Chapter 31


I get to work and the mood is lit people are pacing up and down and others are just relaxing.

I see Mr Dingane working in his office and I look away and pretend that I don't see him why am I making things awkward right now?
Argh I didn't choose to have a sex dream about him it happened and he was so good at whatever he was doing; well but I did choose to masturbate this morning thinking about what he can do or in this case what I think he can do.

Now I'll be checking him out I just hope he doesn't notice me being weird.

"Mr Motloung." I graciously greet my friend as I enter his office.
I take my usual seat in his office.
"Ms. Ndlovu how are you this beautiful morning?" Ms Ndlovu really? He is making me think about Mr D and what his D did to me in my dream last night argh... Neo kodwa.

"Never mind that for a second how TMI are we?" After I utter those words I realise that what I just said makes no sense. "Huh?" I feel like I'm with Yiba all the time because she also acts like this like a slow learner when she is so intelligent she is the smarter sibling between the both of us.
"How weird is weird where do you draw the line when we are gossiping or updating each other Neo?" A realisation sinks in and he actually understands what I mean.
"No limit spill the beans." He is so excited to hear what I have to say. Everyone deserves to have a friendship like ours we have the best friendship ever.
"So I had the weirdest yet oddly satisfying dream ever last night." I warm him up I don't think he is ready for what it about to come.
"Listen do not act dramatic or whatever but I had a sex dream... it was a threesome between Mbuso my uhmm... I don't know what he is to me and" I laugh just thinking about it he opens big eyes and he is ready to hear the rest of the story.
"Mr Dingane..." he bangs the table. "Noo..." he gasps he is definitely shocked.  "I'm telling you dude he is my boss and I dreamt of him..." I look around to check the coast "fucking me." I whisper. We both burst into laughter I'm so glad that he didn't make me feel bad about what I just told him.

"I'm sorry to interrupt good morning. Ms Ndlovu please see me in my office." He doesn't wait for a response he leave the office and heads back to his.
"Oh shit what if he knows?" I ask him I'm panicking right now. "Stop he doesn't know anything you fail at being naughty man Thando." I groan at him and I just drag myself to the boss's office.

"Mr Dingane you asked to see me." I nervously take my seat and he gives me a weird look. "Is everything okay?" He questions me and I don't have a response what will I say? "Uhm... nothing I'm sorry." Why am I apologising right now? Aw damnit.
"You're being so weird right now." He gives me a deep chuckle and I see his perfectly aligned white teeth. He is literally making me imagine things that I shouldn't be thinking right now I'm imagining him on my clit.
"I hope you're actually okay because I remember that day you said you didn't want to bother your sister with your issues. I actually wanted to ask you to be my date for tonight's awards. It would be very depressing if we both go solo." I giggle because he has a point.
"Yes sir I also think we should go together." I smile and so does he.
We say talk for a little and luckily we will match because he is going to be dressed in a navy blue suit and all.

When I get to my office Mr Motloung is already there waiting for me "I have to find a new job." I groan as I sit down. I really do because this is not on. I don't know if I'll be comfortable around Mr Dingane and I will end up making him feel very uncomfortable. "Don't be ridiculous Ulu." He rolls his eyes in a dramatic manner and I can't help but laugh "So now you've got jokes?" He pouts like a little boy.
"Let's get to work before you really put in your letter of resignation." Nxx uyaphapha lona and I know that he will be reminding me about this until forever.
"Firstly uyaphapha and secondly no we aren't working today we are preparing for tonight you little betrayer." I grunt at him and he just laughs at me he should have said no to Mmabatho because now I'm going to have to sit next to Mr Dingane the entire night." His eyes pop out and he holds in his laughter his face is already red. "You annoy me I swear you do." I stand up and I jokingly push him to the side.


sans-serif;color:#222222">We decide to go out and have some food so many people assume that I've broken up with Mbuso just so I can be with Neo.

Well it's time to get ready Mr Dingane made sure that we look our best he organized hair and makeup for us and I'm here for it.

I sit in my office and allow the lady to style my hair and this flamboyant man to fix my makeup.

I get dressed and I feel like gold I look like a million bucks
"You look absolutely perfect." Neo praises me I don't look like the innocent Uluthando that I always look like at work; I look like sexy and I look super naughty.
"Thank you Mr Motloung." We exchange hugs.
Mmabatho fetches her date and I wave them goodbye I feel like a mother at this point wait I am a mother. I think of my baby girl. "Please take care of him okay?" I say to Mmabatho I really need to ensure that he is fine. "Haiiboo Uluthando what would I do to this gorgeous man?" She winks and I giggle sometimes Mmabatho doesn't act like a married woman and if my baby sister was to hear her speak like this she would be genuinely hurt.

Mr Dingane comes inside my office and he looks like my deepest fantasy. I literally gasp when I first see him.
"Wow... uhm. You look good." He stutters and he continues being hard-core like he always is.
"Thank you..." I calmly say to him I'm definitely feeling shy now.

We exit the office hand in hand. Everyone has a partner this just seems a bit funny to me. When I look at my co-workers that have always been invited I now actually see how attractive these people are they just look boring that's all.
We drive off together and we share jokes on our way there.

I feel as if I'm at the Met Gala I've never experienced something like this it is absolutely breath-taking. The decor is spectacular and the lights are pure perfection.
We walk in and we take pictures we start mingling with other business people and I try to market us I've spotted several great authors that I feel I could work magic with.
'You're the new bloomer that created magic with Malebo's book.' I mean I appreciate the nice words and all but I want to be seen/acknowledged like the rest of the other authors they are great authors and that's all.

We sit down and everything is introduced and they start handing out awards.
"Let's welcome to stage one of our biggest sponsors to the stage. Mr Zwane and his company have been working hand in hand with us for 5 years now and we are grateful." Everyone applauds I see Mbuso on stage wearing an emerald green suit he looks so happy. I stand up and I hurry to the bathroom I just don't know what to say to him at this point and I can't just sit there and listen to him.

Once I calm down I leave the bathroom and I walk out slowly hoping that he will be done with his speech when I get there.
"Why are you running away from me Mpongo kaZingelwayo?" I gasp because I thought I was alone with that voice alone I already know who it is I walk away from the bathroom lights and I'm met with darkness in passages.

I stand in front of him and I lift my head up high. "I'm not running is a girl not allowed to relive her bladder?" I roll my eyes I'm glad he can't see me clearly. "Mthiyane you've parading all night with that stupid man having so much fun you didn't even notice me. He may hug your back for now but remember that you're mine." He pulls me closer to him I feel the warmth of his touch he puts his hand under my dress. "I distinctly remember picking these out for you I knew that they would hug your thick thighs perfectly and accentuate your beautiful round butt..." I have no words at this point with just his touch alone I can feel the heat. "This dress is the same dress that you couldn't stop tell me about the day after you bought it and well these shoes..." he bites my ear and I grab on his suit. "I remember you moaning from the intensity of the pleasure of our passionate steamy session you enjoyed yourself so much you left a mark on my white seat covers." I remember each detail so well the seats were wet from sweat and cum. The sex we had that day was so amazing it deserved an audience.
"May I leave now?" I mean to scare him but it comes out as a whimper. "I'll be waiting for you outside." I don't say anything more I just walk away from him


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