Chapter 25


I wake up early in the morning and my baby sister is not by my side. After yesterday we definitely need to have a serious talk.
I get out of bed and I make my bed and I head over to the bathroom and do my morning hygiene process once done with that I leave my bedroom and I find my sister in the kitchen making breakfast.
"Boyabenyathi." I greet her and I take my seat around the kitchen counter felling very embarrassed after yesterday's shenanigans.
She places a plate in front of me. "I'm sorry breakfast..." she offers with puppy doll eyes her eyes are filled with tears I give her a hug.  "No my love you didn't do anything wrong I'm the one who is sorry." She cries in my embrace I hate to see my sister in this state I hate that she is apologising when I'm the one who is wrong.

We both sit down and I hold her hands. "Yiba you are not just my little sister you are also my best friend and you are like my own full grown daughter. I love you so much and I never want to see you cry; I was wrong for shouting at you when your only intention was to help me feel better I love you so much princess you know that no matter what you are my little star." I let my emotions get the best of me and I need to remember that Yiba is not a child and shouting at her the way I did was totally uncalled for and it shouldn't repeat itself. "I forgive you I understand why you were upset." I give her a kiss on her hand and we eat.
Once we finish eating I wash the dishes and we go to the sitting room and we watch some television.

"Listen there's something I want us to talk about." I get her out of her zone and she sits up and looks at me I lower the TV volume. "You are only a few years younger than me I remember when you were still a little baby I thought you were my doll I wanted to always protect you; there were times where I didn't want mom and dad to take you away from me. I always vowed to be the one who will protect you no matter what the circumstances are." I open up and memories that involve my mother are tough because at times I do not remember her and she seems like a distant memory that is slowly vanishing from my brain.
"When mom died and I realised what it meant I wanted to make to make sure that you never feel like you don't have anyone in your corner. I'm so sorry that I've brought you pain Nathi you need to go back to school and have fun go to parties and enjoy yourself; I cannot expect you to stay here and pick up after me and mend a heart that you didn't break mntase you're young and you should be out there living your best life." I can't hold her back it wouldn't be fair of me if I did.

"I want to be here mos Ulu I want to mend your broken heart I don't mind." She expresses my sister has the hero syndrome and she is always trying to be the hero. "No princess listen you are always the hero you're always saving somebody and making sure that everyone is okay and you forget about your own needs I have to be your older sister and protector and now I'm saving you from you you need to live for Yiba and deal with what Yiba deals to deal with and not what baba needs or what Ulu needs. Please mntase make yourself a priority. I'll be okay I promise I can deal with heartache but I can't deal with you not being fine and not living your life to your best ability. Go to school and make us proud." I don't want her to say no or change make me change my mind I know what I'm doing is best.

"Before you kick me out may I at least stay until Tuesday I want to spend some time with you." I agree and we seal it with a sibling hug.
We continue to have a fun day.

It's late and night now and we are in bed just talking. "So Phaledi what's her deal?" I'm very curious because she seemed to be very interested in my little sister.
"She's been flirting with me and I do think she is cute and all but I'm in a relationship with someone else dude I won't cheat on my current girl and she is here and I'm in Cape Town when will we get a chance to see each other?" She shrugs and I do agree with her long distance is dangerous and my sister's love language is physical touch she could never adapt to such a situation but they did seem to vibe at the party.

"I hear you mntase. Just do what makes you happy as long as it isn't against the law." She laughs at me she seems very confused. "Like what

making love to Mmabatho?" My eyes pop out the things that this child says
"Hay wena don't say that respect yourself hau." We laugh over that this one is crazy and I've come to term with her insane personality.

We chat all night we only fell asleep at 02:30 and I have work in the morning.

I wake up and I get ready I bath and do all that I need to do. I put on a lavender summer dress that is just above the knees with white high heels and no jacket because it is very warm outside.
"Wake up sesi you have to drive me to work." She groans when I wake her up.
"Yibanathi you are going to make me late so hurry up please." I leave the bedroom and I pack my things inside the car.
She comes out of the room smelling like mouth wash and looking like a tree monster it's the contrast for me.

She drives me to work with a big sulk on her face. "Smile baby girl." She groans and rolls her eyes she is such a morning person I am so shocked that she is upset with me right now.
"You don't get to be upset when you're the one who made us stay up late at least you don't have work to attend to." That gives her some satisfaction because she gives me a sly smile. "Hhhmm... well at least you'll be bored and tired the whole day I guess I do win." She can be so mean at times. "You're a bully Nathi hay man." She dusts her shoulders off and I simply laugh at her.

We get to work and she drops me off at the gate instead of driving me in. "Hay Yibanathi drive in the security will let you out." I can't walk such a distance with heels on.
"You have to dude Mmabatho can't see me looking like this." I get annoyed when she says that "if you don't drive this car inside I will do it myself and you will sit with me in my office until 16:30 and Mmabatho will actually see you looking a mess." That's the only way to win with Yibanathi you need to either guilt trip her or blackmail her.
"Argh... fine." She mumbles I simply pay her no mind.

She drops me off I take my things and I walk away. "Hey... hey I love you." She actually got out of the car and risked Mmabatho seeing her like that just so she can say goodbye argh she loves me.
"I love you bro." I blow her a kiss and I enter the big offices.

I pass by Mr Dingane's office before I enter mine.
I gently knock on the glass door and he gestures that I come in. "I love you too goodbye." I never knew that Mr Dingane was in a relationship I've never asked well I've always been scared of him. Mr Dingane is an attractive man and I'm pretty sure that he is in a relationship many women want him and even the women at the office are weak for him but he never gives them that satisfaction he is professional like that and I love him for it.
"Sorry to disturb you sir I just wanted to greet you and make sure you're okay." I give him a gentle smile. "I'm definitely fine is everything okay Ms Ndlovu?" No everything is fucked up... I say nothing. I just keep it to myself.
"Yes everything is fine thank you for asking. I was just checking up on you I won't waste anymore of your time I'll get to work." I stand up and take my little bags. "You look happier these days even though you did look a bit sad on Friday I just didn't want to bug you is everything okay?" Wait he noticed? I thought I did a good job hiding my hurt and pain.

"I'm better now sir my sister came and she was just what the doctor ordered." He smiles. "I'm glad Ms Ndlovu have a lovely day." I thank him and I leave his office and I head to mine. Neo hasn't arrived at work yet.

I start reading through manuscripts and doing what I'm paid to do.
I've always loved reading it's an escape for me and I'm most certainly at my happiest when I read or edit books it just feels right for me I just love it.


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