Chapter 35


As they are sleep I start cooking for my children. I cook lasagne for them.

I stand at the door in their bedroom and I watch them my heart just melts my tears fall off. This is what I want they look so beautiful and family is such a beautiful thing.

I wipe my tears and I gently wake them up.
As I set up the table and the boys Nhlanzeka is helping me while we are waiting for Mtho to wake up. There is a knock on my door I peek to see who it is. It is Mbuso I open the door it is unlike him to knock he usually just comes in without my permission.

I open the door and he comes inside. He greets us and takes his seat around the dining table. "Germs wash your hands before you sit here." I remind him and Nhla chuckles softly.
His father obliges and he washes his hands and he joins us.
Sleepy Mtho walks in and sits on top if his father’s lap.
I say a prayer and we all dig in.

"Go brush your teeth so we can go." Mbuso tells the boys and he helps me clean up we wash the dishes and we pack it.
"How's the baby may I touch your tummy?" His eyes are glowing. I place them on my stomach "you do know that you won't feel anything." He chuckles and I join him. "I don't know what I expected but just knowing that my baby is there just gives me so much joy." I nod he also give me joy I've never been this happy. I never imagined myself as a pregnant lady but here I am and it feels absolutely fantastic.

I hug him I lie on his chest and I listen to his heartbeat and I place his hand on mine. "You're too special Mthiyane." He gives me a kiss on my forehead like his little princess.
I pull away. "May I come and take you out for some breakfast tomorrow morning I need to talk to you and you deserve to go out." I nod I'm tired of fighting anyway.

He hugs me goodbye and he leaves with the boys.

I lock my doors and I take a quick shower. As soon as I finished with that I decided to call my baby sister.

'Hey baby girl.' I smile the moment I see her face.
'Hey bro I miss you.' I blow her a kiss and she smiles.
'Are you with someone right now?' She shakes her head no.
'Uhm listen you see people always have the talk about the birds and the bees and Uhm...  well things happened and' she keeps giving me weird looks she looks so confused.
'Argh let me just blurt it out you're going to be an aunty and I'm going to be a mommy.' She screams and covers her mouth she looks shocked
'No way Ulu you're pregnant?' I nod with huge smile on my face. Yibanathi is crying right now. 'Sis you're pregnant I mean you're... wow.' She wipes her tears she looks so excited and so happy.
'I love you and I love my little jellybean that you're carrying.' I brush my tummy.
'Aunty Yiba says she loves you.' She blushes when she hears me saying that. She is so happy for me.
This is such a beautiful moment for us we are so happy I'm not even going to mention the polygamy stuff right now.
We spoke until my battery was flat.

I say a little prayer and I dose off
I've been tired.
I woke up early and I took a walk around our complex as lazy as I am I decided to stretch my legs.
I finally get home and I shower I put on an African print dress with gold sandals. I have a date today I already know that Mbuso wants us to discuss the polygamy thing and for some odd reason after talking to his wife I feel better about the whole polygamy thing I mean you don't know if you can do something until you actually do it.

I put some lip-gloss and I call my little sister because I need to talk to her about this whole polygamy thing.

'Hey baby mama.' I giggle when she says that. 'Yiba how would you feel if I actually agreed to be part of isthembu?' I hear her gasp from over the phone. 'So he actually convinced you to agree?' She sounds so salty about this whole situation. 'No one convinced me to do anything Yiba I feel like I have come terms with it yesterday when I spoke to his wife

yesterday when I spoke to his wife she just showed me that I really want to be with Mbuso and I do trust that he can treat us fairly. I mean before I found out that he is married I felt like I was the only one.' I'm really finding hard to keep defending him I need my sister and father's blessing to get married or proceed with this.
'Who are you convincing me or you? If you guys know what you want them I can't fight you.' I keep quiet.
'Listen I have some savings I'll buy a bus ticket and I'll come there tomorrow.' I really do need her here she is the only one who can help me through it.
'No need I'll buy you a plane ticket and then you can fly in tomorrow.' She simply agrees.
'I love you dude.' I remind her she seems to be pissed off with me. 'I love you baby mama.' She hangs up.

I text Neo and I tell him that I'll be coming in late today.

Mbuso knocks and I open for him we share a small hug and I take my bag. "You look absolutely beautiful Gatsheni." I smile and nod. I wonder if he has ever called me by her name when we talked or maybe just thought of how she does things when they have sex has he ever thought we taste them... fuck he tasted us both this is not as easy as I thought it would.

He opens the door to his car and I enter. We drive off to the restaurant and we are jamming to music only the best old-school RnB of cause.

He opens the door for me and we walk inside the restaurant hand in hand I feel a bit ashamed because he has a wife and I just feel like his dirty laundry I part our hands. We walk into a special part of the restaurant and at this point I'm hoping and praying that this is not his wife's restaurant because if it is I know that all the waiters and waitresses are giving dirty eyes.

He pulls back the seat for me and I sit down. "I feel uncomfortable Mbuso this doesn't feel right to me." I admit ever since I left home his wife and marriage is that all I've been thinking about. "I'm sorry for putting you in such an awkward position. Ulu the reason I brought you here is because I need to remind you that I love you with all that I am I can't imagine my life without you and as hard as I try to stay away each time I fail. I need you in my life and I need our child in my life I want that child to know that they have a father that loves them I don't want my child to think that they are a mistake." I agree with that our child shouldn't feel like a bastard child.
"Smomondiya sami please please marry me when I say I'm taking you as my second wife it doesn't mean that you'll be second best I promise I'll treat you like that queen I've been treating you like you will always feel like the number one lady in my life." I blush I've missed him so much and as I'm looking at him I'm seeing my strong stern and respected Mr Bhekumbuso Zwane.
"I love you." I express my hearts desires to him he brushes my hand. "I love you even more." No he doesn't but deep down I know that he loves me just not as much as I do.

"If I were to agree and if your wife agrees as well I have some requests." He listens to me attentively. "We are to be treated equally I don't want to feel more special that her or feel like I'm not of importance I need you to respect both households love all your children equally I need you to protect us and make sure that you have unity in your family. Uzoyimela lento oyifunayo Mr Zwane?" He gives me such a bright smile I don't want to feel like I'm loved more because it will just cause fights and I don't want him to treat me like I'm not worthy of him because she was here before me.
"Ngizoyimela mamasendlini." I blush when he says that Mbuso just knows how to touch my weak spots. "Give me some time I don't want to rush into something that I'm not sure of. I do know that I love you and I'm glad that you're the father of the baby that I'm carrying." He stands up and he helps me stand up as well. He gives me a giant hug and a small kiss.
"I'll be waiting but you've said yes before so I do believe that I'll be hearing the same answer again." I attack him with a kiss and he reciprocates my energy.

"Come I want to take you somewhere." I look at him and I sulk. "So much for 'I'm taking you out for breakfast'." I roll my eyes. "It will be worth it I promise." I don't even argue with him I instantly agree and we leave the restaurant.
As I figured it is his restaurant.


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