Chapter 14

"Gatsheni are you truly saying yes you want to be my wife?" With her head held high she smiles and nods continuously with tears in her eyes this moment seems so surreal.

"I want to be with you forever Mangethe you are the love of my life you are my soulmate and I don't see myself with anyone but you." I smash my lips onto his we love kissing each other.
We have our moment we keep kissing and hugging each other. I am so grateful to God without him I wouldn't have this man the man I've prayed for.

After our moment we went to get some food and drinks I bought Yiba and myself some food I wanted to buy for the boys as well but Mbuso said that he wants to start at work first and by the time he gets home the food will be cold and inedible.

He drops me off at home he opens the door me. We stand in front of the car.
"Goodbye sthandwa senhliziyo yami." I wrap my arms around his shoulder.
"Mrs Zwane to be I can't wait for you to be my wife." Neither can I I will be Mrs Z Uluthando Mangethe.

We kiss and I watch him drive off I wish I could just spend more time with him especially after such a day.
I walk inside the house.
"Yiba where are you dude?" I shout with so much excitement and the first person I want to share all this happiness with is my sister.
"Bedroom." She shouts back that is how we are and I don't see that changing hey. I hurry to her bedroom I place the food on the study table by the corner and I take my seat on the bed.
She looks up and gives me a weird look "why are you beaming?" She sounds very suspicious of me Mbuso makes me so happy that my face shows it all.

"What do you think of Mbuso?" It looks like she has been preparing for this moment she places her phone next to her on the bed and sits up properly.
"He looks cool he seems to be totally into you and definitely has deep feelings for you just like how you look when you talk about him." I smile when she says that I definitely want my sister's approval. She is never wrong when it comes to things that are good for me she may be the younger sister but she is very wise for her age.
"He is super handsome right?" She laughs at my question.

"I don't know about all that but what I can say is men are gross and Mbuso is not disgusting." My sister is deeply gay she does not find men cute at all and I can’t believe she said that about Mbuso. "Yibanathi hay man this is the man that I love and that's all you can say." I definitely want her to change her statement maybe I will get something sweeter from her.
"Okay okay... let's just say if men were ogres then Mbuso would Shrek." This time I can't help but laugh and she gets upset with me. "Fine I'm sorry then Shrek is cute so I'll take it." She winks at me and she picks up her phone.

I decide to stand up and twirl around giving her a show I want to see if she will see the ring. "What are you doing?" She looks at me like I'm being totally stupid. "Notice anything different anything newwww." I emphasise the word new and she looks hella confused.
I slowly lift up my hand. "Well... let's just say that your older sister is getting married." I show her the ring and she screams now her girly and feminine side is out and ready to play.

"No Ulu you're joking right?" She jumps off the bed and stares at me waiting for a response. "I'm not he proposed when we went out and I said yes I'm getting married bro." When I look at my little sister her eyes are full of tears she walks slowly to me and I can see that she is still in disbelief; she opens her arms for the warmest hug and I just fall into her arms.

"I'm so happy for you I love you and you deserve all this happiness." Now I'm crying I mean Yiba being emotional is making me emotional now we are both crying.

sans-serif;mso-fareast-font-family: "Times New Roman";mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-fareast-language: EN-ZA">"I love you bro." I remind her I tell that I love her every single day.
"Dude this man told me that he is going to marry you and I thought that he was joking or something but... Ulu you are getting married I mean wow." She hugs me again holding me tightly.
She kisses my cheeks like a small child and I snicker she is too cute.

We take the food and we start discussing everything she is already telling me how my wedding will be like.
"I'm your maid of honour." She makes that clear of cause she is. If not her then who?

We watched Netflix until we fell asleep on her bed.

I wake up in the morning feeling fresh and very happy.
When I wake up Yibanathi is not in bed with me I sulk.
I make the bed I take the paper bags from yesterday and I got into the kitchen to put them in a plastic bag.
She is behind the counter preparing breakfast. "Smells delicious." One thing about us Ndlovu girls we can cook; our father taught us how to cook and we did not disappoint. I'm just lazy that's all.

"Good morning to you too." I roll my eyes when she gives me an attitude.
"Oh shit it's Wednesday I have to take out the garbage." I mutter to myself.
I quickly go into my bedroom and I change into some pants and a baggy t-shirt I am definitely copying my sister and I know she won't like it.

I leave my bedroom and I go outside to the garage and I take the plastic bags so I can put them where they belong. I place the plastic bags when I go back to the front of my house I see a woman looking at me I try avoiding her I walk over to place the garbage bags where they belong so they can be collected and this lady is still looking at me and she is not moving her eyes away from me.

I wave at her and still nothing. I walk over to her to make sure that she is okay.
When I get closer to her and I look at her straight in the eye and I immediately know who it is; her eyes and lips they look too familiar.
She is a replica of Nhla or should I say Nhla is a replica of her?
She looks at me with eyes that are full of tears.

She looks like she is about to fall so I help her sit on the bench near us.
"Bheki..." that is all she says and I'm left confused what does he have to do with why she is here.
I don't say anything I just hold her hand.
"I... he was" I don't clearly get what she is saying. I think it is along the lines of she still loves him or cares for him; I'm guessing she never thought that he would move on and now that he did it is hurting her.
"I may not understand how you feel moving on isn't easy even after being apart for the longest time; after all you are the mother of his children of cause you will feel like you will lose your children or that Mangethe won't love his children anymore but that isn't the case he loves them so much and I am sure that he will be eternally grateful to you for giving him his heirs." She remains blank and unreadable I feel like I may have been forward damnit Uluthando.

"You are a great mother and your children love you so much they adore you and look up to you. Maybe Mbuso wasn't your forever man but he gave you a gift better than him he gave you those amazing souls and they are worth more than anything in this world." She nods sadly she seemed so upset when she first got here I went lie I was scared that I was going to get a beating from her but now she just looks heartbroken.

"'re pregnant." Her eyes shut I quickly run into the house to get some water for her.

"Yiba throw me a sealed water bottle please." I say in a hurry I am panicking. She properly hands me the water giving me a confused look.
I run out of the house and she is no longer there.
"She is gone." I whisper I have no emotions at this point.
"Who?" Yiba asks me.
"His ex Mbuso's ex was here and I don't even know anymore." We go inside the house and we sit on the barstools.
"Yiba I don't know what happened back there she was there and we spoke I gave her all the respect as Mbuso's babymama and she just disappears on me." I explain my story to her and she just looks shocked.

"Am I fat or have I gained weight?" She clicks her tongue and she checks on her pies in the oven.
"She said I am pregnant." I try to help her understand why I'm asking that question.
"No and even if you did gain weight it wouldn't be obvious from the clothes that you are wearing right now." She has a point though.

Hectic morning just yesterday the love of my life proposed to me and now here I am I just spoke to his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend. I just realised that we never had that ex-wife or ex-girlfriend talk.

I finally calm down and we eat I decide to let this whole thing slide. If it were me maybe I would've also done the same thing.


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