Chapter 36


We have been driving for 30 minutes and at this point I'm so sleepy I’m like a baby I can't do long distances; the movement of a car knocks me out.

We stop by a huge mansion.
'Zwane residence.' It is on the gate is this another house of his or does he have another wife that I don't know of?
I rub my eyes and I sit properly on the seat.
"Where are we?" He brushes my hand. "Relax you'll see." He gives it a small kiss.
We drive in and the driveway is immaculate it is pure perfection. There are a few cars parked and the rest is just an open plan with multiple security men parading around the house.

Mbuso opens the door for me and I exit the car we walk towards the door and he opens it I guess it's his home and that is why he is so comfortable with going in and out as he pleases.
"Zikode." A tall and light skinned man shouts his laughter fills the house Mbuso looks very excited to see him. They share a hug and I just feel like a tiny child between the two of them I thought Mbuso was way taller than me but this guy is even worse he is too tall.
"Sawubona Nkosazane." He greets me with a hug and I just smile I feel so uncomfortable I really do not like social places I prefer being home reading a book and calling my sister all day long.
"This is my younger brother Bonginkosi and bafo thi is my beautiful Na'Ndlovu." That makes more sense in this family they are tall even Mbuso's wife is tall and well-shaped.
"Lovely to meet you." That doesn't come out as intended it comes out as a whisper. "You're so beautiful. I think I will have you for myself." He jokes and I share a little giggle with him.

"Come on Na'Ndlovu let's go in and meet the rest of the family." Bonginkosi leads the way and when we arrive at the kitchen I am met with a crowd of people I wish I could turn back how are there so many people in one place is this some sort of village party or what?
"There she is." An older lady says with a bright smile she walks over to me and she greets me with a hug I think that this is Mbuso's mother she is so beautiful. My palms are sweaty I don't know how to react to this situation.

"Let me introduce everybody. Everybody this is Na'Ndlovu Gatsheni this is my beautiful mother Ma'Zwane senior..." oh and his wife is Ma'Zwane Jr. I'm now wondering what I'll be because I'm pretty sure his brothers have wives too. "This is the man of this home my father Mr Zwane." I nod "sawubona Zikode." I bow my head I'm so scared I can barely speak. "Nice to meet you mntwanam give me a hug." The people in this family are huggers everyone loves giving hugs from the elders to the children. "Moving on you've met Bonginkosi this is my older sister and older brother Abongwe and Sabelo." They both look ecstatic to see me. "I've been longing to meet this beautiful and loving Na'Ndlovu that my baby brother has boosting about." His brother laughs and I do the same it is so odd hearing someone refer to Mbuso as baby.... I mean he is grown but he is someone's baby brother.
"I'm happy to meet you too." I reply to his kind greeting.

"Then here we have my amazing sister in law Ntabiseng who is married to Bonginkosi we have Philisiwe whom you already know and this is the baby of the family Zoliswa." It is so weird facing his wife like that I can't believe that I didn't know her name so Philisiwe is the name.
They also hug me expect the baby of the family which is Zoliswa she is just not having it.
Not everyone is going to like me so I do somehow understand her reaction towards me.

I offer to help in the kitchen but they decline my offer I've never felt more uncomfortable in a place I feel so out of place I'm surrounded by wealthy people I'm pretty sure I am the only one with a day job here. "So Na'Ndlovu what do you do for a living do you have any children what is your story?" I'm early in my pregnancy and I don't want people to know that I'm pregnant I'm not sure if Mbuso has told his family but I hope not because I really don't want anything happening to my child if it were up to I would've preferred that his wife also didn't know but here we are.

"No children I am an editor a book editor; I edit fictional stories." I quietly respond I can't even act like my true self. "Are you okay sweetheart?" Mrs Zwane Snr. seems to be worried about me. "I'm okay may I please use your restroom?" I feel like I am about to have a panic attack right now.
They give me the directions. "Let me go with you?" Mbuso offers me "I think I'll find it thanks." I walk away in a hurry.

A running child bumps into me. "I'm so sorry Ms. I didn't see you there I'm trying to hide from my brother." She looks up and she is so cute she has no front teeth and has big tennis eyes that remind me of Yiba. "No problem sweetheart it's okay." She smiles and I fall in love with her. "What's your name?" She asks me with so much energy "Uluthando what is your name you are absolutely beautiful." I can just imagine my child if she is going to be a girl I hope she is like this child.
"My name is Phiwokuhle but everybody just calls me Kuhle and I really don't know why I think it is weird." I giggle she is so adorable I cannot I'm literally blushing. "I like your dress I think I want one like it may you please give me your dress?" The difference between the two of us is the fact that I am shy and she isn't.
"I'll get it for you sweetheart. Well I'm actually looking for the bathroom would you please help me find it." She holds my hand and she leads the way this house is just too big. Halfway through the hallway she stops "are you Mthokozisi's best friend?" I give her a strange look but I agree anyway. "Yes I am his best friend." I respond and she smiles and hugs my legs tightly.
"Mthokozisi has told me all the stories he and Nhlanzeka think you are the coolest ever they told me that their other mom is totally awesome are you cool Ms Uluthando?" I am on the verge of tears I can't believe that they actually said that about me they love me just like I love them.

Kuhle and I sit down in the long hallway this is not a passage that is how big this house is. We start talking and she tells me more about herself; she is Phiwokuhle Madonsela she is 5 years old and she loves painting and drawing; she loves her family and she wants to do pageants and what connects us is that she loves bedtime stories.
"Do you also write books?" I shake my head no when she asks me that question. "No I just edit I perfect the book so one day when you are Miss South Africa and you write your book about the journey I will edit the book and publish it." She claps her hands in excitement I'm not sure if she is clapping because I said she will be Miss SA or for the book part.
"We will be like a dream team?" I agree I just love children so much.

"Kuhle why are you sitting on the floor while you're wearing such an expensive dress?" I look up and it is Sabelo and Zoliswa walking together Zoliswa is her mother and she seems to be strict. Zoliswa seems to be my age or we are around the same age group.
We both stand up and Kuhle stands behind me she looks scared of her mother. "I'm sorry mama." She is already crying. "Hay don't shout at her if this one is ruined I'll just buy another one. Let's go Kuhle woza kumalume." She smiles at me and waves goodbye.
She runs back towards me and hugs me goodbye. "Goodbye sweetheart." I kiss her forehead and the both of them leave.

"What were you doing to my child?" I'm confused by her question. "Excuse me?" I blurt out.
"What are you doing with my child?" She repeats herself and she doesn't sound too happy. "I'm sorry she was giving me the directions and we started talking she is just precious." I compliment Phiwokuhle she is just amazing. "Don't get near my children I don't know you and I do not know what you are doing here." No I definitely feel like I am intruding at this point.
"I'm sorry I'll just get going." I don't like conflict so I just walk away.

"When you decided to get with my brother didn't you know that he had a wife?" She shouts and I turn around almost immediately; I look her in the eye and await for her to speak. "You decided to sleep with a married man who is happy with his family." She states I mean she seems to know it all she is clearly invested in her brother's affairs.
"I didn't know your brother was married he didn't find it fit to inform me and just so you know I did tell him to leave me alone but he refused." I enlighten her I will not allow people to keep judging me and throwing stones at me as if I was the only one at fault it takes two to tango and he knew what he was doing. I'm not disputing my own sin but I didn't force him to approach me and propose to me he made that choice and I was in the dark about it.
"Liar you can lie to this whole family and even fool Philly but what I know for sure is that you are a whore and home wrecker this Ms. Innocent stunt that you are pulling really doesn't suit you just show us who you truly are a home wrecker bitch." I cannot believe what I'm hearing right now I needed to hear this but not from her I wanted Mbuso's wife to tell me that I am a bitch because that is how I've been feeling I've been feeling like I'm nothing like I am not worth love or appreciation.

"This is who I am Zoliswa and I'm sorry if you don't like me. Your brother approached me knowing that he was married with a beautiful family and as I have mentioned I told him to back off but he refused and his wife was the one who pleaded that I don't leave for whatever reason." She rolls her eyes she is definitely not taking in anything that I am saying right now.
"What was she supposed to do?" She lifts her hands up in defeat. "She did what any woman would do to keep her husband she belittled herself for some whore." Okay I've had enough.
"Well I think it's clear that I shouldn't be here. Please excuse me." I am not one for fights when people start acting up I simply let them be and I leave because one I fight there is no stopping.
I turn around and head back into the kitchen she keeps saying things but I avoid her.

When I get to where the Zwane family is I see Mbuso and his wife talking and laughing she is even brushing his face what was I thinking? Did I think this would be roses and sunshine damnit Ulu?

"Thank you for having me here mdeni wakwaZwane but I have to get going I just received a call from my boss telling me that I am needed in the office right away." I share this news with a smile and I hope they actually believe me because I am not good with lies. The looks I am receiving prove that I don't belong here they seemed shocked that people even have bosses that's how much they are used to being in power.
"Gastheni can it not wait until tomorrow?" I shake my head when Mbuso asks Zoliswa comes inside the kitchen and stands next to her dear brother. "Mam'Zwane nawe Bab'Zwane thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful home I'm sorry I couldn't stay any longer." His mother looks sad that I'm leaving. "Please come here tomorrow night and have dinner with us please Na'Ndlovu." His mother looks so genuine I can't even say no. "My sister is flying in today I can't leave her all alone." A smile grows on her face. "Great bring her with you." Fuck it. "Of cause mam I will be here tomorrow night." I just need to leave.

"Let me drive you then." Mbuso says as he searches for his car keys. "I've called an uber Neo will drive me home after work." I just don't want to be around this family anymore. Mbuso doesn't want to fight with me but his eyes are so sharp I feel as if I am naked.


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