Chapter 26


It's 17:00 and Yibanathi hasn't arrived yet I text her and call her.

'Shit I forgot to check the time I'm on my way. Don't be mad I'll buy you a Mcfizz.'
Yibanathi is so irresponsible I can't believe I trusted her with this.

"Well I'm leaving now shall we leave?" Neo waits for me by my door. "Well I wish but Yiba drove me here so I'm waiting for her let me walk to your car." He insists that he wait with me but I tell him no because I know that Yibanathi is on her way already and I don't mind waiting just a few minutes.

I walk him to his car and we say our goodbyes I go back to my office.
I take my phone and I scroll through Instagram.
"Ms Ndlovu you're still at the office at this time?" Wait hold up Mr Dingane is in my office don't scream...
"Well yes today I'm staying in with the big bosses." I joke around and fortunately enough he gets it he gives me a smile he walks in and graces himself with a seat. "I know you'll get there you're improving a lot." I appreciate him always building me up.
"Well thank you for believing in me I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and I myself do aspire to be like you one day." He blushes and looks to the side today is Christmas for me.
"You're too kind thank you Ms Ndlovu." We continue to have a little chat.

My sister finally arrives walking into my office like she owns the place. "Dude I'm sorry I'm late traffic and shit." She makes a noise oh my goodness Yibanathi not in front of my boss I groan and stand up.
"Yiba this is my boss Mr Dingane and sir this is my younger sister Yibanathi I'm truly sorry for her behaviour." Yibanathi enjoys acting like a child.
When I look over at my sister she has regret all over her face. "I'm sorry sir. It's nice to meet you." He gives her a smile and they exchange handshakes.
"Nice to meet you too." He is always so formal yho ai.
"You look gorgeous Gatsheni I didn't see you properly this morning." Yiba compliments me well I'm kind of blushing I do feel cute today.
"Thanks sis."
"Does she not look beautiful?" She asks my boss I give her a look but she just looks the other way. "Well that she does." Mr Dingane causally responds no way... I giggle softly and thank him now I'm feeling shy.
"Let me just greet Mmabatho and say my goodbyes since someone kicked me out." She leaves the office I meant well.

"I don't mean to interfere in family business or your personal life but did you really kick your sister out?" He looks somewhat disappointed in me like he did that day I was super late and pretended that I'd been at the office for hours. "Yes and no she is visiting me here and I'm going through something. I just want her to enjoy her life as a varsity student and not worry about me and my things you know?" He nods in agreement and his disappointment fades away. "I understand. Have a lovely day Ms. Ndlovu." He buttons his suit and exits my office.
I don't think I'll ever understand him

I'll ever understand him he just confuses me the onetime where I think I have him figured out he just acts out and gives me something else to work with.

I take my things and I wait for my sister by the reception area.

She finally finishes up and we leave the office and head home. When we get home I clean my face and I join her in the sitting area.

"Your workplace has cute guys I wonder why you had to look outside of your office to find a boyfriend." She blurts out of nowhere "I will not date someone that I work with Yiba imagine how weird that shit would be?" I laugh just thinking about it how would it work?
"Your boss likes you..." I roll my eyes Yibanathi thinks everyone likes me if they smile at me she automatically thinks that that certain person is feeling a certain way about me.
"My boss does not like me he is very professional and he is like my mentor." She bursts into laughter she almost falls on the ground laughing at me. "Ulu you are older than me but I know way more than you do. You can obviously see when someone has a crush on you or is eyeing you like Phaledi I saw that she was checking me out and I was giving her a little something to work with." My eyes pop out I am absolutely shocked something is definitely wrong with my sister her mind and skill is beyond her years I mean she is only 20 but oh my goodness.

"Stop it okay your mind is just too much. You're living in a fantasy world." She simply rolls her eyes and continues watching TV.
Her phone rings and she leaves the room to answer awoa it doesn't work like that.
I tiptoe to her bedroom and listen in in the conversation and I hear nothing I'm certain she is speaking to a girl. I hear her footsteps and I run back to my seat and pretend like I didn’t just listen in on her conversation.

"Are you good?" Yiba asks me as she takes her seat beside me I'm literally out of breath. "Of... of cause. Why what's wrong?" Like I have mentioned before I am a terrible liar I cannot lie to save my life. "Dude I heard you why were you listening in on my conversation?" She gives me a sly smile and I know she wants me to be honest so she can scold me. "I didn't do that I was on Instagram." I stutter my way through that sentence.
"Liar liar pants on fire." She sings like a small baby and I make stupid faces we end up laughing. "Fine I was listening kodwa wena why are you being sneaky?" I always answer my phone in front of her yena why must she hide or run away when she wants to answer the phone awoa shame.
"Hayi Uluthando uthanda izindaba wena nje that's your problem." Mxm uyahlanya lona I want to know who she was on the phone with.
"Since you want to know so badly it was my girlfriend apparently she misses me." She blushes like a teenager.
"Argh man that is so cute... why don't you want me to meet her?" She sighs and rolls her eyes. "No Uluthando you'll meet her once I'm sure." I know we will be bickering about this until forever I really want to know who my sister is busy with but it seems that we are not on the same page when it comes to that.


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