Chapter 38


Neo supported me through out and he made sure that I do not feel less of myself I truly appreciate it.

He drove me home after that talk we had so much fun together and I really enjoyed it. He bought me ice-cream and then we went to the park and we played with the water it was an awesome thing.

I got home and I started cooking my sister will be here so I want her to receive a homely meal and I want to soften her up because I know she will want to fight with me because of this polygamy thing.

"Mthiyane." Well here's an unexpected visitor. He comes into the sitting room and he seems a bit upset.
"What happened this morning Uluthando?" Well he didn't even greet me he truly is upset. "I said I had to attend work Mangethe." I whisper I'm feel bad for leaving just like that. "Don't lie to me Uluthando I might've kept quiet because I didn't want a fight to take place between us especially in front of my family." I shrug when he says that I go into the kitchen and I pretend like I'm checking up on my pots.
"I'm sorry for leaving Mbuso." I utter these words as I stir the gravy that is cooking on top of the stove. "Uluthando I'm trying I tried to make you feel that I love you and make you meet my family. These people flew from different places just to meet you they were so excited to meet you and wena you just left nje like you didn't care." He looks so hurt I really did disappoint him. "You don't know how it feels when your wife is in the same room you don't understand how it feels to have eyes judging being told that you're just a worthless whore I felt so out of place I felt as if I was being judged you are a married men and I just felt like I didn't belong there." I admit my true feelings to him I felt like an ant so small in a world of giants.

"You talk to me about such things." He is trying and I get that he is trying but I'm also going through the most and I'm trying so hard.
"Has anyone called you out on what you did except for me or your wife or have they praised you for making the decision to take another wife?" My words have him thinking because he keeps quiet for a moment. "I'm sorry I know that it is all my fault but no one was judging you Mthiyane bakuthandile ekhaya. Please come again and Philsiwe was so happy to have you around." She is too kind she made me feel so much better this morning I truly needed to hear those words.

I just hug him tightly. I have missed him so much his kisses his massages his warmth and of cause his manhood and tongue.

"I love you." He expresses and I hug him even tighter. "I love you Zwane." He places me on his waist and I wrap my legs around his firm waist.

"I have a little ache that might need some attention." I sensually whisper in his ear and I bite it. "Where where does it ache?" I take his arm from behind my back and I press it against my womanhood. His hand moves up once and then down "here?" I face him and I giggle and nod in agreement.

Mbuso pushes my panty to the side and he touches my aching pussy and erect clit. "It is so soft and wet." He groans in my ear I feels chills running down my spine. He then continues by putting a bit of saliva on his fingers and rub against my honeypot softly. I could feel myself was getting wetter from him touching my erect clit with his masculine hands they move further to my soaking pussy entrance.

He lightly presses his long finger into the pussy entrance and it smoothly goes through I groan out loudly. His whole finger is fully inside me but he refuses to move it he is clearly trying to tease me and it is surely working.
"Please... please daddy I need you." I plead with him I need him to move his fingers and work some magic in my pussy. He slowly begins to go in and out "is this what you want?" He questions with authority I breathe out yes and he goes faster and then slower.

I take out his thick and hard cock and I play with it I stroke it hearing each and every silent moan and grunt his finger doesn't stop but works magic he presses tightly on me while keeping his fingers inside of me. I heavily squirt on his fingers. He doesn't stop he goes harder and harder and I cum he tastes my pussy. "You taste so sweet." He compliments me.
I go further and further he groans more and more. We kiss each other moaning and sweating he murmurs my name and his cum shots right out and it hits my ass.

I push his cock inside my soaking pussy and I move up and down twirling on his manhood. Images of my dream just plays in my mind I just imagine myself sucking his cock having it make me gag and the other one ramming into my body fuck...
I go faster Mbuso rubs my clit as I ride him I squirt so hard it pushes him out of my entrance I insert it again and we continue to fuck each other like we are crazy. His moans his grunts my moans and my groans are just pure ecstasy.

We both cum at once and feel my legs vibrating I can barely hold on.

Once I calm down I notice the smell.
"Shit my pots Zwane!" Get off him and I switch off the stove pushing the pots away I really wanted to cook my sister a delicious meal.
"It's not that deep just order pizza." He look at me with lustful eyes he hasn't had enough he wants more I know he does but he has to go I don't want Yiba to find him here and she will be landing very soon.
"You made a mess and look look at this place." I point at the kitchen he pulls up his pants and he joins me.
"You said you wanted this Mrs Zwane to be." I giggle he is right I'm the one who wanted to do this I'm not fully satisfied I want to go for rounds but unfortunately I cannot. "I got what I wanted you will have to get going because I have to fetch Yiba from the airport." He sulks he most certainly doesn't look happy with what I'm saying to him.
"Well we have a few minutes one more couldn't possibly hurt anyone." He is so naughty I brush my lips on his.

He roughly bends me over the dining table my hands hold on the table for support he uses his knees to push my legs apart he spanks my ass twice and I moan. Shit he knows how much that turns me on I love it when Mbuso takes control and pleasures me.

He caresses my butt while he takes out his manhood from his pants. He moves behind me and leans in to whisper in my ear "I'm going to fuck you until you can't hold on anymore."
He reaches out to my breasts and he rubs his rock hard cock over me rubbing it over your lips as he teases me. "Stop teasing me Mangethe and fuck me!" I moan out too loudly. The tip of his head finds my entrance and he pushes it hard. I grunt slightly and I move forward to unconsciously get away from the sudden intrusion.

Both his hands grab on both sides of my thighs and he thrusts in and out in a constant motion. I arch my back and he runs his hand up my back; he chokes my neck and with that alone I just cum. He fucks me back until he also cums.
I continue to pound on his dick until I cum again I can't stop I want more in fact I need more.

He turns me around and lifts up my leg he fucks me consistently our moans and groans fill the room shit it feels too good.
I cum and release all of my juices.

My juices combined with his semen just drips down my thighs shit... I wish we didn't have to stop


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