushes my lace underwear he pushes it to the side and his cold hands finally touch my warm and soaked pussy.
I began to slowly thrust my hips on his fingers.
"Do you want this?" He asks with authority and I moan yes... fuck it I need it.
He finally finds my wet pussy lips and he gently strokes. He presses his thumb on my clit and he inserts his middle and ring finger in my cookie.
His fingers are like tiny lightning bolts that send electrical shock waves through my most intimate areas. I can barely see barely able to speak due to the pleasure at hand. I moan and scream I don't even care I'm in public anymore.

He covers my mouth as he pounds harder and very much faster. I ball fists on his shirt as I hold on for dear life he removes his hand from my mouth and smashes his lips on mine.
I bite on his lower lip and try to suppress the moans from my mouth. A moment later my body is shaking and I've lost all control of my body he continues to finger me until all my juices are gushing out.
He gives me one more kiss and let's go of me he extracts his fingers from my pussy and licks them making sure there’s nothing left he tastes my juices.

"Fuck..." he unconsciously says.

Well damn... now that was something else pleasure wrapped in my Zulu man


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