Chapter 40


"Since you have already met his family what kind of people are they?" She is sulking I just hope that she doesn't ditch me and force me to go alone. "They are nice people his parents are absolutely kind and loving and his siblings are cool as well." I will not mention anything about Zoliswa because my sister can be bitchy and if she doesn't like someone she does not pretend to like them she isn't like me I can at least tolerate such people.

"Fine I'll wear a suit since we are meeting your rich in-laws." They will only be my in-laws once they have spoken to my father until then they are my boyfriend's family.

I put on a long nude satin dress with an open back that is not too revealing with black Chanel high heels that Mbuso bought for me and I haven't worn yet I look like a billion dollars. My hair is looking neat and professional and my makeup is clean and smooth I feel like a goddess and one thing about myself is that I'm young and I will not stop wearing sexy clothes because I'm pregnant or because I'm getting married very soon.

We are almost late my sister takes the car keys and she drives us to the house it is so far and we got lost a few times because this GPS but we finally arrived.

They run security checks on us and they let us in. We ring the door bell and a familiar face opens the tall doors.
"Na'Ndlovu's." I snicker because of the s that he adds at the end. "Good evening Bonginkosi." I guess he just likes checking on guests because yesterday he was the one who opened the door for us.

"Come on the rest of the family is already here and excited to see you." My anxiety sky rockets but I try to calm myself down.
I hear a loud squeal. "Aunty Yiba." Aww Mtho is so happy to see her he gets off his mother and he runs past both Bonginkosi and myself and he runs straight to Yibanathi and she picks him up and hugs him. One thing about is Ndlovu ladies is that we love children it's just a natural thing that is within us.

I greet everyone starting with the man and lady of this house down to the siblings and the wife of cause.
"You look gorgeous." Both Sis'Philsiwe and I say. We giggle and hug each other once.
Now my favourite part I am greeting the children.
I greet Nhlanzeka I don't hug him because I respect his space but this time he is the one who gives me a proper hug. "Hey Phiwokuhle." I kiss her little forehead. "Well let me introduce you to my people you already Nhlanzeka these are my other brothers Luyanda Lesedi Nkosikhona and these are my sisters Nomathemba Siphesihle and Siphokazi. We are a happy family." They look so shy they greet me.

Mtho totally neglects everybody's presence when Yibanathi is here he just sees her only he is mesmerised.
I see Mbuso walk in I'm guessing he was in the bathrooms or something. I don't hug him or anything I feel like it is disrespectful to do that in front of his wife she wouldn't appreciate the sight.
He doesn't read my message because he comes to me and he kisses my forehead I blush and I move away from him. "Mangethe not in front of adults and your wife." I whisper I don't want his wife to hear me because she might take it in another way.
"You were singing that same tune yesterday." I giggle and I push him away from me Mbuso likes playing games.

"Na'Ndlovu were you able to solve the work emergency?" Oh shit I thought they forgot about that story I mean I had already forgotten. "Luckily yes ma the author had a problem with having the book published in the state that it was." That isn't a lie all together because that actually did happen but those are events that took place last week.
"I'm glad my child. The food is ready let's go and have dinner." Mrs Zwane Snr. informs us she has such a calm aura and it is so beautiful.

The children are lead in different area I guess they expected it because they were already huddled up in their own group expect for Mtho who was walking beside Yiba and myself and chatting up a storm his mother tells him to leave and join the other children and he reluctantly obliges.

Yiba and I wait for everyone to take their seats before we take our own we don't want drama especially with Zoliswa. "Na'Ndlovu please come and sit beside me." I sometimes question Mbuso's wife she is too nice I'm not sure if she is trying to kill me with kindness or does she actually want me to sit next to her.
"Na'Ndlovu Jr. I want you right here next to me." Bonginkosi says to my sister and Yiba doesn't mind she joins him.
We say grace and we dish up.
"Younger Miss Ndlovu what is your name?" Oh shit I didn't introduce her Mbuso should've done it for me and he knows I'm shy. "I'm Yibanathi Ndlovu mam." She confidently says my sister is very much outspoken.


sans-serif">"Mtho truly loves you I've never seen him this excited to see a human being." The older sister says and she is right Mthokozisi honestly loves Yibanathi.
"Yibanathi is my hero she is the one who helped my son speak to someone besides his younger brother I never thought I would ever hear the voice of my son and because of her I did and I'm eternally grateful." Sis'Philsiwe expresses her gratitude for my sister which was so cute. "It's not me who you should thank it is Nhla I feel like speaking took a lot of him and he did it. He is super brave for actually doing it and we should celebrate him as our hero." She is being quite modest she did an amazing job she helped Nhlanzeka a lot. "We can't thank you enough Yibanathi what you did for us as the Zwane family is extremely important." The father of this home says and the others agree even Zoliswa I'm guessing that I am the one who she doesn't like because she doesn't seem to mind my sister's presence.

"Tell us more about your upbringing we would really love to know you ladies better." Well I decide to answer this question because they want me to marry into their family.
"Well we are originally from Durban in eNquthu we were raised by other amazing father who is a principal at the local primary school in our area. Unfortunately our mother died when we were really young Yibanathi was extremely young we grew up in a household of just the three of us. Our father made sure we had everything and he supported us in every single way possible; he I has been the best supportive system in both our lives we look up to him in so many different ways." All the eyes are focused on both my sister and I and I just see faces full of pity and love all at once. "Don't pity us yes it hurts that we lost our number one lady but we are still grateful for the one that we are still blessed to have." I say and Yiba agrees with me Mbuso tells me that he loves me with only his eyes and that sends butterflies to my stomach.

"So did you father remarry?" Sabelo asks us "nope he didn't; I'm not sure if that is in his plans." Yiba answers while she digs in her plate. "Don't you want another mother I mean if he does get married life would be blessing you with a mother." Zoliswa speaks I can clearly see that she is trying to fight with me.
"No woman can replace our mother in fact no woman will ever replace a spot in any child's heart which was meant for the mother. A mother comes once yes you will have different mother figures in your life which might be influential to you but they will never hold that place of the woman who you called your mother." I explain my own views she seems to be taken back by my opinion I wonder why.
"Well what about you are you planning on replacing Mrs Zwane are you trying to be a mother to her children?" She clearly doesn't like me and she isn't even pretending at this point. "Zoliswa!" Both Mbuso and Mr Zwane warn her and she raises her hands in surrender. "I will never replace her I know that. It is the same thing which I told Nhlanzeka and I told Mbuso that I'm not going to try and replace Mrs Zwane because even if I did try to replace her I would fail. I understand how it feels so I wouldn't do that." I end this story if she picks a fight with me one more time I'll get really pressed and this time I will come back. I will not be bullied by Mbuso's sister because at this point she is acting too angelic.

"Thank you." Mbuso's wife says to me and I nod.
I look at my little sister and she smiles at me and I smile back.
"Na'Ndlovu yesterday Kuhle couldn't stop talking about you you really made quite an impression on her she was up all night long practicing for Miss South Africa." I giggle how adorable is that this is why I long for my own little princess.
"I love her character she is so smart and bubbly. I even told her yesterday that she reminds me of my own sister." Yiba rolls her eyes and sips on her wine I can't even drink when people are annoying me so much.

We continue to converse with one another I actually get to know more about the others. Sabelo lives in Durban he came here because their father summoned them and his wife is on a business trip so she couldn't make they have older kids since he is the first born in the family he has the oldest kids his oldest is 21 that means she is the same age as Yibanathi Abongwe is also married with two girls who were also part of Kuhle's crew. Ntabiseng and Bonginkosi have been married for 3 years but have been together since their high school days they have one child together Siphokazi is their daughter.
I can't get over how tall everyone in this family is I feel like a midget Yiba also commented on the same thing and Yiba already looks like she is 16 it's just a hilarious sight for me to see.

"Well thank you for inviting us for dinner. We will get going it is extremely late." I say my goodbyes Yiba is now busy with Bonginkosi and she has now forgotten me. "No there is no way a future wife of ours will drive at this hour. This is your home too you and Yibanathi are daughters of this home we have already prepared rooms for you my darling wife and I are going to sleep and you children can just relax." Mbuso told me that his father is stubborn and you should just agree with him and avoid any drama.

"Thank you baba." He smiles when he hears me calling him that he gives Yiba Zoliswa and I a hug and he leaves with his darling wife how cute.

"Dude you don't mind right?" She gulps down her drink and continues to mind whatever she and Bonginkosi are doing. So much for being against the Zwane family.


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