Chapter 4


The date was absolutely amazing I never thought that I could have this much fun with a stranger but I did and it as the best date ever he is actually a really funny guy.

"I guess it's time I get home I have work tomorrow." I say to him and he sulks clearly he enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed his. He is not what I initially expected when I first saw him.
"I wish I could spend more time with you but a woman has to work so..."
He opens the car door for me and we drive over to my apartment and on our way there I slowly move my hand closer to his I hold his hand and I caress it I don’t know why but it just feels right I feel comfortable with him. I can see a smile form on his face and it does on my mine too.
I feel safe I'm with a stranger and yet this is the safest I've felt since I've been in Johannesburg.

Well his not a stranger anymore he is my friend he is someone dear to my heart.

We get to the flat complex that I live in and he opens the door for me I just can't get over that I've only seen that in the movies and now I get to experience it myself; it feels undeniably astounding.

He walks me to my door.
"Thank you for today I really enjoyed it." I blush when he says that I'm totally simping Mbuso. "So did I." I give him a hug; I hold his face and I brush my fingers on his delicate face. I tiptoe and I smash my lips onto his I wrap my arms around his shoulders.
I pull away from the hug and kiss my panties are wet from this man's touch.
"Goodnight." I say nothing more I open my security gate I lock it and he leans against the wall and watches me as I lock the gate and door making sure that I am safe.
I drop my bag on the floor and I let out a sigh.
I go straight to my room and as soon as I get there I undress thinking about the day I just had. What is this? Where has it been all along?

I stand in front of my full-length mirror exploring my full bare body. My thick thighs holding in all the juices Mangethe made me feel my nipples erect from the cold hitting them and the tension that I feel down there. What would he do to my body if he were here?
Would he finger me till my body shakes eat me out like I'm the best thing he has ever tasted what would it be? Electric shockwaves fill my body my imagination clearly running wild I need to release this erotic tension. I walk over to my drawer and I take out my vibrator purple in colour of cause. I stand once again in front of my mirror.

I stare at it anticipating how it would sink inside me and give me the pleasure I need and push me to the limit and maybe exceed the limit. As those thoughts run wild in my mind I feel the moisture soaking between my legs.
I slowly open my thighs using it to push them apart. I rub on my garden lip teasing my labia and clitoris. The effect is overwhelming. I've been having dirty thoughts all day long about this sexy Zulu man so my body is already quite excited. I tease around the centre of the intersection of my thighs of burning need my nipples tighten to a sore yet purely satisfying feeling. Fully parting my legs and putting the right leg on the chair for support I fully penetrate my wet dripping pussy wishing that it was Mbuso doing all the dirty work for me. Cries and moans of pleasure fill the room I try to keep my eyes open and look at my body and face just so I can see the pleasure that I'm feeling but I fail. I increase the speed of the vibrator sending myself extra waves of pleasure... "ff... fuck!" I groan barely audible. It feels too good.
"" I fail to even finish his name; the pleasure is beyond explainable. I bite my lips trying to suppress my moans but it is hardly helping.

Barely able to stand up I force myself down on the floor placing both my legs and the end side of the mirror.
Soon the waves building within urged me to press my thighs together tightly while my legs shake barely staying on the mirror ends. As the sensational feeling overwhelms my body my core muscles squeezed and spasmed.
Finally the huge tidal wave of excruciating broke over me. I gasped with relief and ecstasy driving me to my climax. Each recurring wave of aftershock slurped against me making me sigh and moan with delight as I was caressed with pleasant sensation all over my body.

Damn this man... Bhekumbuso Zwane practically forcing the freak and bad girl in me.

After I finally calm and contain myself I decide to take a soothing bath. I do just that relaxing my body after all the pleasure felt.
Even after the amazing climax that I just had I can't believe that it's still not enough I need his touch; it is the missing piece.
After the great bath that I had I get out as the water becomes cold. I lotion my body and I jump straight into bed; I definitely need the rest.

I look at my phone and I see missed calls from Mbuso and several messages. Telling me that he got home safely and that he wants me to answer my phone.

"Ulale kahle ngelosi yam. Ngiyakuthanda." I blush as I look at this message. Love me?
He honestly said that he loves wow in two days that is truly unbelievable but I like it. I'm letting down my guard this once I want to see where this will go what it all means.


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