Chapter 13


One month later I am still trying to figure out how I will go about this I mean I fear losing Uluthando so much.

"Bheki." I've been trying to avoid her these days but there is nothing I can do I mean we live together.
"Philsiwe." I walk over to her and I give her a hug and she pushes me away.

"Don't do that..." I am met with anger she looks so pissed.
"I knew something was up but I thought no maybe ngibona kabi. You're always so happy we rarely ever have sex two months Bheki and you haven't touched me. You always taking the boys out and leaving me behind I should've known but I trusted the fact that my husband of thirteen years wouldn't do that to me I thought that maybe it was my brain playing tricks on me." I see tears rolling down her face but the anger on her face and the hatred in her eyes is still there.

"I'm sorry I was going to tell you I wanted to do things right. I just... Philly I'm so sorry." My intention was never to hurt Philsiwe or to hurt uNa'Gatsheni I just want to see them both happy
"Don't say sorry do you even mean that nonsense? You know what Bheki smashing another woman when I'm here completely well enough to do it that's one thing and I can teach myself to accept it and forgive but introducing my kids to some whore that I don't know and having them call her mom that's something else and I will not stand for it you will never take my kids to her house ever again." She shouts at me Philisiwe has never shouted at me in all our years of marriage she has never done that.

"But I love her." I admit to her feeling completely defeated.
"Love?" She repeats she clearly doesn't accept what I just said. I have never stepped out of my marriage no matter how bad it was but Na'Ndlovu she is something else I have never known what love was until I met her she...she has been everything that I lacked. It is fucked up that I had to love her in such a sneaky way but I knew that she would never want to be with me had she known that I am a married man fully committed to my wife until her.

My truth has caught up with me I don't know what I expected but it is definitely not this.
"Please Mama Nhlazeka I will fix this and I'm sorry about how all of this went down." I go on my knees to honour my wife.
"Who is she?" It seems like she already knows "who is the woman that is behind your snicker the woman that is behind the new bounce in your step who is she?" I stand up and she helps me up. We both sit on top on the bed I sit at the edge maintaining a safe distance from her because she is very upset.

"She is Na'Ndlovu and I will introduce you to her soon. I want to marry her." She stands up and throws the lamp that is in front of her towards my direction. "You are definitely bullshiting me Bheki manje ungijwayela kabi nxx." She leaves me and goes into the bathroom. I honestly don't know what to do know manje ungijwayela kabi nxx." She leaves me and goes into the bathroom. I honestly don't know what to do know her bad mood has ruined everything.

I take out the box in my pocket and I look at the ring what do I do now? I have to do what I was meant to do a long time ago I kept prolonging it after she said no I am not entirely sure if she will say yes now but maybe seeing the actual ring will encourage her.
"Philly I'll be back. Please be okay." I have to do what my heart wants and what it wants is her she is all that I want.
I say goodbye to the boys and I head over to see ithembalami.

On the way there I get her some flowers she truly does love them.
I'm trying to be fully happy and focused on her but I have Philsiwe at the back of mind and her tears do mean something to me.
I finally arrive at her house she loves it hear now and happy she is here to stay for good.
I use my key to open and I make myself at home.

"Mthiyane omuhle." I praise a short masculine lady comes forth wearing shorts and a baggy tshirt from the stories I'm guessing it is her sister. I'm glad she finally came because Uluthando was starting to think that her sister doesn't want to spend time with her anymore.

"Who are you?" She rudely asks.
"Oh sorry I didn't know that Na'Ndlovu wasn't here. I'm her future husband Mbuso." She laughs and takes the seat right opposite me. "Future husband?" She crocks her eyebrows. "You don't think I have what it takes to marry your sister?" She shrugs and walks away.

"She is in her bedroom." She walks away my palms are sweaty a little girl made my palms sweaty what the heck?
I go over to her room and she is getting dressed. "Mthiyane." I greet her with a kiss on her naked bed.
"Missed me much?" She asks as she turns around and faces me.
"With all that I am." I give her a kiss.
"I know that your sister is finally here and I know you want to spend time with her but may I just steal you for a few hours?" She sways left to right with a thinking face on. "Two hours." I don't argue I accept the terms and I wait for her to get dressed.

"Yiba we will be back in an hour I love you." She says to her sister. "Alright dude I love you more. Goodbye to you too future husband." I chuckle at her statement argh I feel so stupid.

We get inside the car and we drive off we get to the middle of nowhere and I park my car next to the street.
"Is everything okay?" She worriedly asks me.
I unbuckle my seatbelt and I exit the car I walk over to her side of the car and I open the door for her.

Her face is confused and she looks a bit scared to be around these kinds of areas.
We stand in front of the car.

"Uluthando I love you I can't do this anymore you are my hardest goodbye and all I want is to be with you all the time." She blushes and covers her face because she is feeling a bit shy.

"Maybe you wanted something extravagant I'm sorry I couldn't provide that Gatsheni please marry me and be mine forever?" I place the box on her hand and I walk away from her.

I hear giggling did I just make a fool out of myself again?

"Mangethe if you walk away how will you hear my verdict?" I finally hear her say something I turn around and she has the ring on her finger she lifts up her hand and shows me her finger.
"It's a yes." She squeals. I give her a massive hug.

"You're going to be my wife." I let out a sigh of relief. She said yes..


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