Chapter 5


Today I'm in good spirits. I take a quick warm shower and I get ready for work. I missed a day at work yesterday I don't even know what I'll say to Mr Dingane he sees right through my lies.
I get nervous for a second but you know what I'm only human and if I want to rest then I'll rest I'm allowed to stay at home right?
I groan out of frustration... I have never been a good liar and I don’t like lying to my boss; Mr Dingane might be strict and all but he is a really good person and he is someone who I look up to my mentor.

I take my bags and leave my apartment. I get to my car and I pack my stuff in.
I drive off to work and the first thing I do when I get to work is I go to Mr Dingane's office before I start working. I have so much work to do between juggling this editor post and my actual job that I have been hired and get compensated to do.

I gently knock on his glass door. "Good morning sir." I humbly say as I enter and he looks like he is in a jolly mood and that will be working in my favour.
"Ms Ndlovu you are so dedicated to your job I am proud of you." I let out a sigh of relief I am glad he isn't mad at me I genuinely thought that he saw right through my lies yesterday.

"Thank you sir. I will make you so proud of me." I take my seat on the couch in his office.
"Are you feeling better today?" I freeze. Lying isn't my strongest quality.
"Yes I'm feeling better thank you for asking sir." He smiles at me; he looks quite happy. I stand up and attempt to leave his office and he says something in a tone I've never heard from him before a commanding yet oddly satisfying tone. "Ms Ndlovu if you need help my door is always open."
I smile at his sweet and appealing offer and I leave the office to get to my work station and I get on with editing this book Malebo is a great author I myself wish to be that great one day but I guess I only spot the talent I don't know if I have the potential to be the talent.

'The danger in our eyes.' With only that the reader is hooked.

It's lunch time and when I check my phone I have no missed calls or messages from Mbuso which is honestly quite disappointing I'm not entirely sure what I expected but this is not it. After the great day that we had yesterday I expected him to be calling me nonstop and acting like the Mbuso that I know. Wait wait wait I know? I know nothing about this guy I’m just being crazy right now.

I decide to call and check on my little sister.

_Call conversation _

sans-serif;color:#222222">_Call conversation _
Yiba: Hey sis.
Me: Hey baby girl how are you?
Yiba: I'm good I just miss home you know? I miss dad and I most definitely miss you.
Me: Aww dimwit I miss you so much more. When are you visiting me          Yiba: Definitely after... (Small giggles and chuckles) ... uhm sorry after exams.
Me: Haibo Yibanathi are you with someone?
Yiba: I love you too. Bye Ulu
She hangs up.

Sneaky little devil I'm very sure that she is with someone right now does she actually have a girlfriend? Why wouldn't she tell me she is so secretive argh I groan as I think to myself?
My sister is the best I love her so much as much as she is annoying and very different; she is the light and star of my life.

I decide to go out and get myself some lunch I am starving.
"You have a visitor." My co-worker says with a sneaky smile. I already know who it is I can't help but blush.
"Oh okay thanks. You're being oddly weird Mmabatho." I snicker and she does the same she winks as she walks away.
Mmabatho is very nice she is chief of editing; she has the dream job and dream life. Married with one baby. She and I are close co-workers we definitely aren't friends but we are something close to that I consider her to be my acquaintance. I get up and I walk to my sexy tall man. I can't get over how fine this man is he is scrumptious I could eat him up.

"Zikode kaNdabanstele." I greet him with a praise. He tries to hide his amusement but he fails he smiles and bites his lower lip.
"I got you some lunch." He hands me the paper bag with the food. "How did you know?" I giggle with enthusiasm.
It smells heavenly. He got me some fries.

"Thank you." He keeps looking at me with no words exchanging. "Eat me." I voice my thoughts out loudly.
He growls and looks away in embarrassment. "I'm sorry you're just so perfect." If there's one that I am not is perfect but the fact that he can see the perfection in my imperfections is quite remarkable and very amatory of him.

"Why didn't you answer my calls yesterday?" I shrug and danger fills his eyes when he sees that I don't care about what he is asking.
"Lalela Gatsheni you're mine and I want you to answer the phone when I call you." He orders through clenched teeth. I moan a little as I said before I enjoy defying rules. "Yes daddy..." I utter in a silent moan Uluthando you're at work. Calm yourself.
He discreetly pulls me closer to him and grabs on my thigh.
"The games you are playing have consequences." He grunts softly in my ear and my underwear is instantly wet.
I let out a deep breath.

"Show me..." I whisper back he lets me go I feel something poking through his pants on my upper thigh lower abdominal area that's how much taller he is to me.
"Dinner tonight I'll fetch you tonight. Be as beautiful as you always are." He kisses my forehead.

"Goodbye sthandwa sami. Ngiyakuthanda uyezwa?" I blush with a nod. There's something about a Zulu-man telling you that he loves you and him calling you mama.
Zulu men are everything and this Zulu-man in particular is something else.

Does all of this mean that we are actually a couple?
I mean he said that he loves me so uhm?


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