Chapter 29


3 weeks later.

I haven't met up with Mbuso ever since that day we argued he has been so mad at me and I miss him but I think it's for the better.

Last weekend I went to visit my father and NaNyembe said that I look stunning she is like I'm glowing I'm probably in love or I'm pregnant. The things these older women say.

I haven't been feeling well... today I decided to take a sick leave and I've been in bed all day long I'm definitely not feeling okay. Shit... shit!

I run into the bathroom and I run out I check my period tracker and I am over four weeks late oh my fucken goodness. I cannot be pregnant.
I scream...
I take my car keys and I drive to the nearest chemist to get a pregnancy test I see people giving me weird looks at the chemist damn I forgot to change my pyjamas but I don't care at this point I just want to know if I'm pregnant or not.

I pay and I buy some juice at the garage I need to drink a lot of liquids so I can pee.

"Pee...pee...pee" I keep repeating.
I'm panicking at this point I want to call Yiba but I just don't want to bombard her with my nonsense and I also want to call Mbuso but what do I say?

Yes! I finally feel the urge to pee I run into the bathroom and I pee on two pregnancy sticks.
"Come on results come on." I already have tears running down my face I'm so scared right now I just cannot keep still and calm. I check the first test and it says inclusive argh fuck it when I check the second one it says pregnant.
Which one do I believe?
More water?
I take a bottle of water and I gulp it down at this point I am so anxious I keep tapping my nails on the coffee table waiting for my bladder to scream at me; still no results. I drink juice and more water and I sit still waiting for the urge once again.

I run to the bathroom and pee on the last two sticks. What if I'm really pregnant I will have my own little prince or princess? It will be the best day of my life I will have a lifelong best friend.

I count from one to ten just so I can calm my nerves. I look at both the tests and they both read pregnant...
"Oh my God oh you're great dear Lord." I cannot believe this I'm pregnant. I am going to be a mother at this point I don't care about the circumstances I don't care how he was conceived I'm just happy that I'm going to be a mother.

I can't wait to share the news with my sister. I don't even know how I'm going to tell Mbuso but I have to tell him he is the father and he has the right to know what he decides to do with the given information is totally up to him. I'm keeping this baby no matter what other people have to say I'm just scared of my father how will I explain that I'm pregnant with a baby by a man who is married? Oh fuck...

It's late I get inside my blankets and I close my eyes sleep takes over me and I allow it.


sleep takes over me and I allow it.

Next morning
I wake up in a jolly mood I'm singing and I'm dancing I'm absolutely happy.
I wear a military green silk tight fight dress with my black heels. I look like a million bucks I put on simple makeup and I style my braids in a high bun.
I look myself in the mirror and I look absolutely gorgeous. "Oh my angel all your friends will be jealous because your mother will be the hottest mom." I blush just thinking about it I'll be taking my baby to school and going to parent meetings it will be such a fun part of parenthood; sporting games and spelling bees just like her aunty I can't wait.

I drive to work I have a meeting with the entire editing group.
Mmabatho greets us and introduces the meeting it's all boring stuff things we already know. I'm just thinking about this little life that is growing inside of me.

So the important part of this meeting was that we are having an editor's awards/publishing house's awards I'm not sure but we have to be there we have been invited.

"Neo is already my date Ulu get your own." She is so mean why doesn't she go with Mr Dingane or the other boring men that work here.
"I'll get you for you and Neo you're a betrayer." I say while laughing at him.
He tries to apologise but I'm just not having it. We go back to our offices and we have breakfast together we have become so close Neo is like the brother that I never had I had a little crush on him when he first arrived but now thinking back all I can say is eww... I love him so much though. We sometimes work together we are always together this Saturday we were having a movie night and it was so fun. I truly enjoy being friends with him and the others of cause.

"Wena I've come to the conclusion that you're single on purpose." I enlighten him on my new discovery he looks surprised that I'm saying that. "And where is all of this coming from?" He questions me. "I mean I am an adult Neo I see things and as much as I won’t comment on every single thing that I see I know there is something going on." He moves his laptop to the side so he can look at me clearly.
"Mmabatho and I are just friends and co-workers she is my boss and I wouldn't try anything with her she is married." Well I thought the same until I got pregnant by a married man.
"No silly I don't mean her." He gives me a sour look. "Then who?" I can't believe this man he should know all the tricks and all the signs he literally edits such books what the heck is wrong with him.
"I guess you'll just have to find out on your own and only then will you realise how stupid you've been." He can be slow at times I've seen the way they interact and I can see that he also have feelings for her maybe he just hasn't realised it yet.
Men are slow I just cannot with them. I still have to deal with my own drama I mean the Mbuso saga is stressing me out what will I say what if his wife answers the phone wait will I say to her because I'm pretty sure she is very happy that I'm out of their lives now and she gets to enjoy her husband without me interfering. It just upsets me the thought of another woman feeling his tongue beating on her clit having his fingers curl inside of her. The fact he tells another woman that he loves her and the fact that he expresses his feeling to another and cuddles up with another I hate it. I wish I could have all that.
"You cool?" I nod and brush off any further conversation.


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