Chapter 39


After our steamy session Mbuso and I took a warm and passionate shower together he took some clothes that he left here we cleaned up the mess we made from having sex and he left; we both left at the same time.

I drove like a maniac trying to make sure that I arrive at least 5 minute late the things we do for good sex we are just messed up.

I finally arrive at the airport and it seems like Yiba just got out of her flight thank God or else she'd be upset with me.
"Babygirl." I shout as I exit the car oh how I've missed her. "Babymama." She gives me the same energy she hugs me tightly and we hold each other tightly. I don't want to let go I missed her so much.
I give her a kiss on her forehead.
I help her with her bags and we pack them inside my car.
We drive off to get some food. "You didn't cook I really craved a home cooked meal." She seems so upset with me she is so dramatic these days.
"I just... let's just order food Yibanathi and stop the drama whuu ai." I get annoyed kanti why is she interrogating me?
We buy some pizza and I let her choose the flavours because she is acting very salty.

Once we're done with that we drive back home.
I get inside the house and my kitchen is a mess. "What on earth happened to this house?" I've mentioned before that Yibanathi hates a space she is compulsive with cleaning she doesn't want a mess a speck of dust and she goes crazy with her broom.
"I was cooking and a lot of happens happened and my food got burnt I didn't even have enough time to clean up because I had to fetch you from the airport." Before she even gets a chance to respond or shout at me I walk past with her bags into her bedroom.

I unpack her stuff and I pack them into the wardrobe.
No oh my goodness she can't be... "Yibanathi haiiboo woza lana!" I raise my voice to ensure that she hears me.
"Dude why didn't you tell me not to pack your bags look?" I point at what is in her pack her face turns red from embarrassment she literally looks like a tomato.

"Bro." She covers her mouth I mean I understand that she uses these things I use these things but I make sure that people don't get to see them.
"Who do you planning on using this on?" Her eyes pop out she looks unhappy with what I'm asking.
Yibanathi is my sister and I know what she is in to she has a strap and anal plugs firstly she isn't the biggest fan of penetration according to my knowledge the biggest and strongest type of penetration that she can handle are fingers; so she is definitely planning on using these on someone.

"Ulu hay I... may we please not talk about that." She looks so embarrassed. "I'm so sorry I really didn't want you to see these I won't be bringing anyone here." She is actually nervous sometimes Yiba thinks I'm her mother she hides some of the things that she does and in most cases I tell her more about me and my things than she does with her own things.
"You're hiding things from me manje Yiba?" I give her a look of disappointment. "Fine sit down I'll let tell you." She tells me not to judge her I mean I'm not one to judge when you look back at my history. I sit beside her.
"My girl and I are on a break we decided to see a few people and I've been talking to Phaledi she likes me and I might like her or like her vibe I'm not necessarily sure which is which. We'll meet up soon and our conversations have been about this so I'll be getting to work." She keeps playing with the strings of her hoodie she is nervous.
"Before we go far how are we feeling about the breakup?" I ask her I need to be sure that she is feeling good. "We are fine I liked her but there are just a few things that turn me off about her so I think it's for the best and Phaledi is cool you know." She genuinely sounds fine and happy with what is going in her own life and I'm glad.
"I don't want to make you feel any more uncomfortable but that size ha...” I laugh

ha...” I laugh I stand up and I continue to unpack her belongings.
I finally finish up and I join her in the sitting room and we talk and catch up while we share a delicious pizza.

"I know you're dying to fight or ask me about Mbuso and the polygamy saga." I'm lying I know she is clearly waiting for me to blurt out my story.
"I will never do something that you do not support you're my younger sister but inspire me and you drive me to do better." She comes closer and she hugs on me.
"Mbuso loves me and I love him I never thought that I would be the woman who would agree to be part of a polygamous relationship Mbuso has proved to be worthy of my love his wife welcomed me with open arms she showed me and helped me realise that I actually know Mbuso loves her as well and he didn't realise it until I showed him. When I'm with Mbuso he makes me feel like I'm the only woman in the world I don't feel the need to fight for my position with him." I truly want to be with Mbuso and I need my sister to give me her blessing before I can proceed any further with this.

"I will never decide what you should do with your life but I need to make sure that you're happy and you are sure. I just hope this decision is best for you you aren't doing it because of the pressure that you are receiving from him or his wife. You deserve to be happy." Yiba is always looking out for me I couldn't have asked for a better sister. "This is what I want I want to be with Mbuso. I don't mind the polygamy he made his promise to me and I know that he will keep his word." She lies on top me and she cuddles up with me.

"Bitch I can't breathe." I'm literally carrying 2 people now. "Oh shit I forgot we have a new member in our family." Her eyes glisten up.
She kneels before me in front of the sofa and she kisses my belly this is absolutely beautiful. I can't believe how cute and beautiful this is.

"God took our mom just so you could have two mothers." She says while brushing my baby she is already on the verge of tears. "Oh baby-girl I know you miss her and you wish you had more time with her." I sit next to her on the floor the pain of losing a mother cannot be compared even if many women come into your life and call themselves your mother and try to act like your mother the space that your mother left behind will never be filled because no woman will ever reach the level of the woman that gave birth to you.

"You've always been there though dad has also always been there. You guys tried to ensure that I don't feel the void; I don't want to sound ungrateful but I honestly do wish I had the chance to be with my mother. I mean I sometimes just sit and wonder what would she say and how would she react to certain situations nje." Her words hit home I have healed from that pain but sometimes it just hits you at the wrong time and it just feels a bit too much and no one understands that pain.
"How would she react to being a grandmother for the first time would she love me knowing that I'm a woman loving woman how would she treat us would she still wake us up every day with porridge even when we made it clear that we didn't want any?" I giggle at the last part my mother loved porridge and even if there was a lot of food in the house she would always make sure we ate soft porridge every single day before we have normal breakfast and we would have to urinate several times at school because of the water in the porridge.
"She would love you just the way that you are; she would love you even more. Remember when dad took you to have your very first hair cut?" A smile forms on both our faces that was such a special day.

"I remember I was 12 years old and I had gotten home from practice dad looked me in the eyes and said 'Nathi I love you irregardless I do not want you to feel uncomfortable in your own home.' I pretended not to know what he was talking about and he just pulled me closer to him and he gave me the biggest and most warm hug. I just broke down and cried he didn't say anything else after that expect that he loves me." That was such a beautiful day the moment I got home my dad said we should put on shoes and get inside the car we went to the salon and Yiba cut her hair she had such long and beautiful healthy hair but she cut it off and wow that is when I saw what unconditional love was he never judged her or made her feel like she should hate herself for her sexuality instead he embraced her and all the unique characteristics that she comes with.

"He has been the best father he did it all." Periods he helped is through it boys changes in our bodies that he barely understood; we always looked very best because we have a stylish father. "Boyabenyathi soka la Ma'P." Ma'P is my mother that is the name that they called her with. Yes God too her early but he gave us a strong bond that not many families have.
"You're my for lifer." We do our handshake.


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