Chapter 30


Mature content.

I throw off my shoes and I just throw my sexy self on top of the bed I call Mbuso and no one answers I call him twice and I guess he is still ignoring me. Mbuso is so unfair he cheats on I mean with me and then he expects me to be cool I said two or three words that I didn't mean and he decides to bitch over that I'm really not going to fight and if he thinks that I'm trying to get back together with him then he is absolutely wrong because there is no way that is happening.

I'm pissed nje now I open Netflix and I watch a highly recommended series 'Sex education.' 
I'm already hooked this show is absolutely fantastic.

Dingane grabs me closer to him and he attacks me with a cold kiss he takes the ice cube that is in his hand and he presses it against my nipples I shiver the intensity is too much.
'Uluthando what are you doing?' Mbuso shouts at me but why? This is fun... I look at both men and they look absolutely sexy I'm panting already. 'Hey man I desire her she is mine!' Mbuso shouts at the big boss and I'm turned on will he fight back...'then why is she here with me?' Indeed he fights back ouu I'm going to cum before any of them fuck me. 'No need to fight boys you guys can both have me.' I say in a sexy tone I walk over to Mbuso and I aggressively kiss him and I rub my hands on his shaft... now this should be fun.
Mbuso lifts my legs and places them on his waist just like he always does. He runs his hands all over me and undresses my body so he can get the perfect view he throws me on top of the bed. He kisses my nipples resulting to a deep and authentic moan

Dingane gets tired of watching and joins the party he starts licking my wet pussy my dear legs become completely hot. Mbuso gets on his legs and he licks on my nipples mercilessly. Fully out of breath I slowly take Mbuso's shaft and succumb to the violent blow of Dingane's tongue my mouth opens widely in ecstasy and Dingane kisses my mouth and my neck I like to taste myself he lowers himself once again. Grabbing on Mbuso's penis I can barely see Mbuso kissing on my hard and perky nipples while Dingane is still busy licking on my dripping vagina.

I keep staring at my Mbuso I turn over and I take Dingane's penis out of his pants I take a quick taste of the wet one and put his big penis in my mouth. I have seen how difficult it is. Mbuso strokes himself when he sees me being licked for the first time by another and as I myself allow another into my mouth I swallow his thick presence. I release Dinagne and I take Mbuso into my embrace once again I lick the top to make sure he is stiff but I know some tricks to make him firmer. Sliding his erection in and out of my mouth makes him groan and that truly excites me. I want to taste it fully. I feel very hungry and thirsty I don't desire food yet I desire the bodies of these men.

I let my teeth scratch on his penis and give him a malicious look then with a deep thrust I felt a penis in my moist parts. My pussy starts to react to the harsh thrust of an unknown dick Dingane fully working his way within me. At the same time my attention is focused on the head of the Mangethe's shaft my attention is focused on the head of the Mangethe's shaft which is only a few millimetres away from my eyes. The combination of sex and sucking puts my excited body in another state of happiness. It has all the ingredients my sensitive parts are filled and stretched out and when it slides in and out of my wet embrace I enjoy this feeling my lady parts reacts with wet and slippery sounds.

My pussy begins responding to the digging thrusts of an unfamiliar penis. At the same time I keep myself focused on the penis head but now I know what I need I need Mbuso to fuck me I want him to cum inside of me. The combination of getting fucked while sucking pushed my aroused body into a further state of bliss.
Rocking deep and regular we continued until I feel him fill me pulsing into my body triggering a tightening deep in my muscles and the waves of my orgasm flooded out.

Mbuso places me on my side he pushes himself into my dripping wet opening I was more than ready for him I've been longing for his touch and his shaft drilling into me at this point my hunger is still strong I place my butt-cheek against Mbuso's hip and then I wrap my hand around him. I keep moving on Mbuso's shaft like a joystick as he thrusts in and out of me. I squeeze onto Dingane with wavering pressure in time with Mbuso's thrusts. As I look deep into Dingane's eyes I see his eyes darken and I am informed that he craves to be inside me again. Mbuso keeps pounding inside me and I gasp with pleasure running through my body shit what a climax.

I wake up feeling a bit tired. Damn it was only a dream I... I can't believe it.
I'm not really sure when I fell asleep last night but I'm very tired and I have to look elegant today I'm going to the awards.

I try to think about work but my dream is haunting me it keeps playing in my mind I lift my blankets and I put my fingers underneath my pyjama pants... oh fuck. I'm wet like a slippery slope I never knew I was into threesomes until now the dream I had got me thinking about other things.
I check the time and lucky for me I have a few minutes to calm things down and to stop fires.

I lazily move my fingers up and down my slit teasing my body with a frustrating light touch but it is not firm enough to be satisfy my desire. The picture of Dingane thrusting in and out of me and me devouring Mbuso's manhood plays continuously in my brain. I tease myself over and over again. An idea interesting takes shape my eyelids are already heavy with pleasure and a passionate image. My lips are curled up with a shameless smile again and I find myself climbing onto my pillow very carefully.
I carefully put my hips on top of the puffed pillow I properly place my elbows and I push the pillow deep in-between my legs with the other hand. The fabric of the pillowcase is silk and so soft my wet pussy has made it wet as well and can act as a lubricant to help it slide back and forth on my delicate flower.

I move my one hand down to my flower and I place then from the back I move my fingers clockwise on my pussy lips. I recall Mbuso fucking me like a beast and I just bounce on my silk pillow the heat in my body gradually increases and pleasure takes over I have succumbed to my desire

I lose control over my own body I fall over onto my stomach slamming my hips into pillow bed as the pleasure builds up I cling on my hard and erect nipples and I cum on my pillow...
"Mbusoo...." I pant and I moan his name out loudly.

Well what a way to start out my day.

Once I finish and collect myself I make my bed and I put the pillow in the washer so I can wash it now I can no longer sleep on it I'm wasting my quality pillows but for such an orgasm then I most certainly do not mind.

I shower and I dress casually because I'll be going to the awards later on and I'll be looking like a whole queen.
I pack my black YSL high-heels with a long black lace dress with an open back and a high up slit. I promise that I will be delivering sexy at those awards.


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