Chapter 28


"More?" He asks me as I keep staring at him and brushing on his shaft it is hard and very much erect.

"More." I command. He picks me up and we go into the bedroom.
We both lie on top of the bed and I hover on top of him.

I stroke his hard and erect dick watching him struggle not to come and I run my hands around his shaft pressing lightly at the sensitive skin. Mangethe grunts with pleasure and I stroke him some more.

Mbuso slides along my body until his face appears once again in front of my pussy. He opens my lips with his tongue presses his face against my wetness sucking licking and teasing my clitoris pushing into fucking his face trying to grab more things to reach another orgasm. He slows down trying to make my orgasm disappear. I grab his head and draw him towards her. I rubbed his face on my garden until I came once again.

Mbuso positions me to lie on my chest and I do; face down ass up he slides up my naked and revealing body he uses his knee to split my legs apart.

“On your knees” he commands me and I growl from the excitement I love the power he has over me. I obey the order and I get onto all fours he slowly guides his firm dick into my moist pussy; deep inside he begins to stroke slowly and then a bit more quickly. I most definitely fuck him back we move rhythmically. He is pounding into me and I can do nothing other than receive his rough thrusts. He kisses my back and sucks deeper and deeper into my skin I moan and he groans we create music with our sounds and a dance with our movements. He reaches around and taps my clitoris in rhythm to his strokes and is soon rewarded with orgasmic convulsions around his cock and I know that by doing that I am pulling him into his own little death.
He fucks me harder and harder his one hand is gripping both my wrists like handcuffs and he spanks my ass he doesn't stop he pounds into me until he cums his body fails him and he falls on top of me.

I get onto and I ride him with my hands resting on his chest he grabs on my breasts and he massages them. "Ahh... fuck it." I can barely utter any words at this point both of us a humping groaning moaning sweating and connecting this is just above and beyond.
We both cum and I fall on top of him.
Damn I love this man.
We cuddle up and once we calm down and contain ourselves we shower and we fall asleep.

I wake in the morning and I feel something thick in between my butt cheeks. Shit... the events of last night and midnight come crashing in like a storm fuck...
I groan to myself I get out of bed and I put on my robe.

"Bhekumbuso!" I shout so he can wake up I make sure that I keep a safe distance between us because it's very clear that we can't be in one room and not do something crazy.
"Sawubona mama." He greets me beautifully but I don't show him that he has me weak I keep a stern face.
"Is something wrong?" What did he think this was did he think we were happy now and in love again?
"You need to leave." I utter those words as I enter the in suite bathroom so I can run the water in my bathtub.

"What do you mean Na'Ndlovu I'm confused right now." He follows me into the bathroom I leave him in there but he continues to follow me. "You're confused let me catch you up okay?" He nods uncontrollably. "You are married and what we did there was wrong you have a wife that you should be sleeping next to at night how do you explain this to her?" He groans he is clearly annoyed by my argument.
"This is an affair and I'm the other woman I will not fuck you all day long and watch you go home to another person and have her cook for you and sleep next to you every single day." What we did was wrong and we shouldn't have I will not be his mistress. "Then... damn I'll leave." He says he is obviously defeated somewhere he still loves her even if he claims he loves me he doesn't. I haven’t bared him his greatest gifts I haven't been with him through his toughest times and I know that his wife will always be his number one woman.
"You're not leaving your wife Mbuso that is insane sowuyahlanya manje?" I raise my voice at his and I regret it later. "What do you want me to do Uluthando I want to leave my wife you say no I plead with you that you become my second wife and you still say no..." I bangs the wall. "Ufunani?" He raises his hands in the air and I shrug. "I want you to leave me alone and go back to your wife and family. You said you'd leave me after I listened to your sob story and I did now leave." I order him this is so hard I've said nothing but lies I want him to stay with me but that's like wishing on a shooting star nothing will change.
"Leave leave? After what just happened we made love we told each other that we love each other come on Ulu." I simply look away "were you using me just so you can have sex. You're being unfair Ulu." I get pissed when he says that "now you know how it feels." I express in a deeply cold voice.

He doesn't say anything he continues to get dressed I watch him and both of us are quiet. He grabs his car keys and he barges out of my house well his house.
"Fuck!!!" I shout nxx.
This isn't easy for me either we made passionate love we fucked like pornstars it was pure magic. Ngiyamuthanda umfo kaZikode but he has Ms P by his side I'll also be the desert and desert is nice at times but a lot of it makes you sick and you are never full whereas with your main course you are full and you can do without desert.

I get ready for work.
I have nothing to wear because Mbuso decided that he mark his territory on my body I have hickeys everywhere on my body.
As hot as it is I have to wear something that hides these hickeys.
I put on sky blue suit pants and a white silk shirt with blue high heels.
I wanted to wear a simple dress but Mbuso had to ruin that also.

I get to work and it is along and boring day. I met up with an author and discussed her book that is being published.

Yey I'm going out with Banele and the girls today. After work Neo and I leave the office together.
"Well I would like to inform you..." he looks excited already this man is pure gold. "I'm going out today Dimpho and them invited me to have dinner or after work meal with them." He smiles he knows how lonely I've been here. "You're stealing my friends now you're going out and I'm not invited." I laugh at him jealousy looks so cute on him. "Ladies only and you sir do not have a vagina." He bursts out of laughter. "Well I didn't want to go anyways your dinner is very much biased; I'd feel attacked." I click my tongue and laugh at him he is absolutely crazy.
We say our goodbyes and I drive over to have lunch with the girls.

When I arrive they are already there I greet them and take my seat.
"So you always look gorgeous..." Dimpho compliments me and I blush I'm just a shy girl naturally.
"Thank you for the compliment." I blow her a kiss across the table. "Not Neo being jealous that he wasn't invited." I inform them and they laugh they know their crazy friend and well crazy crush for Dimpho.

We order our food and they catch up and they get to know me.
"I don't know if I'm being forward or what but... I can see that it's very complicated." Phaledi says and I'm very confused Banele laughs and I look at Dimpho with a confused look does she also know what Phaledi is talking about?
"You have...uhm... your two hickeys on your neck." Dimpho whispers... oh shit.
I can't help but laugh. "The entire day no one said anything to me about that wow..." I'm so embarrassed.

We laugh about my hickey and continue to converse.

We left the restaurant pretty late and I'm glad I got the chance to go out and see people I felt so comfortable around them I felt like I've known them since forever.


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