Chapter 3


I decide to take the rest of the day off and I go back home. I get some food to eat and I just lie on my bed looking up and I just stare at the naked ceiling and all I can think about his that tall handsome man with a sexy devilish smile.

I must be honest he has me wondering there is something about him that is enticing I am not particularly sure what that specific thing is. At first I thought that he was stalking me and maybe he was and for some peculiar reason the fact that he wanted to see me once again excited me his impression makes me want to go crazy...

If I continue thinking about him I will seriously go crazy. I feel my nipples getting erect he is causing me feel things without even doing anything to me or to my body. I don't know this guy yet here I am fantasising about him. I close my eyes and I can smell his strong yet sweet manly scent I gently squeeze my breast wishing that it was his strong hand on my breast my body reacts with a strong shiver.
My fingers tap on my stomach moving downwards to my special place...

'Small town boy...' My phone starts ringing "fuckit!" I groan as I turn around and I take my damn phone in anger.

'Hello' I mutter in an annoyed voice.
'Na’Ndlovu...' I blush when I hear his voice; the one I've been fantasising ever since I got home I've been fantasising about this sexy voice.
'Mangethe and where did you get my number?' My mind has the dirtiest thoughts should I actually do it or is it wrong well I know that it's wrong but it feels so right.
'I'm a man that is full of many surprises.' He deeply chuckles and I feel shivers in my pussy.
'Hhmm... I see what is your call about?' I act bored but I know that I like it it turns me on.
'I want to see you tomorrow I'll fetch you in the morning.' I roll my eyes is this guy okay.
Before I can say anything he hangs up

I get annoyed and I decide to sleep the things that I see on a daily basis of being here are something else I just don't get it I mean why?

I groan as I close my eyes to sleep...

I wake up early in the morning and I go for a run I'm the laziest person I know when it comes to fitness but I have to keep fit and healthy.
When I return back to my apartment I see him standing there in front of his car I feel so embarrassed I'm sweaty as fuck right now I am convinced that I smell bad; I groan out of frustration.
"Aw wamuhle mntwananomuntu aw Boyabenyathi." I giggle I stand right in front of him. "You're a very weird person Mr Zwane it's either you're crazy or you're crazy it has to be one of those two." I tell him with a grin of my face. "Well it's actually neither of those two I told you I'd be fetching you today you caught my eye." I knew you were trouble when you walked in...
I know I shouldn't even be entertaining this guy but here I am. Firstly he is clearly a few years older than me secondly

secondly he is a stranger and thirdly this man is too fine.
"Mbuso...Mbuso...hhmmm." I bite my lip and I walk away from him.

I want to play dirty; I've been a good girl for far too long now it's time for me to embrace it all.
As soon as I enter my flat I shower and I get ready for work I'm going in late today because I'm very tired and I spoke to the boss and he approved so everyone please remain calm I am not going back to my old and unholy ways of being late.

When I go down to the parking lot I see him sitting with the two security guards eating iskobo. Okay I've made up my mind this guy is mental absolutely delusional. Firstly why is he still here and secondly why is he here mingling with the security guards?

I walk over to them and I greet the security guards. "Siyabonga inyama ndodana."
Translation: Thank you for the meat my son.
"No problem. Nisale kahle." He stands up and takes the files that I am holding and he holds them for me.
"Let's get you to work." He holds my hand and we walk out together yes I am walking with a stranger willingly to his car somebody stop me.

We get inside the car and it smells fresh and the interior is immaculate it is a g-wagon I'm not sure what I was expecting.
"Would you like some coffee first?" I nod I mean yes... I need coffee at this point it is my coping mechanism.
We stop to get some coffee and at the stop he receives a call.

Him: I'm not in the office today.
Him: Then call him I won't be in any office for anything.
He looks quite upset right now.
He hangs up and looks at me with an annoyed face.
"Why don't people listen Na'Ndlovu?" He chuckles softly and shakes his head; great he isn't upset.
"My name is Uluthando." I inform him just in-case he missed it or doesn't know it.
"I know your name is beautiful." He leads me to the car and he opens the door for me he is doing the things that they do in the movies.
We drive off and I direct him to my workplace; the trip there is absolutely amazing we laugh and sing it's as if we've known each other for the longest of time. We arrive at my office and now I do not want to go to work. "Don't forget you owe me lunch." He shifts my face towards his direction.
"Drive away." That's all I say.

What the heck am I doing? I giggle to myself.
He does exactly as request of him.

I call Mr Dingane.

Mr D: Ms Ndlovu.
Me: Hello sir I know I said I'd be coming in late today but actually... (light breathing) don't think I'll be able to make it I have such a headache.
(My voice is faint and powerless)
Mr D: It's okay just get enough rest okay?
Me: Thank you sir I definitely will.
I hang up.

He looks at me with disbelief. "Have you ever considered being an actress I mean..." we both burst out of laughter.
"Well no you think I'd nail it?" I lift my eyebrows in a childish manner and he laughs and looks away
"I'm childish I know. I'm sorry I'll act grown." He shakes his head in disapproval. "No need to act like what you aren't." I nod I'm feeling quite doubtful.

"Listen I like you and I just want to marry you already." I giggle but I sense that he might be serious.
"I'm giving you a day to feel the same about me or at least feel the need or desire to see me again." I laugh and I shrug and look away I honestly have nothing to say at this point.
There is no way that a person can fall in love in a day but you know what I'm willing to see where this goes.


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