Chapter 8

I wake up and Shaka has ready woken up and for some odd reason I'm not even surprised I truly expected it.

I rub my eyes so I can be fully awake. "You're funny when you wake up" he teases me and I jokingly frown as I sit up and lean on the headboard.

"You're so grumpy why is that?" I'm not grumpy this guy though.

"I'm not grumpy I'm just not smiling what's there to be smiling about?" I ask him and he just has this shocked or surprised face I can't read him well.
"You're alive and healthy that's something you should be smiling about many people wish to be in perfect health and to have their lives spared so just think about that." I chuckle and I shake my head "Wow just wow who would've thought you actually speak things that make sense" he has a mini heart attack and holds his chest.

"I speak things that are of sense and nothing else" I give him that pshh look "Don't joke around you know that isn't true" he shifts and looks at me directly into my eyes and I just look away. "Remember when you said you don't bite." I nod "I don't either"

I laugh at him and I try my best to look at him but shift my eyes away from him doing that just makes me nervous I don't know why.

"You're crazy you know?" I laugh and punch him in the chest "I told you before that you don't punch like a Sissie your punch hurts dude" did he just call me dude?

"I'm starving dude." I say to him and he clicks his tongue at me
"Would you look at who is clicking their tongue now" he rolls his eyes.

"Sleep does you no good shame you've got quite the attitude." He gives me this 'bitch hold up' look but my profession comes with reading people's facial expressions and looking deeper than what meets the eye and I can tell that he amused.

"Don't do what you're doing." I look him with a blank expression I'm truly lost. "Don't act confused you know what you're doing" I catch on and I laugh at him.

"I'm used to it sorry man." He is good I have to admit many people don't see when I'm reading their emotions so I can tell whether they're is lying or not.
" Don't do it I won't either" he offers and I shake my head and I put my hand on my head. "You did it first hubby so don't blame me." I rub his chin and move from the bed.

"I'm starving like Ma' fucker!" I shout

"such vulgar language" he reprimands and I laugh at how serious he sounds.

"Sorry Daddy." I say that because of how serious he sounds he thinks I'm Ntobeko argh this guy.

He opens his already big eyes widely and I then realise how weird and dirty that sounded. "Uhm... sorry I didn't mean it as 'Daddy... Daddy' I meant it as Daddy Baba Ka'Ntobeko." I try to explain to him but I feel like I'm not making any sense "I didn't want to say Daddy like ahh yess Daddy you get what I'm saying?" he laughs like he couldn't even deal he even had tears running down his face.

"Daddy what?" He teases I take a pillow from the bed and hit him with it. "You're mocking me!" I scold and frown while folding my arms like a sad little child.

"Ahh yess Daddy" he says and I leave the room because of how embarrassed I feel right now.

I get some food I take some berries with chocolate and I go to the bedroom and when I get there Shaka removed his T-shirt I stare at his body for a moment.

"I'm sorry if I'm making you feel uncomfortable but I feel really uncomfortable sleeping while wearing a T-shirt." I just roll my eyes "it's fine I don't mind and don't talk to me I'm upset" he fakes being shocked I can totally see that he is being sarcastic.

"You're upset really but why" I pout my lips. "You made fun of me." I pretend to act sad but deep down I want to laugh because of his facial expression.

"We just got married and my wife is upset with me?" He bites his lower lip and I just roll my eyes. "No chocolate for me?" I shake my head no.

"I wanted peanuts though" he says to me. "Stay away from me I don't like peanuts" he shifts and stares like he's just seen a ghost. "We can't be married" he says and that kind of breaks my heart.

"Why though?" I ask with a saddened heart " I love peanuts so how can we be married couple Tee?" I groan out of disgust.

"We'll that's fine I'll be single then." I lie down and face away.

"You can't be single when you have me." I groan and click my tongue.

"I knew you were like other women; I knew this was an act" I turn around and I sit on top of him and I strangle him
"Don't compare me to other women I'm unique and I'm like no other." I let him loose he pins my arms to the bed and hovers me. "You're unique for sure and I just wanted to get your attention AgentC10." I click my tongue; he also let's go of my arms

"I'm sorry Tee but you really made me smile." I smile and push him and he chuckles.

"Are we cool now?" He asks with his sexy eyes pleading "No talking just take" I give him the chocolate and berries and we both smile as we lay back and relax


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