Chapter 22


"Ulu stand up sweetheart." My sister helps me to and we walk to the sitting room with me crying I've been strong the whole day I had to suck up my entire pain and act like I'm okay and I'm not okay it hurt so badly.

"Just lie down sweetheart and I'll get you something to drink." I take off my shoes and I lie on the couch everything fucken thing in this house reminds me of him.
"Let me clean up your room and then we can watch movies how about that?" I simply agree to the terms. I even forget about the mess that I created I can't let my sister clean that up. I stand up and I go to my bedroom "I'll clean it up you just got here after a long flight and I created the mess so it isn't fair." I gently push her away from the doorway and I walk inside my bedroom.
"No Uluthando I said I'll do it so just let me do it." She shouts at me and I move back from the mess she continues picking up the bottles. I get undressed I put on my robe and my flops.

I go prepare my sister's room making sure that everything is good for her. I pack her clothes in the wardrobe.
As soon as I finish that I go over to my bedroom to check on my sister and see if she needs help.
I just stand by the doorway and I lean against the doorframe looking at my sister; I don't believe there is a love greater than this I mean look at her she has fixed my room she covered my vanity mirror with a sheet so that I don't have to look at that and have a constant image of Mbuso and the monster that he has turned me into.
She lit up candles because she knows how much I love them and their smell.
I walk towards her and I give her a massive hug I'm so appreciative of her and I wish I could scream it so that the entire world can know.

She hugs me tightly and embraces me. "Come on let’s watch a movie and eat some snacks and you will tell everything that is bothering you." I nod in agreement.
I get inside the blankets and I browse through Netflix looking for a movie to watch while my sister prepares something to eat for us.

I finally decide on what to watch my sister joins me in my bed and we watch the movie.
I lie my head on top of my sister's chest and I cuddle up with her.
"So when I drove you to the airport and you told me that Nhlanzeka could speak I was so excited in fact I was beyond excited.” I smile just thinking about it these boys have become such a huge part of my life and they just mean so much to me. "Whilst you were taking out your bags I called Mbuso to tell the great news I was ecstatic and I wanted to share these amazing news with him..." I gulp down the water next to my headstand.
"A woman answered his fucken phone Yiba

I was ecstatic and I wanted to share these amazing news with him..." I gulp down the water next to my headstand.
"A woman answered his fucken phone Yiba the nerve of that guy. So I said my goodbyes to you when I got back here his wife was here waiting for me for some odd reason it just didn't click that Mbuso had a fucken wife I don't know why." I shrug I feel like a damn idiot I have tears rolling down my face already my heart is so broken at this point I've never felt this kind of pain because of a man.
My sister remains quiet she just allows me to talk and express how I'm feeling right now my world has crashed and crumbled down just like that.
"So we go inside and she asks me questions about Nhlanzeka and boom it hit me she is the woman that answered his phone. I was so pissed I thought to myself how dare Mbuso cheat on me with his ex-wife such disrespect..." I groan out frustration I can barely breathe at this moment. "Bro things moved so fast and I had to go to work she left after work Mbuso was already waiting for me outside my workplace. We drove back here and when we got there his wife was standing in front of my door and I just couldn't believe it. You'll think I'm an idiot for saying this it still didn't fucken hit me ukuthi they are married. We sat down and spoke she called me to order for saying something and said that I shouldn't decide her son's fate and all that shit right?" She looks at me with eyes as big as tennis balls she seems to be in absolute disbelief. "Ulu mntase hay!" She exclaims. "Yebo and I got so mad bro I told Mbuso to speak before I lose my shit right and the first thing he said was 'I'm sorry that I have a wife...' did I not die a million deaths when he said that I immediately went blind deaf and all that shit all at once I literally lost all my senses."


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