Chapter 2


Dang it there goes my alarm I don't even snooze it. I get up with a groan out of frustration and I get out of my bed with so much irritation I put on my sleepers; I drag my feet to the bathroom.
I bath and I finish up; I put on some makeup. Today is Friday so my clothing is going to be a bit chilled I wear black jeans white and red sneakers with a white formal shirt and a simple jacket. I make some breakfast and I leave the house with 30 minutes to spare I am highly proud of myself I tried by all means to be fast and ensure that I make it to work on time.

I kept thinking about that man from last night why did he pay for my petrol he doesn't even know me some people out there are hard-core psychos anyway enough about that idiot.

When I get to work I am called into the boss's office and I wonder why I am very early today with 15 minutes to spare.

I knock on the glass door and the boss instructs that I come I take my seat and I have my notepad open.

"Good morning Mr Dingane." His face is so serious I am even scared to utter any words.

"Ms. Ndlovu I will get straight to my point. Your book was approved." Words cannot begin to describe the happiness that I feel inside several books of mine have been approved but this time is different I get to edit the book of my choice. I try to contain my joy at this point but it is very hard. "You may edit the book a meeting with the author has been set up and she will be here on Monday take this time to note up everything that you might need." I am smiling ear to ear I just want to scream oh thank you dear God. "Thank you Mr Dingane I promise I will not disappoint you Sir." I am given a smile and a nod and that is all I need. I am about to make him so proud and most importantly I will make myself proud. "Congratulations on being early." He slightly chuckles and focuses on his computer screen. "Thank you sir." He tells me that I am excused and I go back to my work station and I reread the book marking every point that needs to changed or rephrased.

I have a long weekend ahead of me.


I am so early today that not even Mr. Dingane has arrived I am super proud of myself.

I prepare for my lunch meeting with the author I really want her to be impressed with me and I want to make sure that her book becomes best seller; she is so talented and she genuinely deserves that and so much more.

Time flies and I am already at the restaurant that the author requested we meet at.

She begins to tell me all about herself her upbringing her beliefs her inspiration etc.

"So you think with this approach my book sales will sky rocket?" She asks me for reassurance she really has faith in me and it gives me so much pleasure to have someone give me a vote of confidence.

"Yes definitely

sans-serif;mso-fareast-font-family: "Times New Roman";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-fareast-language: EN-ZA">"Yes definitely I truly believe that we can do this." I utter as I search my bag for the company card there is no way I am paying for this with my own money not when the company has the funds to do so. I pay the bill and when I stand up I notice a familiar tall figure; oh hell fucken no this guy is stalking me. I give author (Malebo) a hug goodbye and she leaves the restaurant. If not now then when? I walk over to the guy who is wearing a black tracksuit in the afternoon what kind of person is he who does that it is absolutely odd/

"Sorry sir do we have an issue?” I cross my arms. “I will not allow you to bully me please leave me alone." That accidentally comes out as an angry whisper to him well to his back he turns around and the man looks confused oh no...

"Is there a pro..." he takes a slight pause and chuckles calmly as he looks to the side he even has a tattoo I am revolted by him. "I am starting to think that you are the one who is following me Ms." I roll my eyes at the disrespect of this tall human that stands before me "you owe me how about we sit down and we have some lunch?" I try my best not to blush but I fail he has the most perfect teeth making me feel insecure about mine.
"You have a gorgeous smile." I try by all means not to show that his compliment excited me his voice is deep yet calm and I can hear that he is a Zulu man and my father would be very content about that.

"Thank you please give me your account number so I can pay you back." I give him a pen so he can write it down and he chuckles in disbelief.
"I want lunch or dinner and until then you owe me." Persistent I see my father would be so disappointed in me entertaining a man I barely know who has a tattoo on his arm.
I think that I'm crazy at this point would he be disappointed or not; I laugh at myself.
"Well that won't work." I shake my head in disagreement why am I still here talking to this tall sexy devilish freak?

He moves closer to me and rests his finger on the document that I have in my hand and he smiles. "Gatsheni." My heart does backflips.
"I... I...  I have to leave goodbye Mr.." I just realised that I don't know this man's name and I've been here talking to him for like 8 minutes.
"Sorry for taking so long Mr Zwane your food is ready and the files will be emailed to you." The young lady respectfully says there is no way you wouldn't respect such a man his aura demands it but me on the other side I like to rebel here and there.
"Thank you." He takes the bags of food and he directs that we should walk out and I do exactly that. "I'll walk you to your car." He whispers as he opens the door for me chills I felt chills for a stranger oh my goodness.

We get to my car; I pack my things inside. "Goodbye Mr Zwane." I get inside my car; I have to run away from such a person. "It's Bhekumbuso you can just call me Mbuso or Bheki." Hhmm... Mbuso Zwane "Mangethe." I think out loud "stop or else I'll marry you."
I titter when he says that and I close the door of my car.
I say nothing more to him and I drive away.

What a day...


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