Chapter 34


After Mbuso left yesterday I felt so lonely I called my sister and we stayed on the phone for hours and hours I just felt a lot better after talking to her.

I take my lunch and I get ready to go to work I don't want to be late today.
I get some coffee for both Neo and myself. I get to the office and people are in high spirits a lot of people are happy about the wins that we got last night we surely deserve it.

"Mr. Motloung I got you coffee good morning." I give him a big smile I sit right in front of him.
"Thank you and what happened last night?" I give him an odd look what is he talking about?
"In regards to what?" I raise my brow in confusion. "Ulu what happened when you left Mr Boss man was not pleased when he got to his ride he just seemed out of it." Shit I hope Mbuso didn't say anything crazy and ruined my chances of getting a better job here. Mr D and I have been getting along well and I don't anything to ruin it. "I never rest it's always drama for me." I groan. I'm a pregnant lady I know that I should not be stressing in the way that I am stressing right now.

We get to work and I avoid going to see the boss after yesterday and after what Neo said it's honestly stressing me at this point.
I decide to call my father and he doesn't answer his phone I call him again and he doesn't answer. I'll have to call him later I just hope he is okay I don't like having my father so far away it is so stressful because the moment he doesn't answer his phone you just assume that the worst has happened.

Work is out yea finally! I pack my things and I leave I'm so tired and I have been feeling a bit sick today maybe it's this pregnancy but I'm definitely not doing okay.
I leave the office before I'm seen and I drive straight home I don't go to other places first I'm that tired.

When I arrive at the complex I see a familiar car and I already know who it is. I just hope she is not here to fight me I officially broke things off with her husband I've respected their space and their privacy; I understand that I disrespected her home and her family and I already said I'm sorry for that but I don't like the fact that she just comes and goes here as if it is her own house I really need to leave this place because this is certainly not on.

I park my car in my parking space and exit the car.
Mtho and Nhlanzeka rush out of the car and they run to me they missed me as much as I missed them.
I open my arms widely and we just attack each other with hugs.
"I missed you so much." I express my feelings to them I honestly missed them my house has been so lonely and I miss the chats between Mtho and myself.

Their mother exits her gorgeous expensive car her G-Wagon. She looks so beautiful in a long red dress that has a semi slit that ends on her knees with white Chanel high-heels. She looks beautiful so mature and like the mother of a home and me I'm just a simple child I can't just go and buy big brands like Prada and so forth.

The boys let go and I give Nhlanzeka the key to open the door and they hurry to open the door.
"Good afternoon." I humbly greet her and she smiles and hugs me.
I allow her to enter the house and I go in after her. The boys ran to their room.

"Mommy you got the stand and started the collection." Nhlanzeka is so excited of cause I did that. I'm a big nerd so I'm very excited to start this collection with my...Uhm I don't know what to refer to them as honestly.
"Of cause I did I even took pictures of Yiba and myself's collection. I really wanted you guys to see it." I share with them. "Next time I want to go with you." I simply smile and nod I don't want to crush his spirits.

"I'm sorry Mrs Zwane may I get you something to drink what would you like?" She is so beautiful she has this beautiful caramel skin tone her skin is golden with beautiful plump lips and black eyes. I never took the time to look at her but today I am seeing her and she looks absolutely stunning and that makes me wonder why Mbuso would cheat on such a beautiful woman.

"I'd like juice if you have some." I nod. I go into the kitchen and Nhla helps me prepare some snacks for everyone.

I place the food in the bedroom for the boys because I don't want them hearing things that are inappropriate.

I take off my cheap high heels that cost R1600

I wear flat shoes and I join her in the sitting area. "I'm sure you are wondering what I'm doing here I'm so sorry for just showing up without a warning that was extremely rude and highly inappropriate of me to do; I just don't have your number." I have no words she is worrying me has she forgotten who I am I think Mbuso told her what I told her and now she just wants to kill because why is she here grinning at me?

My phone rings and it is my dad I'm so relieved I was worried sick.
"I'm really sorry but my father is calling and I haven't been able to reach him all day so may I please answer." I feel like I'm being rude but uGatsheni akazwani nenonsense.
"Of cause my love go ahead." She politely answers me.

I answer the phone.
'Boyabenyathi.' I praise him.
'Gatsheni kunjani.' I just missed hearing his sweet voice.
'I'm pushing through baba how are you? You had me worried when I called you and you didn't answer.' I'm on the verge of tears angifuni ngobabawami.
'Ncese Na'Ndlovu I was in a district meeting. We were discussing the marks of the school and new educators.' I just agree my father loves his job so much.
'Was it a good meeting though?' I ask him and he answers yes.
'Uluthando is Yibanathi dating?' I laugh when he says that.
'Hau Mthiyane why the question.' My father nezindaba kodwa. I completely brush him off.
'Baba I don't know the answer to that question. I love you goodbye I'm in a meeting.' I was home just last week but I wish I could just go back.
'I love you too my child.' We hang up.

"I'm so sorry for being rude." She brushes it off and gets straight to her point.

"Sisi I came here to talk to you woman to woman. Uhm... I never thought I would be having this conversation with you or well anyone for that matter Bheki told me the news it didn't come across as a surprise to me though because I remember the first time I saw you you were already pregnant and you looked at me crazy when I told you." A lightbulb lights up and I remember when that happened.
I just thought that she thought that I looked fat. Hearing someone call Mbuso Bheki just makes me feel weird it is quite odd.
"I remember it just didn't hit me at the time." She sips on her juice and elegantly bites on the fruit in the fruit bowl. "I'm sorry this is honestly so uncomfortable for me I never thought I'd be having this conversation with anyone. Sesi I'm very sorry for making you feel the way that you're feeling I didn't plan on getting pregnant and I say this with no disrespect I will not abort my baby." She chokes on her juice when she hears my words. "No my love no one is expecting you to do that Bheki broke the news to me this morning and he said that you told him you said you don't want..." she chuckles and shakes her head. "This relationship that child you're carrying is a Zwane those boys are his or her brothers. Mina I don't blame you because wena you didn't know at first I thought you were just pretending but when he said the truth I could you the pain in your eyes and I remember feeling the same way. This has been so hard for me and I'm sure it has been hard for you but you love him I love him and he loves us both it sounds so crazy yet it is the honest truth my love." I swallow hard I'm definitely intimidated by her presence I feel so small.
"He has to do right by me and he has to right by you and your family he still needs to introduce you to his family and if you do agree then that will happen soon. I told him this morning that if he has chosen to be a polygamous man then he has to do things the right way the respectful way. Uluthando you also need to know that you deserve better and you're very young you need to know if you're sure that this is what you want and need." She has spoken like a true woman I truly applaud her for that. "I don't want to cause you pain." That's all I'm able to say at this point. She gives me a small and delicate grin. "No I've healed. That will be up to the both of you to discuss and you will update but I need you to also remember that a baby deserves to be with their family." I nod I know that she isn't very old but this feels so motherly she just made me feel like I could hug her but at the end of the day I'm the bitch that slept with her husband so I don't want to upset or hurt her.

"Thank you for all those words. I'm really not a bad person." I try to help her understand she nods in agreement.
The boys come and they join us meaning they stopped this whole conversation.

"How was your business trip?" Mtho asks me and he mother just nods I guess that's the explanation they gave for my absence. "It was so fun but I missed you guys and I missed home so much." I share with him and they both smile at me. "Well at least you got some fresh air when is Aunt' Yiba coming back?" Nhlanzeka asks me Yibanathi has something over the young Zwane's.
"Well she has school right now but I'll tell her to come back I also miss her." Life without her is just so sad and boring. "Mama she has the best taste in music." Nhlanzeka shares the news with his mother and his mother just looks so happy to hear her son talk.

"Well Nhlanzeka has a math and science expo next week. Please come." I nod I will definitely be there our adult problems have nothing to do with children and their innocent minds.

We sit for a while and we relax.
Mtho sleeps on my chest and I play with his hair. He looks so cute his mother leaves them with me because she says she has a meeting that she has to attend; she told me that she owns a restaurant she is a lover of food. That's why Mbuso eats so much if he didn't attend gym then he would be a balloon that man loves good food.


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