Chapter 9

Our flight was long it felt like forever it felt like it was more than 24hours it

felt like it's been days or eve weeks.

An hour before landing we went to shower and get dressed. I wore a black tank top white formal suit pants with a matching blazer and black block heels and my husband wore a white shirt with black tight fit formal pants with black formal shoes.

"We are landing please be still and be ready for landing" the flight attendant informs us we say thank you and we take our shades and we're ready to land.

Be both let out deep breaths

"Before we land can we just pray?" He asks and we pray.

He looks at me and that's when we realize that it's real it is do or die. It feels like we're little kids who have been left to just figure shit out and see how they survive on their own.

"Before we land I want us to agree on something." I offer and he lends me his ear. "Please promise to always be by my side as my partner no matter how rough and bad shit gets all we have is each other" he nods and we shake hands on it.

"I promise" we both smile. "Partners" I say. "In crime" he replies "in life" we both chuckle.

"I won't disappoint you should see me in action I'm the shit." I brag and smirk.

"I know wiffey now you should see me in action ou you just might drool and stop focusing on what is at hand." I laugh what the fuck?

"You're so full of it." I say and he dusts his right shoulder off.

With missions it's hard you can't just trust anyone in this industry everyone is a snake the same way Shaka and I are going to befriend Biyase and his associates someone might be doing the same to us so there's nothing like trust in this game only faith and we believe in loyalty. You can never survive being disloyal to me.

We land finally Shaka helps me up. 

We both put on our shades as we head out of the jet hand in hand as Mr and Mrs Long.

I take a deep breath and we walk to our car that has been brought for us so we can be taken to our new home this place is absolutely beautiful I just wish I was here for a vacation or something like that something that is not work.

The guy gets our bags and Mlungisi opens the door for me and I enter and he joins me. We drive off I open my purse to see if my gun is in good condition to work I look over at my partners and he winks his eye meaning that all is well.

We have to make sure the guns are ready just in case someone turns their back on us.

"So you guys just got married?" The driver asks and the look on his face was quite confusing I'm guessing he isn't part of the organisation.

"Yes we're happily married" he brushes his fingers up and down on my face the guy smiles at us.

"Oh honey you make me feel like a teenager." I utter out loudly and when I look at him I see how much he wants to burst out of laughter and I realize how dumb I actually sounded.

We arrive at our new home and honestly we have a beautiful house

the organisation really blessed us with this one.

We exit the car and our luggage is being entered into the house.

"Our home" he says and I look up at him and I smile he holds me by my waist and we walk inside our new home.

There is a guy there and the guy is the agent that is supposed to be advising us.

We stand in front of him. "Good day." I say while I check the house for any odd things.

"Mlungisi is that you?" Shaka's face changes and he gets a little mad. "Mlungisi who from do we know him?" He looks over at me and I can see he doesn't trust this guy.

"I'd like to have a seat may we?" He asks and leads the way I give Shaka a questioning eye and he shows me that he is just as lost as I am.

"I'm Agent..." I interrupt him "you're Agent 1355 your name is Sboniso Shongwe you're 29 years of age your girlfriends name is Kamohelo Motaung you're the son of Shelly Nkosi and Bandile Shongwe. Want to know more or am I saying too much?" I am not sure if it's him but to know whether or not it's him I have to test him he looks at me with an angry eye he tries to hide it but I can see that he is very angry.

"That's enough..." he speaks through gritted teeth. "Who are you?" He questions "who are you expecting huh Sboniso or should I say Agent 1355?" He starts walking towards me and Shaka gets in between us. "This is my wife and she asked a question and we'd appreciate if you answer it." He scoffs.

"I'm expecting two newlyweds Mr and Mrs Long?" He second guesses himself.

"Well that's us so you're just expecting a married couple that's all any other information about them no pictures no info about them" he takes his time and starts thinking.

"We don't bite now talk." Shaka says to him. " Agent 2284 and Agent C10?" He says he is one of us.

"Do you know the Golden Bean?" Shaka questions and he doesn't ask "what if I do and what if I don't?" He doesn't give a straight answer he is definitely an agent now we have to find out whose agent he is.

"You work with him?" He questions us. "We do or maybe not..." he groans

"Come on it's easy do you sell drugs or not do I kill you or not?" He is one of us I'm sure I can see he is being truthful; I can read it all over his face.

"We work with him and I mean it is two against one" Shaka says and I just follow his lead.

We all take out our guns at the same exact time.


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