Chapter 11


I just got back at JHB and now I'm at the airport waiting for Mr Z to fetch me and take me back to my flat I definitely think I'm ready to go back to my place. I didn't tell my dad about the break-in because I know that if I had told him then he wouldn't have been too pleased. He would've been extra stressing out about me telling me that he should come for a week and make sure that I'm good or that I should stay home and relax my mind I know he just wants me to be okay but he is very overprotective sometimes and I just feel like he needs to calm down and trust me and know that I am fully capable of taking care of myself.
Right now I'm wondering what it would've been like if I didn't have Mbuso in my life at that moment he was all I needed and he allowed me to deal with my pain and mental issues while he figured out everything for me he allowed me to be weak and deal with my mental health I genuinely appreciate it.

I would've come back with Yiba but she still has a few tests to write but after that she is definitely coming here and we will be having so much fun together. I always miss her when she isn't around I feel like between her and myself I am the sister that is clingier and I want us to match and spend too much time together.

I see Mangethe's Range Rover drive towards me the moment he gets out of the car I run to him and I give him a giant hug I jump on him and he picks me up and spins me around.

"I missed you thembalami." He smashes his lips on mine and I don't hesitate I return the gesture.
We get inside the car and we drive back to that estate/complex.

"Mbuso I told you that I don't want to live here I can't afford loving in such a place." Now I am upset. "You don't have to pay or worry. I already paid it off it is in your name. No need to stress about this." Okay we're doing this again.
"Bhekumbuso you're missing the whole point of my argument; you can't make decisions for me." I say a bit too loudly.
"Don't yell at me Gatsheni respect me just like how I respect you."

"Okay fine I won't yell but you just can't buy me a house or send me R10000 out of nowhere how does that work?" I sincerely ask and he doesn't seem to be receiving the argument. "We will discuss this later." He gives me a kiss on the forehead and he waits for me to get out the car and he closes the door.
He takes out my luggage and gets inside his car and he drives out. I'm happy to see that my car is finally here it may not be as expensive as Mbuso's extravagant cars but I love it I worked hard for it and it is very beautiful; my first baby.

I open the door and I hear sounds; I get nervous but the security cameras are on and the security guards are patrolling so I don't think that there could be anyone I just think Mbuso left the TV on.
I enter the house and I hear giggles of kids. Wait did Mbuso leave his children here and not tell me? I shut the door
"Daddy!" A young boy calls out and runs towards the door.
"You aren't my father." He looks at me funny.
"I am not your dad I'm his friend Uluthando and who are you handsome?" I walk to the bedroom to put my stuff in there and he follows me. "I'm Mthokozisi

are you sleeping in my father's room?" My eyes pop out at his question how can he leave his children here without consulting me?
"No of cause not I'm just placing my things there because I'm leaving soon." We walk together and we go to his older brother. "This is my brother Nhlanzeko he doesn't talk but if you hurt me then he will deal with you. He is like my silent angel." I giggle that is so beautiful.

Mbuso did mention that his children are close and that is very accurate.
"Hi Nhlanzeko I'm Uluthando it is very nice to meet you." He nods and does not say anything else.
I ask if they are hungry and Mtho responds for both of them we go to the kitchen and we make something small so that they can eat children have to get enough nutrition in their system to remain healthy and energetic.

I spend a lot of time getting to know them better all through Mtho of cause because that boy can talk.
Their father returns with ice-cream and we are all excited it was at that moment where I realised that I am very much childish.
"Dad I met your friend she is kind." I smile when he says that because even though we have been talking since I got here I didn't get the vibe that he likes me or that he thinks I'm kind.
"She also like Harry Potter just like Nhla and I daddy." His father looks so excited for him.
"Yes you like the same things that your mommy does." I am mommy? Oh my goodness okay...

"Are you like our mommy two because we already have a mommy?" They all look at me even Nhlanzeka.
"I'm whatever you want me to be but you have to remember that mommy number 1 is like super mommy she is a queen and she is very very strong and without her you wouldn't be here and you wouldn't be the handsome and loving boys that you are right?" Nhla smiles and looks away and continues to play on his phone I'm guessing he and his mother are quite close.

We all sit down; we first eat the ice cream and after that we eat proper dinner.
The boys first bath and after that they go straight to bed.
"I'm also going to sleep. Goodnight." I'm just mad at him right now he isn't being considerate like at all so I just don't want to talk to him about anything right now.

I go to bed because I've also bathed. I get inside my bed and I just close my eyes I don't even play with my phone first.

I feel taps on my back and when I turn around Mbuso is wide awake.
"I'm sorry for upsetting you and I will try by all means to respect your independence because I can tell that it means a lot to you. I won't lie and say I won't give you money and buy you things but I will try to minimise it." I wrap my arms around his neck and smile. "That's all I wanted. I love you Mangethe."
I give him a kiss.
He pulls me closer to him and I'm instantly turned on this man has something on me I swear.

"I'm not wearing underwear." I whisper in his ear. He bites my ear and I giggle.
He parts my thighs and he brushes it just a little I'm impatient I want what I want and what I want is dick.
I lay my cold hands in his pants and take it out and out it in entrance. I move back and forth riding it he grabs on my ass bringing me closer. He holds my breasts on his hands and massages my nipples.
He breathes his warm breath on my neck we rock faster and faster and we both cum at the same time. This man will be the death of me.

"I love you. Now I can sleep properly." He spanks me and I giggle..


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