Chapter 37


"Since you don't want any of us to drive you back to your job how about I walk you out and we will wait for the uber together?" Mbuso's wife offers and deep down I just want to say no but I can't be rude. Everyone seems happy about her request they want us to be best friends and it's not that easy when we both suck the same dick.
"Yes I would appreciate that." I say goodbye once again and we walk out together this is so awkward for me.
We get outside and we stand in the middle of the big driveway.

"What happened back there Uluthando I know that your boss didn't call you." I just shrug I can't confide in her she should want me gone just like Zoliswa does. "Is it the family?" I shake my head no the family seems great just not for me I just don't fit in here.

"What did Zoliswa say to you?" She sounds upset how did she figure it out I mean I didn't say anything to her she sounds protective of me when I'm with her I get such a motherly comfort from her. "Nothing that wasn't true." I whisper at this point I am defeated. I'm pregnant I don't want to strain my child.
"Don't mind her she has no right to say whatever she said to you. Let's go back and I'll put her back in her place." What the heck is going on right now?
"No no Mrs Zwane. You are not supposed to protect me you're supposed to be on her side why are you so kind and nice to me hit me do something to show how angry you are. I'm a whore that caused you pain I don't deserve this kindness from you." I feel tears building up in my eyes. "You didn't know my love you were as blind as I was why would I hate you hit you and treat you terribly?" She holds my hands and squeezes them "I was hurt yes I did want to fight you but that day I came to your home uninvited I saw that you knew nothing about this marriage between Bheki and myself and most importantly I saw your kind heart and yes at the time I didn't acknowledge all of that when I sat by myself and thought of you I saw that you were not in the wrong you are a kind and loving woman. You and your sister helped my son talk to me I now know what his voice sounds like thanks to you and Yibanathi." I see why he loves her a woman with such an honest heart I myself would fall in love with that. "You said something to me that had stuck with me you said that even if Bheki is not with me he gave me the greatest gift ever and that gift is my children I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world. You are not a bad person you are an innocent woman who fell in love with a man that treated you right and that's how Mbuso is unempatho. Do not let people make you feel less of yourself in life many things happen and we just have to remain strong you didn't intend on this and that's okay just forgive yourself because I've forgiven you." This woman is wise if she is acting the please give her an Oscar because what she did here was magic she is even crying. I throw my arms around her and she hugs me tightly we are both crying now.
"I'm really sorry for what I did." I will never stop feeling sorry for my actions.

My uber arrives and the security informs me.
"Thank you for the talk Mrs Zwane. I hope you have a great day I'll get to work." She nods and walks me out of the gate. I get inside my uber and I go straight to work.
I greet people on my way to my office the mood in the place is happy and then there is me sad and miserable.

I don't even want to be here I want to be home in my joggers eating ice-cream.
I go straight to my office and I submit a few books I'm just not in the damn mood.
"Well look who is here you look beautiful." I blush at his sweet comment Neo always has the nicest things to say about me.

"Thank you Mr Motloung." I blow him a kiss. "I don't want to be here so I have an idea let’s bunk work." He looks at me as if I'm crazy Neo doesn't do morally incorrect things; he always does the right thing.
"Uluthando you are a bad influence." I roll my eyes. "But let's go anyways." We take our things and we leave as if we are leaving for lunch or a work thing.
We use his car because I don't have mine here we drive to a restaurant that is a bit far from the office it is still quite early it is time for brunch for there aren't as many people here and that is exactly what I want.

"Remember when I asked you how TMI this friendship is and you said there isn't a limit?" He nods laughing well unfortunately this isn't one of my sex stories this is serious. "I want to tell you something and I want to ask that you don't judge me but I feel like I've been judged so much about it I've become invulnerable." I shrug my heart is hurt.

"Is everything okay?" He can sense the stress in my voice I'm definitely not okay. "Mbuso the guy who you might know as my boyfriend my ex or my ‘it's complicated person’. I want to give you a background of our relationship. I met him a couple of months back and I fell in love at first I thought that he was a stalker but there was something about him that just pulled me in my love story with his doesn't go a years back it is a story that is based on recent events. I fell in love with him in such a short space of time it wasn't long before I was drooling over this Zulu man about a month and a few weeks back he proposed and without hesitation I said yes I was in love so I was very ready to tie the knot. Our happiness and fiancée stage didn't even last long I... I found out in the weirdest way that Mbuso was married." His face changed from wow and nchoo to what the fuck?
"Yep that was the most devastating stage ever I think that is when you came and started working here you were new and I didn't want to bother you with my things. A lot of events have taken place ever since and now after the fights arguments and tears he wants me to be his second wife and his wife also wants me to be his second wife. I was considering it yaz Neo until today he decided that he is going to take me to meet his family and everyone seemed to love me and they were happy with me except his little sister and all I can say is wow. The things that she said to me are words that I doubt I'll ever forget in my life and I do get it I never thought I would date a married man but look at me here I am. I stopped everything the moment that I found out but now that doesn't count because I'm still the girl who fucked a married man." I let out a deep breath I've been talking for so long trying to fit in my life on just a few minutes.

"Hectic I mean I honestly cannot believe it. I don't judge you and I never will. I'm so grateful that you were able to confide in me and feel like it is a safe space." He is genuine I hold his opinion in high regards so I was really scared to tell him the truth. "Relationships are my specialty and I will be honest I'm disappointed in how he went about this entire thing he should've done the same thing and I want you to be happy and safe you should make a decision that makes you happy and that you are certain of. My advice is don't look outside of yourself to make the decision you know what you want to do but you haven't done it yet because true scared follow your heart and do what you want to do." I hug him I really appreciate him and the great inspiration and friend that he has been to me.

"Thank you I'm not a bad person I wouldn't just do something like that..." he stops me.”I know that you're a good no in fact great person so please do not doubt it. We all make mistakes and one thing about love is that inhliziyo ayiphakelwa." He spoke nothing but the truth I sometimes wish that Mbuso met me first but I know it wouldn't have been possible they have been together for 13 years and 13 years ago I was only 13 years old I knew nothing about love or marriage.

Bhekumbuso Zwane what have you done to me?


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