Chapter 10


I let my hands wander lazily over my skin I listen to the low snicker in his throat as he watches wishing he was the one touching me rubbing me artfully as he sits opposite me.
I tease the tips of my fingers over my pussy and wriggle my hips the fanning heat of arousal coating my pussy in more lust. My breasts ache my nipples crying for support from his gentle majestic tongue.

"Ma'Ndlovu I don't know if I ca..." I don't allow him to go any further. "Shhh..." I place my finger on my lips I open my mouth and lick my fingers.
I reach down to my pussy and circle my clit rubbing it gently watching as his manhood gets more and more erect with each movement and each sound.
I insert my two fingers and I pound inside myself and after a few minutes I stop I stand up and walk over to him placing my fingers on his lips and he lick them triggering me to whimper
With a sexy walk I return to my seat.

Tugging on my clit as I slip the vibrator inside of me I buck against the toy and feel the raised ridges of tender wet flesh inside of me. Desperation inside of me quickens. I need to come so badly; rising heat in my pelvis the only thing I can think about I wish Mangethe was the pounding into me.
" know I...I... I" I scream. "I once played with myself hoping it was you and your thick hard cock inside of me.” I expose myself hoping that that will allow his imagination to run wild.
"Fuck...fuck Uluthando I can't..." he kneels before the couch and kisses me his hand grabs my boob and he messages it. "Fuck it. I want you." I shake my head as I moan and I push him back to his seat.
I stand up and I walk to him his manhood is standing at attention. I give him a kiss and he chokes my neck...fuck I love it.

I go on my knees and I grab his shaft with both hands stroking it up and down as I keep my eyes locked to his ensuring that I do not break eye contact.
I look back down and I am met with precum I lick it off and I look him making sure I don't miss a moment of this sight. The lust his eyes hold I increase the speed on my vibrator.

I run my tongue around his thick shaft leaving little kisses on it he gasps surely enjoying it. I put my lips over his manhood I first lick the top teasing him and it works because he groans out loudly I run down my lips taking his full shaft licking sucking and spitting giving him the full experience I use my fingers to rub his sack.
I go at it for minutes I use my fingers to rub his sack.
I go at it for minutes fast slow up down. Hands being used.
"Cum in my mouth." I order as I take him in my mouth. He explodes in my mouth.
I swallow and I wipe the sides of my mouth while still moaning. After he has regained his strength he picks me up and places me of his lap my leg over his shoulder. He rubs my clit as the vibrator does its job in me and in no time I cum clinging onto to him.

We run the shower and we wash all the dirty and sexy things off us. I hug him.
"I love you." He says to me and I smile.
"I love you babakhe." We finish showering we get dressed and I sit down on the bed and he does the same. "Na'Ndlovu ngiyahamaba manje I'm going to work and I won't be coming back. Ngiyakuthanda and I will be here tomorrow first thing in the morning uyezwa mama?" I get sad because I will miss having him around.
I walk him out he looks so sexy in his formal wear. He leaves the house; I decide to work so I can keep myself busy.
I tell my sister that I will be flying in tomorrow and I get back to work.

I read through a manuscript; it feels familiar. I look at the name of the author and the title and I see that it isn't the same author but the name of the book is quite similar. As a good person I have to tell the author of the original about such events.
I note it down somewhere.

Next morning.

I'm finally done preparing everything I am waiting for Mbuso to drive me to the airport.
He finally arrives and we drive to the airport when we get there I say my goodbye.
"Ngiyakuthanda and I will miss you every single day and every single moment." We kiss goodbye and I go inside. They do their security checks and I'm good to go.
After one hour 15 minutes I arrive at Durban and my dad comes to the airport to fetch me. I jump at him when I see him. "Baba." I even cry damn I love this old man.
"Ulu I missed you so much my child. I'm glad that you are home." We get inside the car and we drive to get ice-cream because my dad knows that I really love it he buys me ice-cream we drive home.
My father is 50 years old and he is a principal and the local primary school. He works hard and that's why when I'm not feeling guilty I ask him for money.
I place my things in my room and everything feels perfect where it is this is my home. Ma'Nyembe walks to my father’s car with a Tupperware in her hand I wonder what she wants with my father I'm starting to think that she likes him and it is more than just friendship or to help out.
I decide to mind my own. I text Mbuso telling him that I am home.
I get a notification R10000 deposited in your account. 'This is for your flight and buy some chocolate with the change' I can't help but laugh this guy is stupid. This time I will spend his money I will buy something for my father because he deserves it and buy a ticket back. I will return the change.

Mbuso's POV

I refill my cup with whiskey as I take my seat next to my cousin. We are having a gent’s day. My brother and our friends.

"So this girl?" They ask me they seem to be very curious about this special lady that has captured my heart.
"She is perfect and I want to marry her I love her so much." My brother Sabelo shakes his head he seems not to agree with me.
"Come on bro I've never felt love for anyone but this girl I can't let her go and I will not." I express and that is the truth. I stand firm in my decision.
"Ask yourself this bafo are you doing things the right way and the fair way or are you just doing things to solely please yourself and your ego?" I don't even want to think about these negative thoughts I deserve to be with Ulu and so does she. We are in love and I don’t believe that it is fair that people want to break us up.
I decide to end this conversation before it goes further and it creates war between my brothers and me.


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