Chapter 5

As Ntobeko and I are chatting there's a knock at the door

"Enter" Ntobeko says and his father walks in the room and he definitely does not look happy.

"So a gathering has been made in my bedroom without inviting the owner of the room?" I can't tell if he is pissed or he is joking and I didn't even know that this is his room.

"I'm sorry dad we were just talking." His son defends us

I stand up and decide to let him talk with his son "Why would you decide to have a conversation in my room I don't get it?" He says once again "And thanks Agent'C10 for leaving me with these people and I had to explain everything to them" okay he is mad I get it but he has to calm down

"Uhm and what I was doing isn't important was I just sitting around playing huh Ntsangase?" I also get angry and it's never good when it gets like this

"Don't do that Thando just don't" he shouts and begs at the same time. "No Mlungisi damn you we just can't have one normal conversation because of your hard head." And that's when I remember that Baby Shaka is in the room "Ow wow you tend to forget that you and I are the same person and you're busy playing a mother role instead of helping me out the there."

"That's not fair Shaka you know it too" that hurt deeply I just left the room and tears started to run from my face I was heartbroken. Him saying that really fucked me up

"Thando!" I hear him and Ntobeko calling me name he finds me in the bathroom crying I was really mad.

"Go to your grandmother I'll find you there" he tells Ntobeko he hugs me and he does exactly what his dad instructed him to do.

"May we please talk" I just roll my eyes as I look up at him "walk with me." He helps me up and we walk over to his study I hate the fact that he got to see me in that state.

We get to the study and I sit on his desk and he stands in front of me

"I didn't mean it Tee" he says and I looked away. "Why did you say it then?"

"I'm over stressed and I'm losing my mind and that was rude of me I'm really sorry." He genuinely apologised "I know it doesn't justify my stupid actions but I apologise"

"We had a deal and if we're fighting like this now what are we going to become when we have to cohabit; how the hell are we going to survive?" He rubs his chin and looks away.

"We're partners Shaka we agreed that we'd try to get along but what you did back there was bullshit and it was very offensive; I did not expect such a comment from you." I express to him; he needs to know how I'm actually feeling because now things have changed a lot.

"You're right you're right about everything I messed up and once again I'm sorry." I nod as a gesture that I accept his apology and he comes and sits next to me. "Being a parent in this industry is hard seeing your child disappointed each and everything time you leave for a mission and seeing him with you worried me" he opens up he really loves his son

"I understand I'm a total stranger but he is proud of you he misses being with you" he smiles a sad smile "Doesn't that make you happy?" I ask out of confusion

"It does it makes me very happy yet sad because I just feel like I make him more sad than happy and realizing and accepting it is as a parent is hard pill to swallow" sadness washes over his face and I can see he just wants to cry but being the person he is he won't be vulnerable in front of me.

"I can't begin to imagine and I might not agree with your views and all but one thing for sure is that you love your son more than anything." He smiles at me "Thanks a lot Tee." he gives me a small church hug

"I don't bite you can actually hug me." I inform him and he laughs at me and gets off the table and stands before me and hugs me and picks me off the table and helps me stand up.

"See you aren't dead?" He chuckles and gently pushes me and I give him a death stare and he seems to be a bit taken back by my look.

"You don't bite right" he give me this weird look and I laugh. "So we can't take jokes anymore Mister?" He rolls his eyes and I'm amazed by the fact that he can do it better than me.

We walk back to the fam and Simo doesn't look well; well nobody does.

"Thando when do you leave?"Shaka's mom asks me and I'm shocked "Tomorrow Ma" right there and then my mom and others start shifting their sits

"Don't go Thato for goodness flippen say something." Mahle begins crying and shouting which surprises me because she has always supported my job "I can't do that because that's how this job of ours works you guys know this" he reminds everyone. "No we are always stressed because of these missions and what if you can't make it to my wedding" Sanele cries and her fiancé Smangele comforts her.

"Guys it's fine Thando said that she will take care of dad and daddy will do the same. They'll be okay don't make this any harder for them right daddy and Thando?" We both nod and seems like they have calmed down.

"We still have to prepare for our flight for tomorrow." I say and Ma'Ntsangase stands up and starts hugging my and her family members.

"We still have to go to HQ anyways Tee please don't leave just yet we'll leave after we've finished our things" his baby momma looks at him with shock ow gosh. "Daddy can I stay with you until you have to leave I will behave" he looks at his father with pleading eyes and his dad came help himself and he agrees.

"I'll bring him over before I leave." She agrees but I noticed that she seems to be intimidated by him which isn't a good thing since they are coparenting but it isn't my business.

I hug them all goodbye once again and I promised Mahle that I'll come see her just before I fly out.

They all left and it was just the three three of us left behind.

"Dad are we not going to your workplace?" His dad nods

"I can't stand being in this dress any longer I'll go home so I can get into a tracksuit." I tell Shaka while looking for my car keys "Dad can give you his tracksuit

"Dad can give you his tracksuit he has many." Baby Shaka says and I laugh and so does Shaka

He brings me a tracksuit which I could easily see that it will be big on me but I couldn't day no I went to one of the guestrooms and I changed in there I looked really funny but I didn't mind.

When I got to the living room Ntobeko couldn't even hold back he burst out of laughter hey.

"Ntobeko!" I jokingly scold him and his father joined him wow Thando the joke great if you can't beat them then join them.

Shaka changes as well and we head out of his house.

Thami calls to tell us that everything is in order and we could leave tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning these past few days have been quite the thrill and for a moment I forgot that I have a death mission ahead of me.

"I'm going to really miss you dad." Ntobeko says to his father with eyes full of tears and at this specific moment my heart breaks I've always prayed that God blesses me with beautiful and healthy babies if I were to ever be in a good state to have a child but when I think of the job that I have I'd never ever want to put my children through the pain of constantly staying without a mother.

"I'll miss you too baby boy but I just have to do this mission and after that I'll stay local for a long time." He tells his Babyboy. "We don't know if you'll make it through but at the end of the day we have to believe in God and never lose hope" he utters such wise words and he hugs his dad; I'd be proud if I had such a smart child like him.

I feel like some parents do not know the worth of their children if I were a mother I would really love my child I'd give her or him the world and appreciate him or her with my all.

We enter our HQ and we go straight to the office and we gather up all the information that we will need for this trip and we take our needed documents.

We head out of the company and I ask that Shaka drive me home and he can bring my car tomorrow morning and on our way there we grab something to eat and of cause some ice cream.

"You have such a beautiful house Thando but just like dad you have a big house but no one to share it with." Baby Shaka says as though he pities us.

"Thanks one day I'll have family and I won't be lonely anymore." I say "well not lonely but alone." I tell him

"Well maybe that's why you guys are partners both of you are lonely and don't have any time of your hands." very true hey

Shaka and I look over at each other and we both chuckle a bit and when the car stops I can see my ex's car by my gate I get really upset as to why he is there. Nolo comes out of the car and I guess my face changes.

"And what is upsetting you?" Shaka asks me and I just groan out of frustration and anger. "It's the person that I'm seeing" he chooses to keep quiet and he gets out of the car and opens the door for me Shaka being a gentleman wow.

Nolo comes towards the door as Shaka walks me to the gate and Baby Shaka exists the car.

Nolo comes to me and hugs me and I don't hug him back "Aren't you going to park your car inside" I ask "Uhm I..." Lehlohonolo answers "Not you Shaka?" I ask looking at Mlu

"No your neighborhood is safe so there is no problem" he says but I think otherwise.

I give Mlungisi the house keys and gate remote.

I take his car keys and I drive the car inside the yard and I feel really good when driving his car.

"You look like a million bucks" my partner says to me and I can't help but smile because I feel exactly like that.

We enter the house and I tell them to feel at home and enjoy themselves "Shaka and Ntobeko this is Lehlohonolo and Nolo this is my partner Shaka and his son Ntobeko." They greet each other and I pull Nolo to the side so we talk so I can understand why he is at my house.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask him out of anger seeing Nolo here and in this state hurts me so much I wish I didn't have to see him at all.

"I'm here to talk to you and Thato tells me that you're leaving tomorrow and with another man Thando you're my girlfriend and I want you to be my wife" he says with such confidence I can't believe the amount of disrespect I'm receiving from this guy.

"I'm not your girlfriend now you remember that you have a girlfriend?" he doesn't talk he just shakes his head "you've left me alone for so long how did you think I was coping with the situation huh?" He can't even answer but came here feeling so confident.

"Get out I'm healing and you're ruining it for me" I groan as I try to walk away he pulls me back.

"I was hurt too you know" he says. "Poor you I had to deal with the loss alone and I had to deal with your stupid hoeing tendencies." I snap and I can see he snaps too.

"Bringing men over to your house while wearing their clothes and their kids that's how you heal Ndo?" He is such a jackass.

"Leave before I have to get physical with you." tears star forming in both our eyes but none of us will let them fall I walk away "I still love you" I click my tongue and continue to walk.

"I'm so sorry guys for keeping you waiting I just had to fix something with Nolo but all is well now." I inform them and they look like they had no trouble making themselves feel at home because they are eating all my berries but they are helping me since I'm leaving tomorrow and it will get ruined in the freezer.

"Are you okay?" They both ask at the same time and I tell them that I'm okay and join them as I sit on the kitchen counter.

"Goodnight everyone." Nolo says to us and we respond by saying 'goodnight'

"I thought you said you don't have a partner like in your personal life" Ntobeko says to me with a frown and I just look down "Ntobeko no!" His father warns "Sorry Thando"

"It's fine and I did say that I don't have one he is just someone from the past" I tell them both "So you are open to having a boyfriend or husband?" He asks and I just laugh this child is very inquisitive. "I have my very own husband right here" I tap his father's shoulder and we all laugh

"I think you're a very nice person Thando." I smile and hug him "Thank you sweetheart I think you're awesome too" he smiled and looked over at his dad which smiled as well

"We leave tomorrow at 08:30-10:00 right?" I nod

We watched a movie just so we could get some sleep and stuffed ourselves with goodies.


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