Chapter 16


Yesterday we were so upset when we got home I literally cried myself to sleep Yiba seems to have become immune to this situation but me? It just hurts the fact that she goes through this again and again it just hurts me. This is painful she deserves better she is such a beautiful soul and she definitely doesn't deserve this sort of treatment.
Mmabatho sent us care packages and called us to apologise and my sister said it is fine and she is glad she tried to stand for her and me I'm just pissed about his bullshit behaviour. I'm never ever going back to their house no matter what.

No work today this is my sisters last day and I want to spend all of it with her because she is actually leaving early tomorrow and guess what her older sister bought her an awesome and expensive flight ticket.

I finish doing my makeup and I wear a dress and some flip flops since I'll be in the house the entire day.

"You have guests bitch!" Yiba shouts I walk out of my bedroom and there is Mtho Nhla and Mbuso. "Thembalami I am so sorry to inconvenience you I need your help; I have no one to watch after them it's a school holiday so I honestly don't know what to do you're my last hope." Plans with my sister ruined but in a marriage compromises have to be made.
"Hey it's okay. We will talk later" I kiss him and he leaves in a hurry. I greet the boys and Mtho is very excited to be here.
I send them to place their bags in their room and watch television while I prepare some food for them.

"Dude please borrow me your car I will be back in no time." I don't even fight with her because I was supposed to go out with her. "Sure bring us something nice." Mtho excitedly claps his hands with excitement. She takes some money in my purse my car keys and she leaves.
"Okay so we need to proceed with the renovations for your room." He shows me the colours that they want and apparently Nhlazeka is too old for cartoons and I'm pretty sure that soon he won't like sharing a room with his baby brother.
We eat and watch cartoons as old as I am I still love cartoons. That is why sometimes when Mbuso is with me he says that he feels as if he is with the boys because I am very much childish does marriage mean no more being childish.
"So daddy is also marrying you?" He gives me a smirk-ish smile. "Yeah he says so how do you feel about that?" I ask both the boys and Nhla shrugs I feel like Nhla thinks I'm going to replace his mother and that is something I will never do.
"I know you love him and he loves you but what about mama?" Mtho seems genuinely worried about his mother and after that day I am also worried.
"Your mother won't have to worry about me I won't bother her and I will respect her. She will forever be your mother and the number one woman in your lives." I feel like this is a conversation that Mbuso and his baby should've had with each other.
"Okay then I don't want anyone to hurt her." Nhlazeka agrees with his brother he nods.

"We will never hurt her okay." I try to reassure them. "I also don't want anyone to hurt you because you are a good person and you are my other mom." These are one of the best words anyone has ever spoken to me I give him a hug and a kiss on his forehead.

"Nhla are you okay do you need or want anything?" He shakes his head. He stands up and he sits next to me so now I am in between the both of them.
I give them both hugs.
We play video games together and after that Mtho falls asleep on my lap.

"Nhlazeka I will be back okay." I pick up Mtho and I place him on top of the bed and I cover him up with a small blanket to keep him warm.

I go back to the sitting room and I see that Nhla is still playing a game I sit next to him and we play together.

"Let me plait your hair." I offer him I mean we are bored anyways he gives me an odd look but smiles and nods.
I place his head on my lap and I plait his hair his father will fight with me when he sees this.
When we finish we look at each other and we laugh.
"You look handsome." I give him a kiss on his cheek and I regret it the moment that I kiss him I don't want him to be upset with me or feel like I am abusing his space.
"I'm sorry." I instantly apologise. He just gives me a hug I honestly feel wholesome I don't want to cry and show my tears of joy because he will feel weird or uncomfortable.

"Hello family." My sister is back yes she is my hero right now I wipe away the tears quickly and she comes in the sitting room.

"Got us some food I know we're all starving." Well I mean she is right we only ate snacks.
"I'll dish up." I stand up and I head to the kitchen leaving the both of them together.

So typical of Yiba

sans-serif;mso-fareast-font-family: "Times New Roman";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-fareast-language: EN-ZA">So typical of Yiba she went to a shisanyama we love meat so I do not blame her.
I fix everyone a plate and I place Mtho's food in the microwave for storage.

I keep hearing Yibanathi talking I guess she is on the phone.
My phone rings and it is my future husband.

"Hey baby." I answer the phone with so much excitement.
"Is everything okay I'm really sorry for today I just needed your help?" He explains himself he honestly feels bad but at the end of the day we are family.
"No my love it's okay we are okay. The kids are fine." I reassure him he might be worried that they need him or their mother but they are fine.
"I know thank you once again. I love you." I smile to myself.
"I love you Mangethe." I hear a little sigh of relief from him.
"I'll call you later Mangethe let me feed these people." He chuckles.
"Kulungile mbali yam."
I smile and I hang up.

"Food is ready and warmed up." I place it in front of them.
"Where do you come from Mthiyane?" She gives me a little snicker and looks away.
"You'll see and I went to see Mmabatho." She looks ashamed she should be because she is married.
I give her a look. "Come on I didn't fuck... uhm sorry I didn't do anything inappropriate with her I just went to see her before I got the food you sent me to buy today is my last day her." I nod I know she really likes Mmabatho and it is more than just a crush but she has to remember that she is married and she won't leave her husband for her and that is the sad reality

"Uluthando I know mntasekhaya and you do know that I have a girlfriend." She states and I don't argue with her.
"I know and she gives you butterflies." She does a nasty face.
"I fuck... make love to her freely." Gosh this girl I give her a look.
Nhlazeka laughs when she says that my eyes pop out. "Yibanathi hay marn watch your language!" I jokingly scold.
"Nhlazeka don't say that it is a bad word neh."  He nods in agreement.

Mtho walks to the sitting room looking very tired. "The king himself is finally awake." He rubs his eyes and he sits on top of me I place him properly on my lap.
He gets off my lap and stands in front of Yiba.
"Hello I am Mthokozisi Zwane." So formal "are you a girl or a boy." My eyes pop out when he asks Yibanathi that question I genuinely didn't expect that. "I'm a girl are you a girl or a boy?" Yibanathi innocently asks in a joking manner and Mtho blushes. "I'm a boy I think that you are very beautiful." Haa shock fills my body why didn't he call me beautiful but he calls Yibanathi beautiful? I mean my sister is gorgeous but... okay I'll admit it I'm jealous.
"Thanks man. You are handsome; you are one of the few males that I find attractive." He covers his mouth he is charmed by Yiba.
He walks over to his brother who is sitting next to me. "She said I'm cute." He whispers and his brother gives him a crazy look. He looks somewhat proud or his younger brother.⁰
I love these children I swear I do.
They are so adorable.
"By the way cutie I'm Yibanathi Uluthando's sister." He looks sad.
"But that means you're my aunt so you can't be my girlfriend." He looks heartbroken. "I'm sorry man but I thought you knew and I'm a different aunt I like women." His eyes have tears. She calls him and gives him a hug.

After a while they finish up and he is feeling better but still sad that his crush is woman loving woman and also his aunt.
He had his food and now their father is here to fetch them.
They both give me and Yiba hugs. "I love you guys." I blurt out but I honestly do I am just not sure if it is the right thing to say. Mtho says it back and I honestly appreciate it.

"I'll see you guys when I see y'all. Aunty'Nathi is leaving today." Argh she is so unnecessary. Mtho sulks "I will miss you." He attacks her with a hug how will he miss someone that he just met I just don't get children.

They continue talking and I give my man a tight hug.
"You are a star ngiyakuthanda Boyabenyathi." I blush I love it when he says all these things and expresses these feelings to me.
"I love you Zikode." We share a kiss.

"And by the way you've been slacking these days." He first looks confused but then he actually realises what I am taking about. "No that must be fixed I've been craving for you I also need to taste you and my tongue misses your juices." I feel tingles down there this man has a flawless tongue game his head is out of this world I swear.

Mbuso and I haven't had sex in 3 days and that is not healthy we haven't had sex we haven't even given each other oral no nothing just plain old kissing and it sucks.

We finally say all the goodbyes once they leave we enter the car.u.


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