Chapter 21


"Where is your brother?" I'm ready to go this is way harder than I thought I'm hurting this is his real life; a huge mansion his wife and beautiful children; this is where Mbuso belongs not with me not with his side piece.

"In his bedroom I'll show you." Mtho holds both Yiba and I by our hands and he leads the way I feel like I'm in a bee swarm I feel so uncomfortable being in this place.
"I want to talk to him I'll be back okay." He nods and Yiba knocks and she goes in.
I sit on the couch that is there and Mtho sits next to me. While we are chatting Mbuso's wife and Mbuso himself walk towards our direction.
They are a couple I've never felt this worthless as in ever.
"I like the way that you did Nhlanzeka's hair may you please also do my hair like that?" He excitedly asks with a hug smile on his face. "Well you hair is shorter than your brother's so I'm not sure but there is no harm in trying right?" He places his head on my thighs and I begin to plait his hair.
We finish after a few minutes when I look at Mbuso's wife she looks so annoyed at this situation and I don't blame her. If my husband's side piece was in my house touching my son I would lose it.

Mbuso and his wife are bickering about what they should do about this situation.
"Nhlanzeka is growing up just respect him and teach yourselves to listen to him instead of making decisions on his behalf without consulting him. Communication is key in whatever relationship." I blurt out they are just upsetting me with how they are going about things I do not support it at all.

"Would you like to see my room?" Mtho offers and I'm grateful because this situation is hard.
I agree and we walk to his room he shows me his new toys and his favourite things.
"I like this it is beautiful." I compliment his comic collection. I also have my own but I left it at home that collection is part of the reason why they always both my sister and I were lesbians because we've always enjoyed things that people claimed were for boys.
"Thank you my brother's one is even better he helped me built this stand for it when my old one got too small." I sit down on the carpet and listen to his story.
"You truly love your brother..." he nods it seems like he is unsettled with something. "I love him a lot because he loves me and he plays with me he always protects me from the bullies." There seems to be something that is eating him up because he has told me this before but with a smile on his face.
"Hey talk to me it is okay." I place him on my lap so he feels comfortable and at home.
"Please don't tell anyone and please don't shout at me okay?" His eyes are already filled with tears.
"I knew that my brother can talk he asked me to promise that I wouldn't tell mom and dad because he knows how they are and all along I lied. I'm sorry that I am a bad child." Oh no poor thing. I hug him tightly I brush his back with the hopes that it will relax him.
Nhlanzeka has been able to talk this time I am honestly baffled. I guess that explains why he has good speech according to Yiba of cause because I haven't heard him.

"Lying is not good sweetheart it never it but you know what Yibanathi and I also kept secrets from our dad when we were younger and till today we still keep secrets from him because there is no greater bond than the bond between you and your sibling. You were only protecting." I'm not a parent and I will not act like I am one and I can't parent somebody else's children but he was protecting his brother and I would've done the same for my sister.
"You don't hate me?" I shake my head no. "Of cause not handsome

you did it because you love your brother." I kiss his forehead trying to stop him from crying.

Mbuso comes in the room while I'm with Mtho.
"Is everything okay?" I nod yes I avoid looking at him. I feel such a deep disgust by his presence I can't stand it.
"I think Yibanathi and Nhlanzeka want to talk to you." Mtho and I stand up and we walk out together.
We go into Nhlanzeka's room and he looks happy to see me or his brother I'm not sure. I greet him and I sit next to my sister.

"Mtho told me that he knew all along why didn't you want your family to know that you were able to speak handsome?" He shrugs and looks down.
"I didn't want all of this the shows the parties and everyone forcing me to talk I just like the quite." This is so relatable but I doubt I would be able to go mute for this long.
"I understand that and you should talk at your own pace do not allow anyone to dictate anything for you okay?" He nods with a sneer on his face "but accept the help that you are given everyone is here because they love you this is a place full of love." I explain to him and he hugs his baby brother.
"Younger siblings are also our hero's. They save us from a lot of trouble." I hold my sister's hands. "I love you bro." Yiba says and I place my head on her shoulder.

"I think we should call in your parents." Yibanathi says and Mtho runs to call his father and mother. His mother is crying she has tears running down her face and this is exactly what Nhla didn't want he just wants to be treated as normal.
They hug and they have their own family moment. My sister and I step back and allow the love to spread. Uluthando this is not where you belong I almost ruined a perfect and happy family.
The moment they stop the hugs and kisses I prepare to say my goodbyes to them.
"Goodbye you awesome dudes." Yiba says as we both hug them goodbye.
"I thought we would play video games or watch movies after this." Mthokozisi whines I think that Mbuso didn't think this clearly because now this is going to be over and I've grown attached to the boys and they have also grown attached to me. It hurts but it is our sad reality.
"Whenever your mother and father allow you to visit me we can do all that and we will buy ice-cream." I try to console his fragile hurt heart. "You know how we love ice-cream." Nhla looks at us with smiles.
"Nisale kahle mndeni waka Zwane." I utter and we are walked out of this house.

When we get to the car Yiba says goodbyes to her crushee and she takes the wheels. She has totally ignored the existence of Mbuso and his wife.
Mbuso pulls me to the side and for the sake of his kids I don't argue or do anything that is weird.
"Boyabenyathi please I beg you. Please hear me out I love you." His words hit exactly where he wants them too I look up and I see his wife holding her children I move back. "This will be the last time you see me I want nothing to do with you and your evil heart." I utter those words through gritted teeth he tries to hold my wrist but I push him away and I get inside my car.
I look down the entire time trying to hide the tears that fill my eyes the pain and sorrow that has taken over my life all because of that bloody son of a... argh fuck it.

My sister parks at the garage near my house and she goes in. She buys a couple of things I don't even bother to ask and we drive to my house actually it is Mbuso's house I don't even have a damn place to live right now. In only three months my life has become something that I never thought that it would become I became a homewrecker a side piece and a homeless woman.
When we finally arrive at the house we both go inside and I just sit on the floor.
"Yiba it hurts mntase hay kunzima." I faintly admit to her my heart is shattered right now.


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