Chapter 7

Chapter 7

We sit down and the jet begins to move

"May we please close our eyes so I can pray?" I ask and he does as asked of him and he closes his eyes and we gather in prayer.

"It is do or die right now and we promised many people that we'll come back alive so we have to really work our asses off we can't let down everyone who is depending on us and most important we can't disappoint ourselves." He holds my hand and looks straight into my eyes; I smile and I look at him as well

"You're strong and I know that we can do this and defeat this thug once and for all" he nods and smiles.

I couldn't take sitting down any longer my body was aching and I wanted to be well rested before I attend any meeting or mission I walk over to the room and was surprised to see that there is only one bed there

"And what do we do about this?" I shout asking Shaka he hurries over and chuckles

"We are a married couple anyways" I laugh at him and throw myself on the bed and him being the organised man that he is he removes his jersy and neatly folds and packs it away and makes sure that everything is neat and in order.

I lie down properly and he does the same "We're married right?" He asks with a serious face and I nod "We know nothing about each other and we haven't come up with the perfect background story of our special love."

He has a valid point I won't like this mission just because of this I don't like being open and sharing and him knowing things about me and cohabiting with him will be a serious difficulty.

"What's wrong?" He questions with a concerned voice and face "I'm just not the open type but for you uhm... I mean for the mission I'm willing to try." I beat myself on the inside because of how stupid that was argh Thando though.

"It's okay I'm here for you and we'll take one step at a time" I smile "we might even become besties" he raises his brows and we both laugh just imagine us as best friends no just no.

"So what do you want to know about me?" I ask. "That's not how it works asking that makes it harder to talk and even more weird to have an open discussion." I laugh at him "I am not used to this I'm sorry" he laughs at me and I laugh with him.

"So let's say this right we met 4 years back in Nelspruit and we saw each other again in Madagascar while we were both on holiday" I nod at what he is saying. "But there's a twist you were in a relationship with some dimwit" I laugh at him "Haa mara uwrong yaz."

"Shh listen I'm telling the story." I roll my eyes and let him continue "So vele me being me I told myself that I couldn't miss the chance to get such a beautiful lady and I mean you're hot..." he fake coughs thinking I didn't hear what he said "Yeah then ngathi stina and we became an item and after 3 years I proposed and we just got married and we are living such a happy life together and we are yet to have babies" I laugh out loudly and he looks at me with shock just imagine a child between Shaka and I poor child.

"You proposed in Italy Venice with understand the moonlight and the beautiful

bright lights of Vince shining upon us" he smiles. "Yes I'll buy you a ring and then we're set." I smile or maybe blush a ring just for me.

"So what do you see when you imagine your wedding ring?" He asks " I see a beautiful diamond ring with beautiful sparkles and many carrots of cause I just want a special and beautiful wedding ring a ring that matches my personality." I say and he nods and smirks.

"And what is your personality?" He shifts me and puts me comfortably on his chest. "Well I'm very adventurous I have many fears that I hide because I'm always the strong one I'm a person who can kneel down and talk to the heavenly Father I love love chocolate. Ou... I love smelling good and looking like a million bucks I hate being surprised like on a serious dislike and I despise being tickled" he laughs

"Wow you're really something else hey I find the fact that you can pray at all times very attractive and special" I smile at his compliment "It's very special to me hey there's nothing I can do without prayer" he smiles. "See how easily you can tell me about yourself just relax." He giggles and continue to stare into space

"Many don't know it and they don't see it but I believe in God and I believe in the power of prayer" his words warm my heart "You know the obvious My son is my world I'm devoted to being the best man I can be I have challenges in life and fears like you but I have no problem facing death in the eyes no matter how much it terrifies me" I appreciate the truth and sincerity in that

"I live with a lot of determination and ambition I like getting my freak on" he says as he does a sexy dance and I laugh " I have a freaky husband ow wow" we both laugh

"You're freaky af it's written all over your face and no lie and no offense and I'm sorry if there's any taken but from the first moment I saw you I noticed that you have lustful eyes" I laugh to a point whereby I even cry.

"Lustful eyes Mlungisi?" I ask while trying to catch my breath "For real your eyes are... Let's stop this convo we'll continue it some other time" I laugh at nod.

"Do you mind me calling you Mlungisi?" He looks confused and shakes his head no "I don't mind at all Simo right?" I nod

"Argh I just don't want certain people calling me that." I don't argue I nod.

"Can we take a nap and we'll continue when we wake up?" I ask and he nods "No problem Tee" he says and I sleep comfortably and we cover our legs with a blankie


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