Chapter 20


I continue working and when it is lunch time I decide to go to Neo's office and invite him to go out for lunch.

"Well I'm ready if you are." I have sucked it up because when I am work I cannot be a wreck I have an image that I have to uphold.
"Let me just save this and let's get going." He saves it and we walk out together.

"Awoa nna ke tswere ketlala." He grunts unexpectedly and I look at him with so much shock but I turn away before he notices but it is too late.
"I'm sorry that wasn't Uhm... I'm sorry." I giggle just a bit and I just shake my head.
"I understand I'm also hungry." I try to make him feel a bit better about that.
We use his car to drive to KFC we get the same meal we buy dunked wings that we will share and sweet chili twister meals. I decide buy some ice-cream.

"You eat ice-cream for lunch?" He looks quite amazed by what I am doing.
"I eat ice-cream for breakfast brunch lunch dinner midnight snack and any other time of the day that exists." I take pride in that I would give all the foods or drinks in the world to eat ice-cream any day I would even give up wine; that should prove how much I love ice-cream.
"I think you have found your soulmate." He puts out a little joke and I laugh.
"No doubt it never betrays me." I add on his statement.
We drive back to the office. We sit in my office and eat there we get to know each other.
"Thank you for being kind to me and being friends with I truly appreciate it because I'm new here and I don't know anyone in this specific area." I definitely understand what he is talking about when I came to Johannesburg I knew no one and it was tough as much as I don't have friends but at least I have people that I know and now I have new friend.
"No need to thank me I'm also happy to have you as a friend." He nods.
When I look up I see Mbuso at reception.
"Please excuse me." I quickly say to Neo as I stand up. I walk out of my office to the reception and the receptionist is quite happy to see Mbuso.
I give him a look and he walks over to me we stand by the side he looks so upset.
"Are you really that mad at me to a point that you are laughing happily with men in your office." I cannot believe this man right I could just hit him that is how upset I am right now.
"Lalela lana Bhekumbuso I work here and I will not allow you to ruin my good image here in my office. Hamba angifuni ukukubona kunini ngisho ukuthi hlukana nami" I try by all means to make my body language to look as relaxed as possible.
"You don't want to listen to me so..." I fake a smile and I leave him there if he dares to make a scene uzongazi kahle I will not be played by this man.

When I get back to my office I see Neo looking at my pictures and the things that are on my desk.
"You are a daddy's girl." He says that as a compliment and I smile when I think of my dad the best father that has ever walked on God's green earth.
"Yeah I am he and my sister are all that I have." Every time somebody talks about people that I love or my family I just feel the need to boast about them just tell the whole world how amazing these people are.
"Aww sister so you were born with a best friend." I smile when he says that because he is very right I was born with a best friend growing up I never felt the need to have friends because my sister was always there for me and I was always there for her.
"I definitely agree with that she is my absolute everything I've never met a soul who understands me better than that crazy ass." I cover my mouth when I realise what I just said I mean I do cuss but this man is very spiritual and he might find what I said highly offensive.
"It's okay no need to feel bad." He is barely able to speak from all the laughter.

We finish up with lunch and back to work we go since Today is Friday we are knocking off early.

I decide to not any work home this weekend I will deal with work on Monday I'm going through the most.
I walk to Mr Dingane's office door. "Happy Friday sir." I wave goodbye and he does the same he looks very happy to leave work.

"Are you close with the big boss?" Neo asks as we walk to our cars. "No not really but I take him as my mentor

sans-serif; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; color:#222222;mso-fareast-language:EN-ZA">"Are you close with the big boss?" Neo asks as we walk to our cars. "No not really but I take him as my mentor he is the reason I'm an editor today he pushed me to work hard." I truly appreciate him I was very scared of him but he proved that his strictness is for our benefit.
"Well that makes sense he is a very stern man." I definitely agree with what he is saying.
When we get downstairs to the parking lot someone is leaning against my car.
The moment I see my sister I rush to her and I tackle her with a hug.
She holds me tightly I know she left only yesterday but wow so many things happened since she left and I've truly missed her and I've needed her more than anything.

I am already crying I wipe my tears and she gives me a kiss.

"This is my colleague Neo and Neo this is my baby sister Yibanathi." I introduce them "I'm her sister don't mind the baby sister part." Neo laughs at her I called her baby sister on purpose because I know it annoys her.
"It is nice to meet you. So beauty runs in the Ndlovu family." Did I just see my little sister blushing for a man I love it.
"Thank you he's one of the cuter ogres." Neo's face turns sour he is so confused.
"I'll explain later." I say with a laugh.
We say our goodbyes.
"Please drive." I give her the car keys and we drive off.

"So we are going to Mbuso's house so I can speak with Nhlanzeka with the hopes that he will want to talk back this whole thing is the reason that this child doesn't want to speak the pressure is too much." I said the exact thing and I came across as the side piece that was trying to dictate what the perfect family is supposed to do.

I really don't want to see Mbuso and his wife but there is absolutely nothing I can do I want to support both Nhla and my sister they deserve it.
This will be my first time going to his house it is pretty clear that he lives in a mansion because this neighbourhood has such beautiful homes.

We get to his house and they do a security check on us things that rich people do. We are finally allowed to get inside and all I can say is wow this home is magnificent this is a home that is suitable for a president.
We park our small car next to the big and fancy cars that are parked here.

"Before we go in I just want to tell you something that recently came to my attention..." I let out a deep breath saying this is so hard.
"Mbuso is married that woman is not his ex but he is actually married to her." Those words sound sour in my mouth I never thought that I would ever utter such bitter words.
"No what the fuck are you saying to me?" She looks so upset she could hit someone and I will not stand here and defend Mbuso.
"If we go in then we are going to beat the fuck out of him and if we aren’t doing that then let's just go home." I wish we could just beat him up and ruin his things but that won't mend my broken heart and he still has the money to buy whatever we destroy.

"Yiba we are not here for ourselves we are here to support Nhlanzeka after that we will leave and we won't be have to pretend to be friends with these people." I need her to calm down this is why I didn't want to come here.
"What about you how are you feeling about all of this?" Tears just drop to the floor and I wipe away my sadness.
"We'll talk after this okay?" She gives me a hug with no words exchanged.
She holds my hand and we walk towards the huge mansion hand-in-hand.

The door is opened for us and we are directed to wait for the family.

"Mommy look it's Aunty Yiba." Mtho is truly in love with Yibanathi.
He runs to her and his mother shouts at him for running in the house he gives her a hug and she picks him up.
"I thought you said you were leaving." I'm guessing her leaving truly hurt him he doesn't let go of her.
"I had to come back my sister needed me." Yibanathi emphasises that point.
"You guys came to visit us today I'm so happy." He also hugs my legs.

His mother greets us and offers us something to eat or drink we both decline. We are here to help Nhlanzeka and then we are leaving.
We are not friends and we will never be friends especially after what she and Mbuso did to me.


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