Chapter 4

As I leave HQ I call Mahle and she answers

Phone call convo
Mahle: Honey I got your email how impersonal
Me: Argh calling each and everyone seemed like too much work so I decided to make a group email
Mahle: Oh yeah right lazy ass. Why is the venue unknown and why are we meeting?
Me: That's why I called you right you'll see when we get there so anyways I'll send the location.
Mahle: You're up to something and I hope it's not bad
(I giggle)
Me: Nope nothing at all all is well
Mahle: I'll see you later okay I've got a baby to deliver
Me: Bye I love you
Mahle: And I love you
I hang up

I drive over to my lonely house and I begin to pack for my long trip that I have ahead of me flying for 21h20m is no joke.
Shaka emails me the location and I send it to my family I couldn't call everyone because it would bring unnecessary attention and it would just make Shaka and his family very uncomfortable.

I showered and I got dressed in a red short dress but an appropriate short with black high heels with my hair tied in a bun and I wore a red lipstick. I felt like a million bucks.

I received an anonymous call
Me: Hello
Person: Hey Tee it's Mlungisi are you good?
Me: Yes of cause I am
Shaka: I was getting worried you're still coming right?
Me: Of cause I'll be there
Shaka: See you then
Me: Alright bye.
I hung up

I left my house and went straight to my partners house and on the way I was listening to the best RnB.

As soon as I stopped at the gate I was stunned his house is absolutely gorgeous it is to die for I called Shaka so he could let me in the massive golden gates opened and he came out of his beautiful mansion wearing turquoise formal pants with a black shirt with the first two buttons opened I won't lie he looks great and he has on black formal shoes.

I parked my car and he came and opened my door his scent and his whole look swept me off my feet I won't even lie.

"I must be dreaming Na'Mntungwa wearing a dress wow" he looked very amused and surprised I smiled and looked down as to why I won't tell you either "You look very beautiful." Shock takes over me and I look at him for a moment and he slightly coughs.

"Thank you you also look like quite the catch" he chuckles and I can tell that he liked what I said "Let's go inside Tee." I giggle and he looks down at me and I punch him on his arm

"Dang Queen don't forget that you've a lot strength so that hurts." We both laugh as we both walk over to the door and I'm guessing no one has arrived yet because it's just him and I I really want to ask where his son and wife are but I don't want to come off as too forward.

We start setting up and drinking some wine and someone knocks at the door. "Could you please go and open the door?" He asks well this isn't my house but I will go anyways I go and open the door and I see a boy that looks like he is around 4 or 5 and he looks exactly like Shaka and a woman which I'm guessing is either his wife/girlfriend or fiancé I'm not really sure she greets me with a smile and the boy greets me too and they come in.

"Daddy daddy!" He screams and he runs over to his father and his daddy picks him up and they start talking

"I'm Thando Mlungisi's partner" I introduce myself to his girlfriend "I'm Simosethu wait Shaka allows you to call him by his name?" Her question confuses me I mean why wouldn't he?

They greet each other and my family starts coming and so does his mother and father we have a moment to introduce everyone and we had a really successful dinner.

"Well the dinner was beautiful and your company was great but why were we called here?" My mother asks and everyone keeps quiet "Thando Shaka?" His mother calls us and all the attention is drawn to us.

We look over at each other and we both wait for the other one to start and since he can't I'll do so.

"Uhm the easiest way to explain this meeting is that we have to tell you that we are leaving were going to Calabasas for a mission and we might be gone for quite a while maybe 3 months or more

" and immediately everyone tenses up and I can tell that no one is supporting us and everyone wants just looks like they want to stand up and leave us there.

"So guys as we leave we going to be a married couple and when it comes to contacting us you have call us using different phones just in case people start tracing our phones and shit." Shaka informs them and my mother is already in tears.

"Thando you just almost died not so long ago and now you're going to some place that we don't even know and you might die and we won't even know." She cries even harder and my heart aches my mom and Ma'Ntsangase start comforting each other.

"She is right Mlungisi this isn't okay you were just in Japan not so long ago and now this?" I just can't deal with all of this; we just look at each other with sad eyes.

"We're saving lives guys this is the most important mission that we've never been assigned a mission this important" they just get mad Baby Shaka cries and he runs off.

His mother gets mad "Really Mlungisi what the heck?" She shouts at him "Don't call me with that name and don't shout at me." He warns he might not be my son but I love children and seeing his child like that really hurt.

So I went after him as him parents were still arguing.

I passed 3 bedrooms and I didn't see him and when I passed the fourth bedroom I saw him crying lying on the huge and beautifully decorated bed.

I gently knocked on the door he looked at me and he didn't respond.

"Hey sweetheart what is your name?" He sits up and looks at me with red puffy eyes. "I'm Ntobeko and you are Thando." I nod

"So I'm guessing you think my dad leaving is a good thing?" He asks and I have to give him an honest answer "Listen sweetheart is it okay if I call you that?" I ask and he nods in agreement

"Okay listen then do I think that leaving our families behind here to worry about us is a good thing no I do not think so but do I think that us saving lives is a good think definitely." He carries on crying and I hug him and he lies on my chest. "How come Thando?"

"Your father is saving lives I would be happy to know that my dad is a hero and he is fighting the bad guys and bringing salvation to many people" he smiles a little "who is your favourite superhero?" I ask him and he looks at me like he isn't sure whether to be honest or lie "My dad he is always there for me he would do absolutely anything for me and he is not a selfish person which makes me happy." I smile and nod " I agree he is a great person very scary yes but he is full of love and deep down he is very funny." He laughs and nods "Very deep down the man can be serious at times but you can't help but love him." He looks at me and smirks ha-ha he is definitely his father's son. "Yes you can't help but love him." I sarcastically say who would've thought I hated the guy now I'm complimenting him and talking to his son.

"So are you just his partner at work or are you also partners in your personal lives?" I get shocked at his question and I can't help but laugh "I'm his partner at work only nothing more."

"If you say so will I be able to visit you guys? I wish I could live with my dad though." he sadly says

"Oh sweetheart he wishes you could come and live with us but he knows that he can't risk your safety sweetheart but I think visiting wouldn't be a problem you just have to talk to your father about it okay?" He nods and smiles. "You do know you have to take care of my dad right he can be a baby at times" I burst out of laughter Shaka and being a baby wow.
"Now I know so I'll take care of your father if we don't kill each other first." He laughs "well yes I've noticed that you are just as stubborn as that Zulu man" we both laugh and I gasp as if I'm shocked but he has a point.

We carried on laughing and chatting children just love me and I love them too.


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