Chapter 6

As I wake up I feel a bright and shiny light peeking through the curtains and blinds almost blinding my poor eyes.

I have Ntobeko sleeping on me while we are both on top of his father's legs they'll be pretty sore when he wakes up.

Wait ow shit what's the time? I gently put Ntobeko on the couch and I run upstairs like a mad woman I go straight to my bedroom and pull the huge suitcases I have packed down the stairs and just when I arrive at the last stair I fall and one of the suitcases fall on my leg I made such a noise when I fell that the even Shaka woke up and almost killed me with his eyes.

I started rubbing my shoulder and I moved the suitcase from my leg. I stood up and he came to me

"What the hell is going on with you?" He laughs at me and I frown. "It's late and I don't like being late so I just wanted... " he shut me up "it's still 06:30 so don't kill yourself you missed your morning run it's okay." Argh I just laughed at how stupid I am I really thought we were late for our flight.

"I'll make breakfast." I say and he walks behind me into the kitchen

We prepare something small since we can't eat too much fat before training.

Ntobeko woke up and joined us.

"You guys are horrible my legs are painful" we laugh at him "Well at least I'm fine no one slept on my legs or body." Ntobeko says while smiling.

"So what is yet to be done before we leave? " I ask my partner "I still have to pack and drop Ntobeko off by his mother's house.

"Okay then I just have to go see Mahle before I leave so you guys will go with my luggage and I'll find you by your house and we'll drop him off before we fly out." I tell him and he agrees "You haven't packed yet wow you're hopeless" he chuckles while rubbing his head. "I won't even argue with that" he says to me.

I take Ntobeko with me so that he can get a bath just before he leaves but as to what he will wear after bathing ay I also do not know.

"Baba'Ntobeko aren't you going to bath or shower and what is Ntobeko going to wear?" He laughs at me like to a point that he even covers his face that's how much he was laughing. "Now you actually sound like my wife" I laugh and click my tongue

"That's a bad habit you know?" I give him a confused look. "Clicking your tongue" oh yeah maybe he is right.

"Answer me." I instruct "his mom left him some clothes they're in the car"

"I'll go fetch them." I take the car keys and head over to his car I find the bag in the backseat I take it and walk back in the house.

"You'll see yourself to the nearest bathroom." I tell him as I go up the stairs to check up on Baby Shaka.

"Are you done bathing?" He nods I wrap him with a towel and I take him out of the bathtub.

"So tell me do you want to dress and lotion yourself or should I do it" I smiles shyly so "I'll do it but you can keep me company" he says to me

"Well let's go to my bedroom so I can shower and we'll talk while I do that" he agrees and we take his things and we head out of the room and go to mine.

I shower quickly while he sits on my bed watches TV and lotions his body and after 15 minutes I exit the shower and join him and start lotioning my body.

This could've really been me but anyways...

The door slightly opens and I quickly cover up with my robe "Oh sorry Tee I thought he was alone here" he covers his eyes as I wear my robe fully. "You can open now." I tell him and he does just that and Ntobeko laughs and shakes his head "Dad you have to knock you can't just enter" he lectures "I know Dimwit" he kids and Baby Shaka frowns jokingly so.

"I'll leave and get showering then"

We all finished bathing and everything Baby S wore a navy-blue Nike tracksuit with a white and red Nike AF1 and his father was wearing something similar the only difference was the colour his dad was wearing a black tracksuit and all black Nike AF1.

I wore a tracksuit too just that mine was an Adidas one with a white and black Nike AF1 I won't lie I copied Baby Shaka but his dad did the same thing how stupid.

"Copy cats." Ntobeko says and I stick my tongue out at him. His father packs my luggage into his car and I take my car keys and the garage remote I take out my BMW X6 2019 and reverse the car

"I'll catch you guys later." I open the gate and they leave just before me and I also leave and head over to Mahle's house.

As soon as I arrive she welcomes me with a huge hug which is exactly what I needed.

We both sit down and start sipping on some wine.

"So you're really leaving me?" She asks me with eyes filled with sadness "Yes I have to." I tell her

"You have a choice so don't say you have to you can still say no" she tries to convince me otherwise. 

"You know I never back down and I'm not doing this for myself Mahle in doing it for our own future for people who are at a crossroad due to this heartless man" we both groan out of frustration

Tears start to fall from her eyes "I don't want to lose you Tee

I really don't" she cries out loud.

"You won't lose me I'll always be here for you but I can't leave today knowing that you're not supporting me knowing that you don't have my back." I also cry I can't help but feel sad her being there for me means the world to me.

"Tee don't go!" She cries even harder and leaves the room

"Amahle buya tuu please talk to me." I plead

Translation: Amahle please come back please talk to me

"No Tee; no angfuni" she shouts.

Translation: angufuni- I don't want to

"Amahle you're acting like a straight-out coward right now." I say just so I can I can piss her off.

She comes down the stairs furious as heck and she pushes me and I fall.

"I'm a coward Thando huh?" She sits on my stomach "I'm a coward because I'm worried about my sister?" I push her off and she falls and I sit on her stomach "No you're coward because you can face shit Mahle look at you running away." she slaps me and honestly I was taken back by it.

"Mahle!" I shout " You're my problem Thando I can't lose you and you're leaving here without considering anyone else's feelings. You know I need you yet you're leaving me and going to a place by whereby you just might not come back and I'm supposed to celebrate that?" She bangs on the table 

"Amahle I know you aren't happy with this but I need your support I truly do need you to be there for me. I can't go to a death mission without knowing you have my back." I remind her once again

"What if you don't make it back" she covers her face and begins to cry I hear her sobs "I will I need you to believe in me and in the God that we pray to and believe in. We serve a miracle working God so chin up and pleading with you please be there for me." I plead with her.

"I'm scared after what happened with you and Thato and this is 10 times worse and I... I "she cries "It's how we live we fight and risk our lives but doesn't mean we love our families any less." I hug her and cry as well.

"I'll be here for you even though I think this is absurd and crazy I don't wish to see anything bad happen to you." I smile and she does too. "Argh I love you and since you're so special I'll call you every day" she laughs and rolls her eyes because she knows that ayiko leyo.

Ayiko leyo- There's no such

"You guys could've really chosen another occupation hey because wow" we both laugh. "Well you do I still have to go because I have a flight to catch and you still have to drive me over to Ntsangase and you'll come back with my car." she fetches her shoes and we walk out of the door

"You can't leave without seeing Thato he'll be here please wait." she begs "No I don't want to see..." He enters the gate and I cuss under my breath.

He gets out the car and smiles and hugs us both.

"Don't hug me and I'm in a hurry" I say to him and he is taken back by that "Thando what's up?"

"The shit you pulled with Nolo you see that that was bullshit" guilt washes over his face "Can I at least explain?" 

I shake my head. I hug him and kiss his cheek "I don't even want to see you right now and I'm already late"

"I love you and have a safe journey." He wishes me well and I tell him I love him too and both Mahle and I leave we drive over to Shaka's house and he was already done he was just waiting for me.

"Bye Sweetheart I love you." I cry as I hug Mahle "I love you too please be safe I don't want to lose you." I nod "I promise I will."

She walks over to Shaka "you better look after her" she makes sure he is intimidated so he just agrees and seeing her drive off hurt me so much and I cried as we drove out of his house and to Simo's house.

"It is okay Tee don't cry she understands we all do we just find it hard to accept" he kisses my cheek and helps me wipe the tears away.

We arrive at Simo's house and she opens the gate but we don't make it to the gate due to the hurry.

"I'll miss you every day and I'll be thinking about you all the time. Be a good boy respect your mom and be happy. I love you so much and never lose your hope in God" Shaka says to Baby Shaka "I love you dad stay strong and go represent me." they hug and Baby S cries and he hugs me as well "it's all good Always pray and send messages to your dad every day to keep motivating him." I remind him and I get a little teary once again.

"Take care of my dad Tee." he reminds me and I nod "I will sweetheart"

We say our goodbyes and leave the yard and rush over to airport.

When we arrive there we have our leaders and managers to send us off.

We shake their hands and I skip Jonas; they thank us for our service and Jonas pulls me to the side

"Thank you again Ms.Mntungwa" I just nod "I'm sorry if I was offensive" I nod again. "I have to go bye Jonas"

Shaka and I enter the jet hand in hand with fake smiles and broken hearts.

"Together we can do it it's for our loved ones." I say to him "We will do it only the tough and brave will survive." I nod.

"Partners" I say "Partners." He also says


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