Chapter 18


I shower and I get dressed and ready for work. I take my work equipment and I drive off.

As soon as I get to work I take my seat and I read through a manuscript I don't want anyone to decide for me so at this point I am doing two jobs at once for the price of one.

"Goodmorning Ms.Ndlovu this is Mr Motloung and he is a new editor here." Mmabatho introduces us and I give him a handshake. Mmabatho leaves and it is just us standing in front of each other.
"Are you okay Ms Ndlovu?" He sweetly asks I turn around and I look at him.
"I'm okay I'm just having one of those days." I add a small chuckle to smooth it over.
"I've had a couple of those lately I'm sorry I hope you do feel better." Well I doubt you've had the man you plan to spend the rest of your life with sleep with his babymama and she answers his phone when you call him to tell him one of the most exciting news the news that his first child who has never spoken can speak he spoke...
"Thank you very much may I please know your name?" I ask with a kind tone and a smile on my face.
"Neo." He has good manners.
"I'm Uluthando I like your name sweet and short." It suits him Neo Motloung.
"Uluthando I've never heard it before. Are you like a special or premium version of boThando?" When he said boThando it was clear that he either speaks Setswana or Sesotho.
"Well I don't know about special." He laughs a little.
"You are special never ever doubt it." He walks to his office that is directly linked to mine.
"Thank you." I whisper to myself I am finding it hard to believe.

I try keeping a straight face and I read through manuscripts this is what I came here for I came here to get a job done even if it hurts like shit.
My sister sent me a text when she arrived she called me as well but I didn't answer because I know that the moment I talk to her she will know that something is up and that is something that I cannot explain.

The moment 16:00 hits I'm already packing my things and I prepare to leave the office. I walk to the vending machines and I get myself a packet of sweets.
"Did I do or say something that upset you?" A voice questions me I quickly lift my face up and it is Neo. "No of cause not why would you even think so?" He has been nice since he got here I haven't said anything rude to him so I'm blank at this point.

"Uhm when I asked you if you wanted to have some lunch with me and you ignored me." I do not remember that happening "oh my goodness I did not hear you. I'm so sorry." I've had so much on my mind I was glued to my work the entire time.
"Oh I just thought maybe I was annoying you." He explains it clearly hurt his feelings. "No of cause not I'm really sorry." He smiles at me at my heart feels a bit at ease.
"I forgive you no need to apologise." He adds on that cute smile.
We have small chit chat and after that we go back to our offices. I take my things and I prepare to leave but before that I pass by Mr Dingane's office.
I greet him and he looks very happy to see me. I leave the office and when I get to the parking section Mbuso is there in a blue Jeep.

He gives me a little smile hoping that it will make things better for him. I walk to my car and I put my things in the car.
I finish up and I get inside my car. He stands behind the car. "Mbuso please move you are blocking my way." I respectfully say.
He doesn't budge I get out of the car and I stand there in front of him. "I need to talk to you I missed you so much." I give him a look and I chuckle out of annoyance in fact out of anger.
"You know where I live and no we aren't driving out together." I state and I can see that he sees through my anger

he moves away from the car.
I go back inside and I drive away from the office I stop at McDonald's to get ice-cream and a watermelon mcfizz.
I see him following me into the drivethru and I let him be I have no energy whatsoever to argue with him.

When I get home I see the babymama's car is in my driveway okay this is a show.
I park my car by the garage and I'm sure her man will park behind me.

When she notices that I'm getting out of the car she does the same did she steal Mbuso's entrance remote or what because there is no way that she can come in and out of here freely without any form of permission.
We stand in front of my house next to each other we stand together. We see the car of the man that we are both fucking drive towards my house I shake my head in disbelief. This is a fucken joke.
I open the security gate and door we both enter.
I walk her into the sitting room and she sits down looking around maybe she is trying to find a fault in my decor or something.
I go inside the kitchen and I take the food that was left of when I was preparing food for Yiba and I warm it up our man enters the house and I ignore his presence. I do that and I fix up coffee tea and all those things.
I place it all on the coffee table in the sitting room; I didn't invite either of them and this situation is annoying and but my father taught me well he said we must respect our guests and make them feel homely.

Mbuso stands up and he looks shit-scared.
"Sit down Bhekumbuso aren't you part of the reason that we are all gathered here?" I don't even know why we are here or in this case why they are here.

"The reason that I'm here is to plead for your help with Nhla's situation." I nod I honestly don't know what to say.
"Well the problem is that my sister isn't here she left for Cape Town this very morning she has an exam tomorrow." I explain to her I don't know how I can help them in any way.
"I don't know the next time that she will be here." I add my on my last statement.
"I can fly her out when she finishes writing private jet and all and I will make sure that her flight back is also very comfortable and that she gets the rest that she needs and deserves after the long exam." She really wants to hear her son talk; I mean which mother wouldn't want that? I would want the same thing I mean I do want to hear Nhlanzeka speak.
"Sure I don't mind you can talk to her and hear what she has to say about it. I just hope that you do not pressure him into talking or make him regret doing it." The way that they are going about this is stressing me out I feel like it will upset uNhla and it will make him return to that corner. I think the reason he felt so comfortable talking to Yibanathi is the fact that she is so relatable she is chilled and unlike the rest of us she isn't extra like that.

"Don't tell me how to parent my child please." I look up with so much shock.
"Oh I sincerely apologise." My heart is hurt.
"Bhekumbuso talk." He needs to stop acting like a fucken baby.
"Uhm... Gatsheni I'm sorry." He is barely able to talk what is he apologising for?
"What are you apologising for?" I sincerely ask I'm not in the mood to argue with him especially in front of Nhlazeka's mother.
"For this whole thing I wanted to tell you the truth I've just been so scared to lose you. I swear I love you." I'm a bit in the dark right now.
"I know that me being married is..." I drop my mug. "You being what?" He did not just say what I think he said there is no way. She looks down she is surely avoiding this entire thing I stand up in disbelief.
"You are disgusting." I scream in his face.
"Is this some sick joke is this the shit that you do to people?" Nothing seems clear at this point.
"You make innocent people fall in love with you lie to them and promise them love and then you are your wife torture them what kind of people are you?" I move away from them. "No I swear Na'Ndlovu it isn't like that." Mbuso tries explaining himself.
I take my phone and I click on Yibanathi's number I give Mrs Zwane the phone. "Call Yiba and ask her what you want and after you're done get the fuck out of here you make me want to hurl." I click my tongue and I walk away I lock myself in my room.

"What the fuck just happened?" I ask myself with tears rolling down my face


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