Chapter 24


We finish cooking and we finally sit down and we start chatting and getting to know each other.

"Ulu are you in a relationship?" I choke on my juice... "uhm huh?" I definitely didn't expect that question I mean what do I say how do I answer this. Yes I am single I just broke up with my fiancé who happened to be married does that sound right?
"Uhm I'm sorry you don't have to answer if you aren’t comfortable with the question."
"I don't know." I answer honestly because damn my shit is complicated as fuck
No further questions are asked and I am absolutely happy about that I've been having such a good time here I haven't even thought about Mbuso well until now and now I'm a bit salty.

Yibanathi is drunk at this point she said she just wanted to relax and drink like a lady but instead she drank like a damn fish. "Guys thank you so much for having us here it was so fun. I do hope we can do it again and that I wasn't too boring." Banele laughs at me. "No sweetheart you were amazing; you and Yibanathi are an entire vibe hey." I say thank you. We exchange numbers and they promise to invite us to their next chillas they walk us out and we hug each person and say our goodbyes. "Thank you for I definitely needed this." I admit to Neo he has helped me I wasn't feeling okay and being out with his friends has helped me so much.
"Anytime. I had so much fun; Yibanathi is my favourite person." I giggle at his statement.

"Mara uyabora wena I told you that you have to drive us back and now you're drunk hay mxm." I'm a bit salty about the situation I truly do not want to drive but seeing my circumstances there is nothing that I can do. "Awoa Ulu I'm sorry bro." She hugs me from the back and I roll my eyes in annoyance she definitely doesn't care. "I'll drive you back home and I'll take an uber back here." Neo sweetly offers and my heart smiles from his sweet gesture "thanks Neo but I'll be able to drive us back home." I turn around to talk to Yiba and she is standing with Phaledi and they are whispering sweet nothings to each other.
"Yiba lets go." She takes her seat in the back seat and she sleeps. The drive back home is silent and I'm bored to death.

We finally arrive home and Mbuso's car is parked in the garage I've had such a good day why would he want to ruin it?
I decide to leave Yibanathi inside the car while I deal with this situation.

When I open the door he is already inside impatiently waiting for me I can tell that he has been drinking his eyes are red it is as if he has been crying.

I stand in front of him
"Gatsheni." He words are barely audible he is on the verge of breaking down a grown man a strong man like Mbuso is about to cry in front of me and as much as I hate to admit it it breaks my heart seeing him like this. "I thought I asked you to give me space..." I whisper to match his own pitch. "I can't do that Uluthando you are all I fucken think about I need you here by my side." Tears drop lies because every single word that he has uttered is a lie. "You don't need me Bhekumbuso you have a wife and a family. All I ever was to you was a fun fantasy and you need to let that go and be with your wife I don't fit anywhere in your perfect life for crying out loud." My pitch goes higher I should be mourning my own pain but here I am trying to nurse this grown man's ego.
"If it is so perfect why do I want you why are you all that I want." I chuckle for a second. "This proves it your words say it all. You want me and you need your family." For the first time he looks up and he faces me like a man. "Wait... I've been crying over you and you were out having fun with other men

look at yourself Uluthando what the fuck?" He shouts Mbuso just shouted at me I jump when he raises his voice and I move back. I'm scared I'm not sure what he is about to do next.
"Fuck you it's always about you stop trying to fucken control Mbuso I'm not your damn property!" I click my tongue I'm furious at this point I just want to slap him.

"I think you should leave..." I hear a raspy voice and it is my sister standing at the door leaning against the doorframe Mbuso remains still and he says nothing at all. "Yiba please go to the car I'll handle this." I avoid looking at her I need her to allow me to fight this battle on my own. "No Ulu I..." I turn around in an aggressive manner. "Yibanathi I said go and sit in the damn car angithi?" I shout at her and she closes the door with tears in her eyes I do feel bad but right now I just have to deal with this right now.

"Yiba is right you should leave or I will. How dare you cause me so much pain Mbuso you proposed to me you said you loved me what kind if sick joke is that?" I try hard to keep calm but I fail I walk towards him and I push him but he remains still.
"I love you Na'Ndlovu and I'll always remind you that I do and I'm sorry for how I went about things if I told you the truth to begin with you would have never agreed to be with me." He admits and he is right I would never take the conscious decision to fuck a married man. "You hurt me..." I cry.
"Uluthando I tried to stay away from you but when I saw you in that restaurant something happened within me and I tried to let it go but I just kept thinking about you and I called you. I didn't mean to fall in love with you it happened all on its own." He takes a seat he looks defeated. "I do sit and wish that I didn't love you like I do and that I didn't hurt you like I did I just miss the old us when we were happy." I walk to my bedroom and I take his ring and I come back into the kitchen and I place it on top of the counter.
"Please leave and I promise I'll be out of your house very soon." I keep all of my hurt and anger in. "Please don't leave and please don't give me this ring back I want to fix this." I step back. "I don't I'm not your sex toy you won't treat me like your bubble-gum and think an apology meaningless words and crocodile tears will do the trick?" I genuinely look at him and he doesn't look like my Mangethe my protector.
"The answer is no please leave. I was having such a good day and you had to ruin it nx." He stands up and I can we are about to go to the rodeo here comes another fight. "Yeah I knew it damnit and I thought you loved me but here you are coming back home so late because you were busy fucking another man." He did not just say that...
"Don't you dare Mbuso..." I warn him now I am beyond pissed how dare he disrespect me in that manner. "I thought you were better than that Uluthando." I take the glass that he was drinking from and I aggressively smash it on the wall we both watch the whiskey drip down my beige wall. "I guess you thought wrong take your shitty self out this house. I don't ever want to see you again you fucken disgust me." He mumbles something he takes his car keys and he leaves the house and slams the door behind him.

I walk to the door and I hear his voice.

'My sister deserves better and you claim that you love her then let her go. She doesn't deserve to be your second best.' Yibanathi sounds so hurt she is on the verge of tears. 'How can I let her go when she is all my heart wants?' I walk away from the door I don't want to hear any more of this conversation.

I clean up the broken glass pieces and I wipe my wall and my floor.

I hear the car lock and Yiba comes inside the house and leans against the door. "Go to sleep baby girl. We will talk tomorrow I love you." I close off the conversation before she says anything else. She gives me a kiss on the forehead and she walks into my bedroom. "I love you more." She responds.
"I love you most I swear I do." I mumble out those words.


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