Chapter 17


We get inside the house and Yiba cleans up my sister cannot stand dirt she is obsessive with everything that she does she wants everything to do be done a certain way so she insists on doing it herself.

I decide to go and shower.
After forty minutes I'm done showering and I'm already dressed and ready for bed with my pyjamas on. I go to my sister's bedroom and she is on a video call.

"Ouu is somebody talking to their girlfriend?" I do a little dance and make funny faces.

'I'll call you later my sister is here.'
She hangs up and faces me.
"Why didn't you let me say hi?" I am very confused right now.
"No you are not her friend I don't want her to get the wrong ideas." I laugh because wow I honestly did not expect this.
"It's not that deep though." I say as I sit next to her on the bed.
"It is you wouldn't introduce Mbuso to ubaba unless you knew that he is a good man that is going to be your forever." I smile because she is right and secondly because she puts me in such high regards.
"I understand you respect me." She rolls her eyes.
"Let me help you pack I can't believe that you're leaving me." I sulk I will miss having her around. I'm always so lonely in this house and having my best friend with me every day and every night is honestly the best.
"I will miss you mntasekhaya." We hug each other tightly.
I take her suitcase and I help her pack her bags.

"Oh bro I had a question for you I thought it seemed very disrespectful of me to ask in front the kids." I nod in agreement waiting to hear what she has to say.
"You said that one of Mbuso's children do not speak." I give her a confused look. "Yeah you saw that Nhlazeka doesn't speak Mtho is the only one that speaks." I explain to her she seems so confused and now I am too.

"Wait Uluthando I spoke to both of them and both of them responded to me." She explains to and I freeze.
"Wait take it back. Explain please." I plead because I'm honestly completely baffled at this point.

"When you went to the kitchen to prepare the food for us I spoke to him because I didn’t want to come across as rude right he kept quiet for a moment and he played the other song that I like so I then danced to the song and complimented him on his good taste in music and he thanked me we had a little talk after that and he even showed me his game and yeah that sums it up." I'm frozen at this point I cannot talk nor move my eyes are filled with tears.
"I swear I wouldn't lie to you he spoke I'm not crazy." I jumped on her with a massive hug and she reciprocated it she rubbed my back.

"You made him talk you know his voice. Yiba do you understand what this means." I hug her tightly I'm balling right now. God is great.
"I'll call Mbuso." I run to my bedroom where I left my phone.

I repeatedly dial his number and there is no answer.
I call 8 or so times and I eventually give up. I help my sister pack and we continue to discuss this huge blessing and the fact we will miss each other dearly and when she plans on coming back.
We finally get to sleep with her cuddling up on me.
My little princess I've never loved anyone like I love her all my life I wanted to protect her from all the dangers of this world; she is the one who makes me whole.
"I love you so much." I whisper to her but she is fast asleep. I say a small prayer and I dose off.

Next morning.
We wake up and prepare for her departure.
"Go and shower I will go and prepare breakfast for you." Now we are both sad "may I please pretty please pick out an outfit for you?" She nods.
I squeal from excitement and she laughs at me.

I pick out some clothes for her I pick out her white and red Nike Jordan 4's a black slightly torn jean red t-shirt and a black denim jacket.
I go to the kitchen and I make her some breakfast I make some porridge because I know she loves it.

I also make a little burger for her just so she can fill her stomach.

sans-serif; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; color:#222222;mso-fareast-language:EN-ZA">She comes out and enjoys her porridge and after that she eats the proper meal to get her full. She brushes her teeth once again and she gets dressed looking all gorgeous uzalile umfo kaGatsheni ubuhle obulana.

I don't have time to bath if I bath now then she will be late for her flight.
I just do a quick cleaning process and I put on a red tight-fit dress with sandals.

"You like copying me." She rolls her eyes and I click my tongue at her.
We drive to the airport and when she takes out her belongings I decide to call Mbuso because I saw several calls back I'm surprised that he hasn't showed up at my house.

_Call conversation._
Me: Mangethe I've been calling. I have such amazing news Yiba told me that yesterday Nhla spoke to her I'm in total disbelief.
Mbu: Nhlazeka did what?
I hear a woman speak and my heart stops
I check my phone and yes I definitely called Mbuso I called Bhekumbuso and a woman answers after he didn't answer my phone he disappeared the entire day.
I hang up.
My sister is standing in front of me looking at me like some crazy woman.
I fake a smile and I walk her in.

"I will miss you so much I love you and best of luck in that exam and I know that you will nail it." I give her the biggest hug and tears fall from my eyes I'm pleading for her to stay and help me through this a woman answering my future husband's phone.
"Please don't cry you know I'll miss you more. I love you so fucken much dude." She gives me a peck on my lips and I wipe her tears. "Come on now get going. Have a safe flight back." I watch her walk away.
When I realise that I am unable to see her anymore I walk away.

The moment I get to my car I scream.
Maybe I'm overreacting that woman could be anyone he has sisters I realise that I haven't met his family but now I'm getting married to him did I rush this whole marriage thing?
I decide to play some music to distract my mind I get to the house and I am met with a guest there is a car in front of my yard.
I park my car and I get out. I'm met with a familiar face.

"It's you again you ran out on me." I remind her of what she did. "Good morning." I kindly greet her and I welcome her in my home she doesn't argue she looks so terrible her sadness matches mine and I don't get why could she be the one who answered the phone? Oh fuck my life they are actually working on fixing things so all of this means that Mbuso is a dickhead that I thought I was in love with and I thought he loves me back.
"I'm sorry for just leaving the other day it's hard you know." I agree but I'm lying I don't know.

"May I get you something to drink coffee tea wine?" I know it is early in the morning but I have issues and I have work today today is a fucked up day and my sister had to leave which makes it a hundred times worse.
"Gin do you have anything strong?" I laugh hysterically because I can absolutely relate.
"Sure." I take some vodka and two shot glasses and I place them on the kitchen counter we sit on opposite sides.
She gulps down she shots in a row.
"Nhla you said you heard him talking that scared me or should I say shocked me because Nhla doesn't speak at all." She is the woman that answered the phone so yes they are sleeping together it is the only valid explanation that I have he hasn't slept with me in so many days and now he is fucking his babymama.
"Yeah he s...spoke. I don't mean to be rude but I have to get to work or else I'll be a broke woman who can't afford living." I don't want to be the lady that vents to what do I call her?
"Oh uhm... is that a ring?" I nod.
"We can talk later today I knock off at 16:30." Should I leave her there or should I ask her to leave.
She leaves on her own. I lock my door and I prepare for the rest of this shit day.


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