Chapter 15


Yiba and I got started with our day we went to work together. Having my sister see my office made me so happy I made my sister proud. My little sister looks up to me I feel like I'm doing something right.
Mmabatho comes inside my office to hand me some files as my boss. I feel like I'm special because I've actually been having some relationships with the big boss I love it.

"Mmabatho I am still very much in love with you." My sister utters she has always loved Mmabatho and Mmabatho has always turned her down.
"See if I wasn't married with a child then trust me I would've given this a try." I look at my sister who is fully trying to contain the joy that she is feeling she will never stop telling this tale. "Stop lying to her." I giggle as I go through my files I am fishing compliments on her behalf.
"I'm serious I would with growing up you look mmm..." eww my friend is flirting with my little sister and my sister is definitely cheesing

"No no. Mmabatho this is my little sister and hay Yiba respect me." I reprimand the both of them. "Come on Ulu look at us don't we look good together." I turn to look at her she is standing next Mmabatho and they look so adorable I won't even lie; they would make a good couple.
"Yea but remember what Mmabatho said.” I utter to my little sister and she shrugs.
"Well people I have work to attend to and please do not forget dinner at my house tonight." Mmabatho leaves my office and my sister walks her out.

I continue packing up my office and insuring that it is clean.
I'm done for the day I had one meeting and now I ready to get going I'll definitely be knocking off a few minutes earlier.

My sister takes my things to my car and we leave together.

As soon as we get home we pick out outfits for tonight. "What should I wear?" Yibanathi asks me she looks tired and annoyed with this whole thing. "I don't know I somewhat want something that will leave Mmabatho's husband shaking in his boots and I mean first impressions last forever." I roll my eyes this girl is being so dramatic.

After 40 minutes if changing and going through different outfits she finally decided on what she would like to wear and she settled on semi-formal.
Black old-school Dr. Martins torques formal pants with a white shirt and a chain to finish off the outfit. She looks so gorgeous she looks like a player. Since I'm her date I have to match with her.

We drive to their house.
We are welcomed with open arms Mmabatho says that her beautiful baby is with her grandparents they wanted to have some alone time as a couple.

"Welcome. Yibanathi this is my husband Theo and Theo this is Yibanathi I think you still remember Uluthando." He smiles and greets us both with hugs he is so sweet.

We sit down around the dining table.

We pray and we dig it they have prepared a feast.
"So Yibanathi are you like a girl boy or transgender?" I choke on my meat when I hear Theo ask that question. "Excuse me?" One thing about my sister is that she is very short tempered she doesn't like it when people try to mess with her. "I'm just trying to..." Yiba stops him before he messes up even more. "I'm a girl I have boobs..." she points at them at this point she is just pissed off.  "I'm a lesbian a stud

a stud I'm a girl that dates girls." She explains in a nice way and he says okay.

We continue to talk about other things and the conversation flows.
"So how does that work this whole lesbian thing I mean how do you know you're lesbian have you ever been with a guy?" Haiiboo is this guy obsessed with Yiba or what because he is being insanely weird. "Theo no!" His wife warns him and I'm glad she did before I did because I think I want to leave now. "I'm sorry I didn't think I was being rude I'm just curious." He is lying he is definitely trying to be mean I don't know if he saw that my sister has a crush on his wife or what but he is definitely not feeling Yiba.
"How do you know that you are not attracted to men you've never been with one?" Perfect way to respond to what he had to ask. He looks quite shocked "I guess I've always liked women." I roll my eyes while I play with the food in front of me I've been lost my appetite.

"Well if you must know I've been like this my whole life I've never been attracted to men just like you have never been attracted to men I can take a penis and place it in front of the four of us and my sister and your wife would be the only people who are interested in the show. I am a girl and I acknowledge the fact that I am a girl I don't need you to remind me and how I dress is my personal decision." I feel like she should've let that idiot of a man be.

"I don't get this whole thing you guys just say that you were born like this but it's not true you choose to like girls." As I'm about to talk my sister holds my hand and I let her fight her own battles. "So it's a choice? Okay tell me this Mr Theo do you think I would choose to be shamed every day of my life have people call me a demon do you think I would willingly choose to cry myself to sleep at age 14 because I've been told being the way I am is a curse?" This breaks my heart my sister has now fully accepted her sexuality but it wasn't always like this my sister hated herself she thought my father wouldn't love her when he found out the truth about who she is attracted to she has had to heal from a lot of pain and hearing people talk like this hurts me I wish I could carry this burden with her but I can't and that hurts me to the core.
"I mean yes you don't choose that but everything else? You were designed to love a man." Mmabatho bangs the table. "I said this is enough stop it!" He reprimands she doesn't seem to be okay.
"Listen bro you don't have to like me or support the way I live my life but the least you can do is respect me and people like myself. Mmabatho thank you for the dinner I'll get going." Now Yibanathi is pissed and if this man says one more thing she will honestly lose it.
"Yeah we will get going goodnight." I stand up and I push in the chair.
"Please don't go guys I'm truly sorry for his behaviour." Mmabatho tries to apologise for her husband but it's not enough. "Yibanathi please don't leave you know you're special and your style your beauty and everything about you makes you different and it makes you Yibanathi." She holds her hand I don't like the way Mmabatho looks at my sister she looks at her with passion I thought that my sister was the one with a crush but now it seems to be like they are feeling each other. Mmabatho is married and her feeling that way towards Yibanathi is definitely not pleasing.

"I know Mmabatho I'm special and I will not allow you and your husband to make me feel otherwise may I please be excused?" Theo is definitely homophobic and I've always sensed that Mmabatho has a gay bone in her and the way she is acting towards my sister just proves it.


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